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2006-03-29 03:38:15
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Simple Plan rockies!

For those of u who luv Pierre, Seb, Chuck, Dave an Jeff




Pierre Bouvier [~vocals~]
Charles "Chuck" Comeau [~drums~]
David "Dave" Desrosiers [~Bass & vocals~]
Sebastien "Seb" Lefebrve [~Guitar & vocals~]
Jeff Stinco [~Lead Guitar~]

Birthdays in age rank:-

Jeff Stinco - August 22nd 1978
Pierre Bouvier - May 9th 1979
Chuck Comeau - September 17th 1979
Dave Desrosiers - August 29th 1980
Sebestien Lefebvre - June 5th 1981 [awww the baby!]

The Web site 4 this awesomly awesome band is at or if ur lucky enuf 2 b a UK inhabitant then gan 2 we r a very welcoming coutry tho so if u dont live in the uk u can come in as long as u hav the appropriate papers...

Simple Plan r amazin an not enuf ppl no that!
Its about time all of us die hard fans let every1 else no an kick any1 elses ass whos not 4 listenin!

Member list

[X. Nightmare] wooo they rock gota join here!!!
[KATIE.COMPLEASE] ooOOOoo i love these guys!
[Monkeypaws] woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[joelzmine_GC] SIMPLE PLAN ROX !!!!!!!!!!!
[Schitz]*hugs sp* yayness!!
[Dramamiss]Simple Plan is the best the best thing to happen to music.
[basketballgurl2] they are fucking awesome
[lisie]Simple PLan are awesome!!!!
[ChIllIbabE]I LUV Simple Plan
[TRiCKY DiSCO] they r de bestest
[Uncle Kracker's Wife]simple plan r awsome
[lauren talent.] my math teacher looks like pierre {madness} woo SP rock!!!
[*~ lillykins2009 ~*]
[Tawnee.] Pierre is so hot
[BEATBOX ROMANCE.] they rox my sox
[always messing the good things up] SIMPLE PLAN IS AWSOME!! DAVID AND PIERRE ARE SO MINE!!!
[Sweet.] Wow...there seems to be some ownage over I take....TIMBO! Gotta love Seb's guitar tech.

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2006-03-23 [Yuichi♥]: What?

2006-03-23 [cavegirl]: LOL! u no tht suit super man an bat man wears.... 1 o them...

2006-03-24 [Yuichi♥]: ... yes.. but.. i said what cause i couldnt read what you put

2006-03-24 [cavegirl]: yeh.... thn i explained it....

2006-03-24 [Sweet.]: I'm sorry to say this...but your spelling is horrible. >.<

2006-03-25 [Yuichi♥]: yes yes *agree*

2006-03-25 [BEATBOX ROMANCE.]: that is called text speak, get with it grampa

2006-03-25 [cavegirl]: lol! uz calm doon! i spell stuff however man, i dnt really care! i dnt spell properly at th best o times so i dnt plan on doin it now either!

2006-03-25 [Sweet.]: It's just hard to read...sorry for saying anything... >.<

2006-03-26 [Yuichi♥]: Sorry i said anything either, but im just one of those people who like when people acctrully know how to type, and how you type it takes me forever to read what you say. Sorry that i acctrully know how to type! ( i do understand typos, but could you care enough to TYPE correctly instead of flying through a sentence that noone can read)

2006-03-26 [Sweet.]: I completely agree with you...

2006-03-26 [cavegirl]: i hink its a british hing... seems 2 b anywho.... bt na.... il type how i want.... if u cnt read it well... 2 bad.... lets not make this in2 a huge issue tho....

2006-03-26 [BEATBOX ROMANCE.]: gd on ya cavegirl!! i hink its dum how dey wan us to typ proply!!

2006-03-26 [Yuichi♥]: T.T whatever, you guys dont have anything really inportant to say anyways. so i just wont read what you guys say. And its not a british thing, i know many british, and my step dad is british.. (and how you type is not the 'new' thing, its annoying and hard for most people to read, i know i shorten words but very very few)

2006-03-27 [cavegirl]: fck sake man! am not sayin tht every1 british fckin types short hand... am jst sayin tht uz cant read it coz uz r frm wherever ur frm... if u dnt like it its 2 bad coz i aint changin... this is who i am.... if u dnt like it.... 2 bad.... no1 else complains cept u so its not tht shit

2006-03-28 [Yuichi♥]: Fine, whatever im not going to make a big deal out of this anymore. im just going to stop typeing

2006-03-28 [Sweet.]: Oh my. I don't think we told you to stop writing like that, we were just saying...geeze. It was an innocent comment and YOU'RE the one making the big deal out of it. If you want I'll keep my mouth shut about your horrible grammar and spelling and I'll go back to talking about Simple Plan like I came here for.

2006-03-28 [cavegirl]: na man.... wot u said woz fair enuf... its tht other kid thts fckin tellin me tht "you care enough to TYPE correctly" uncalled 4 man.... im tryin not 2 make it in2 a big deal like bt its disrespect basicaly, an its totaly uncalled 4..... anywho..... simple plan

2006-03-28 [Sweet.]: Has any of you actually met any of Simple Plan?

2006-03-29 [cavegirl]: na.... iv seen them twice tho... well class!

2006-03-29 [Sweet.]: Awesome.

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