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2006-04-18 11:00:36
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A little Tutorial on how to do simple Vector drawings.

- This tutorial contains a few images. Give it some time to load.
- This might be a rather complicated and not so useful way to create vector graphics, I don´t know. But just remember: I did not invent Photoshop, just had a look at the tools and this is what I cam up with ;)






And just to show you that you CAN create more or less interesting pictures with this method, here you have two pieces I did like that:
<img150*0:stuff/worldoftearcraft.jpg> <img150*0:stuff/Tiger_Hair_1_by_fetishfaerie_stockBVERSION%20copy.jpg> <img150*0:> <img150*0:> <img150*0:> <img150*0:> <img150*0:> <img150*0:stuff/Face_Neck_and_Nugget_20_by_%20copy.jpg>


What makes a Vector image be a Vector image and not a simple cell shading?

First of all, you might remember vectors from your maths class in highschool. A vector is basically a certain line, area or subject (such as cube or whatsoever) in a room that is exactly defined. For vector images this means, every area or line you create is exactly defined and remembered. If your image is 100px*100px and you change your image size to, let´s say 1,500px*1,500px, a NORMAL image would end up all blurry and strange. A vector image will be just the same like before but 15 times bigger. The borders will not be blurry. There are also special vector-formats like *.png which as well save the vector information and will allow you to zoom in your image as much as you like without blurring the borders.


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2006-02-27 [Jitter]: Will try it my friend! Thnks for the link :D

2006-02-27 [Ocean Soul]: Go try ^^

2006-04-18 [Elisha Kelly]: I might try this at some stage... it looks kewl..

2006-04-18 [Ocean Soul]: Yay :D Go for it :D

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