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2006-09-14 14:53:35
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A little Tutorial on how to draw lips in five easy steps.

- This tutorial contains a more or less big image. Give it some time to load.

Other lips tutorials:
How to draw a mouth by [Elegy - gone]
Danas lip tutorial by [Zardra]


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How to draw a mouth by [Elegy - gone]
Danas lip tutorial by [Zardra]

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2005-12-07 [Patri]: Very helpful... I've always have had problems drawing lips... I should try again now. My problem isn't the shading, but the shade! Oh well...

2005-12-07 [Ocean Soul]: You just need to start watching things carefully, like "what SHAPE do things have" and all.. and things will get easier :)

2005-12-08 [Patri]: Yes, I know but I think I have a mental blocking when drawing lips :P

2005-12-08 [Ocean Soul]: That sounds serious :P

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