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Silvie's Art

The Art of [SilverFire]


You know the usual shabam: my art, no stealy, fear me, rawr, rawr, rawr - etc. You get the drift.

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2006-06-16 [iippo]: Here before anyone :P

2006-06-16 [SilverFire]: :P *glomp*

2006-06-16 [someelf]: Nice detail in the last one :)

2006-06-16 [SilverFire]: ^^ Thanks. I spent ages faffing over what designs to use on things. :P

2006-06-16 [someelf]: ^-^ *Hugs* Your welcome, it really looks amazing :) I wish sometimes I was half as good as people like you ^_^

2006-06-17 [thuthuca]: *awe*

2006-06-27 [Draugluin]: Wow. New butterfly is teh sex.

2006-07-22 [iippo]: Shine going to EW?

2006-07-22 [SilverFire]: Aye, when she's done.

2006-07-22 [Draugluin]: EW?

2006-07-22 [SilverFire]: Elfwood.

2006-07-29 [-Opi-]: Shine is amazing. I don't know you, but I love it. Completely and utterly. Use of colors and lighting say the least Brilliant.

2006-08-12 [SilverFire]: ^^ Thanks.

2006-08-13 [Coffeecontrolsme]: very good work

2006-08-16 [iippo]: So you says that Shine isn't ready yet? :O

2006-08-16 [Draugluin]: Nah. She still needs to do the wings and possibly some minor detail things.

2006-09-13 [Draugluin]: She. Is. Awesome!

2006-09-13 [iippo]: *nods*

2006-09-13 [SilverFire]: ^^ without doubt the best pic I've ever done. :) Hopefully all my pictures will be of a similar standard.

2006-09-25 [Delladreing]: *Dela Stalkerage*

2006-09-25 [SilverFire]: W00t!

2006-09-25 [Draugluin]: Hair is evil! Must... Destroy. Silbie? Can I borrow your lighter? XP

2006-09-25 [SilverFire]: ... No. :o

2006-09-25 [Draugluin]: XP

2006-10-09 [Draugluin]: Eh, it is actually growing on me. ^^

2006-10-09 [Aradon Templar]: It's growing on Silvie too! XD

2006-10-09 [Draugluin]: It's taking over...
Gaaa! Keeeeel eeeeettt!

2006-10-16 [Draugluin]: <3 *glomps* It's perfect. When did you do it?

2006-10-16 [SilverFire]: Been working on it ever since I did that sketch in the Lakes.

2006-10-16 [Draugluin]: :O How come I have never seen!

2006-10-16 [SilverFire]: I hided it from thee until it was completeded. <.<

2006-10-16 [Draugluin]: You be a sneaky little cat Silvie, but I lobe you. Thank-you for such an awesome surprise. ^^

2006-10-17 [iippo]: Wow! And it looks even awesomer on this hugenormous uni comp screen, because it looks like he's staring into the vast whiteness. :3

2006-10-31 [Galatea]: Absolutely awesome artwork!

2006-10-31 [SilverFire]: ^^ thank you.

2006-12-23 [How To Break A Piano]: Your art is amazing.

2006-12-23 [SilverFire]: Thanks, glad you like. :)

2007-02-04 [Delladreing]: Awesome o.o

2007-02-04 [SilverFire]: ^^ ty.

2007-02-05 [iippo]: Well the nightelf taught me that "shoulders are annoying."

2007-02-05 [Elwyne]: I love her hair!

2007-02-05 [SilverFire]: *L* Yes. I still not happy with the right spaulder, but I decided it was time to stop faffing.

Thanks, Elwyne. ^^

2007-02-05 [Elwyne]: welkies!!!

2007-02-05 [Draugluin]: It really is awesome.

2007-02-09 [SilverFire]: You're such an ass-kisser. :)

2007-02-09 [Draugluin]: XO

I actually meant it as well, besides i'm not keen on ass kissing, more on the ass licking. Yum

2007-02-12 [Draugluin]: Well don't I feel all special now. I now cannot be stolen! Woot!

2007-02-26 [Killopkie]: Your art is divine.

2007-03-05 [OMERTA]: wow, your very talentd!

2007-03-05 [SilverFire]: Thanks. :)

2007-03-06 [Faulty Limerence]: *laughs* Wait a minute. You play World of Warcraft? That's something I didn't expect from you. What server do you frequent? Also, I really like your style.

2007-03-06 [SilverFire]: Thanks. O.o Since games are such a major hobby, I find it odd that people would think I don't play, but eh - just goes to show you difference in perspective. Server is Argent Dawn (European) but I have at least one character on all but a few of the European RP servers.

2007-03-07 [Faulty Limerence]: Ah of course it would be a European server. Video games are my main pastime. I play mostly on Alexstrasza and Exodar, but I've got characters on most of the PvP servers. My highest is a 70 Hunter at the moment. So what kind of games are you into? Rpg's?

2007-03-07 [SilverFire]: Wow pretty much dominates my game scene, atm - but [Draugluin] got a Wii for christmas, so I've played and completed Twilight Princess, and am addicted to boxing on wii sports. :P

I've also got a PS2, a gamecube and a Nintendo 64 stashed away in my room somewhere, which I pull out every now and then. Oh, and the nintendo DS/ :)

2007-03-07 [Faulty Limerence]: I was never allowed a game system until I was about fourteen, so I developed this complex that took hold of me whenever I found out a friend had a game system. I always wanted to play Super Mario, or Sonic, or Mortal combat, or Gradius, or Final Fantasy VI (then III), or just whatever was lying around. I finally got my Playstation 2 a few years ago, and I've become an afficionado. I've owned a Gameboy (in all forms), a Game Gear (Sega's portable), a Nintendo 64, a Gamecube, a Playstation Portable, and a Playstation 2 (by far the most used). Of course...I've played everything at least once. Anyway, this message got a lot longer than I had intended it to. Sorry about that. ^__^;

2007-03-07 [SilverFire]: I've had most forms of the gameboy, original, Colour, Advance, DS, (not Pocket, though). And also used to have a SNES, which I loved, such awesome games. But they're all gone now. ;_;

2007-03-07 [Faulty Limerence]: Awww. You know, Emulators cure nostalgia, dear.

2007-03-08 [SilverFire]: I heard baaad things about emulators, and it scarded me. ._.

2007-03-08 [Faulty Limerence]: *laughs* Like what? Trust me, look up ZSNES and get it. It's great.

2007-03-08 [SilverFire]: Lots of people saying it buggered up their machine - but this was years ago - four, at least.

2007-03-08 [Faulty Limerence]: Are you thinking of Kazaa? Because that wasn't an emulator, that was a file sharing program.

2007-03-08 [SilverFire]: *L* No, I'm not thinking of Kazaa. Actually, I never heard anything bad about Kazaa, but then, I didn't use it, and had no inclination to, so I never went out of my way to find out anything about it.

2007-03-08 [Faulty Limerence]: Kazaa was known almost exclusively for it's association with acquiring viruses. Not Kazaa's fault, of course, but still. Bad. I, myself have never experienced any problems with emulators and haven't heard of anything like what you've described.
I'd give ZSNES a try. I can also give you a link to a site that's got all the ROMs you'd ever want for it.

2007-03-08 [SilverFire]: Thanks. :)

2007-03-12 [Draugluin]: Heh, emulators detract from the experience. One of the major advantages of the game boy is that it can be taken anywhere which is completely lost on a computer. I'd rather just cough up the money and buy the games I want and not clog up my pc with crap. Then again, I run on windows. It would probably be an improvement XP

2007-03-13 [Faulty Limerence]: Well, I'm not talking Gameboy games. I mean for Super Nintendo.

2007-03-13 [Draugluin]: Ah. That would make more sense. When people talk about emulators I immediately think of gameboys. Meh, just save up for a wii. Backwards compatible ^^

2007-03-31 [Silver Moon]: love the art!

2007-03-31 [SilverFire]: Thanks ^^

2007-03-31 [Ravendust]: You are indeed a talented artist :D

2007-03-31 [SilverFire]: :3 Again, thanks.

2007-04-01 [Silver Moon]: do you take requests?

2007-04-01 [SilverFire]: Usually commissions only - I'm willing to work for not a lot, but not nothing at all. ^^;

2007-04-01 [Silver Moon]: oh

2007-04-01 [SilverFire]: Sorry. ._. Like I said, I'm willing to work for not much at all, but as much as I'd love to have the spare time to draw mine and other's ideas for the sake of it, I don't. o.<

2007-04-01 [Silver Moon]: that's all right, I understand. I don't have the money though, College is expensive lol

2007-04-01 [SilverFire]: Tell me about it, It's a state of cashtration.

2007-04-01 [Silver Moon]: lol I know :( I will be in debt for life!

2007-04-02 [Faulty Limerence]: C'mooooon make more arts and stuuuuuffs! *whines*

2007-04-03 [SilverFire]: O.O I will soon, I've got a biiiig WIP that I had to take a break from to do some work, but I'll get back on it now.

2007-04-03 [iippo]: That's the problem with your work: it's so awesome because you take time finishing it, while we're all waiting here on the edges of our seats (well except me 'coz I get sneak previews and thus am already off the seat and anxious out of my skull to see it all done and awesome :P)

2007-04-24 [Aradon Templar]: :o New one is much better than the sneak peek I saw :)

2007-04-24 [SilverFire]: Thanks. :P I scanned it in colour this time, as oppose to just black & white, and I think that makes a difference. Thought it looks a lot better in RL. :P

2007-04-25 [Faulty Limerence]: Just a bit of constructive criticism, the lower legs of Melpomene look a little thinner than they should be, compared to the upper. Could just be me, but...

Anyway, very cool, overall.

2007-04-25 [SilverFire]: I disagree, but you're welcome to your opinion. :)

2007-04-25 [Faulty Limerence]: *smiles* Of course. You know I don't usually keep my opinions to myself.

2007-04-25 [SilverFire]: I think the leg-hip join in the left hand side might be slightly off, but other than that, I don't see a problem.

2007-04-26 [Faulty Limerence]: Like I said, it's probably just me. They just seemed a little thin to me.

2007-04-26 [SilverFire]: And I was worried they were too thick. :P

2007-06-03 [Iske]: wow i'm impressed very good

2007-06-03 [SilverFire]: Thanks. :)

2007-06-10 [ara]: Duuude It's Fred its fred in the picture thats so god damm awesome babe - loving the new stuff btw the chin looks slightly dodgey on elspeth but I adore the lace babe. Did it take you long to do? Oh plus home on monday so let me know when back/already back/when meetiness and crap. Fchicken dude

2007-06-11 [SilverFire]: Your English gets worse every time we talk. :P

2007-06-12 [Draugluin]: Y'know, she probably wont read that message for at least another month now. XP

2007-06-14 [ara]: Lies! Lies I tell you. There is nothing wrong with my english. It just has personality thats all! *grins manically*

2007-06-14 [Draugluin]: Yeah, just who's personality is it? XP

2007-06-15 [ara]: it would be my personality - silly and completely wrong most of the time

2007-07-10 [Faulty Limerence]: Hey Silver, I was meaning to ask you what your spec on WoW is. So I will. What's the spec for your Hunter on WoW? (If you care to see mine, it's in my diary as a recent entry.)

2007-07-10 [SilverFire]: I have 4 hunters. :p The NE is beastmastery/marksmanship

2007-07-11 [Faulty Limerence]: What's your distribution?

2007-10-15 [Tieshu]: Awsome. I love the one you named "Shine". I love the pencle scetch ^^ and the end result was awsome as well, awsome job

2007-10-18 [Masayume_soto]: I really like your art style! One of my favorites is Melpomene, it looks so good!

2007-10-18 [SilverFire]: Thanks. :)

2008-01-02 [dayah]: I SO SO SO SO SO LOVED the Picture you wuvs iiiit very much...*gives big bear hugs* Thank you.

2008-01-03 [SilverFire]: :) Glad you liked it.

2008-01-03 [dayah]: oh yes I love it...:D

2008-03-30 [SilverFire]: Possibly of interest to some people watching this page: Silvie's Free Art.

2008-05-30 [Duke Devlin]: Lies! *boo, hiss etc* I would love to look at your mood sketches! *does so*

2008-07-16 [Rat Hacker]: i LOVE how you do hair

2008-07-16 [SilverFire]: Thanks. ^^ I actually find hair the hardest part. It's so frustrating O_o

2008-07-16 [Elwyne]: yeah, I agree with that

2008-08-04 [Easterling]: Your pictures are amazing. I don't really know why I haven't looked through your art before :O .. but I'm glad I finally did.

2008-08-04 [SilverFire]: ^.^ Thank you.

2008-09-08 [iippo]: Schweet. You really nailed that Taurus :)

2008-09-13 [SilverFire]: :3 w0rd. Thanks. ^^ (are all comments in bold now? :[)

2008-09-13 [Aradon Templar]: o.O I do not see bolded comments.

2008-09-13 [SilverFire]: O.o Odd. I'm seeing all text in bold, comments and the wiki-page itself. And GB messages.

2008-09-13 [Triola]: Me too :/ It's annoying

2008-09-13 [Aradon Templar]: o.O If it were just your computer, Silvie, I'd suggest maybe you increased the font size or something on accident, but I don't know why two people would have the same issue and I wouldn't.

2008-09-13 [SilverFire]: It's fixed now. :D It was because there was a bold tag missing at the end of the box telling you if you have an upcoming birthday. So presumably the reason you didn't see everything in bold is because you don't have any friends with upcoming birthdays. :P

2008-09-13 [Aradon Templar]: True fact. I do not have any friends with upcoming birthdays.

2008-09-15 [iippo]: Upcoming birthdays? That sounds very Facebooky...

2008-09-18 [Duke Devlin]: It is. :( It is very facebooky/myspacey. :( But I guess we'll survive, right? XD

2008-10-04 [Hendercrazy]: Really nice art you have [SilverFire]. :) "Shine" continues to be my favorite of yours thus far. ;)

2008-10-04 [SilverFire]: Thanks. :) Though it's an older piece I still remember the amount of work I put into it at the time, and I'm still proud of it. ^^

2008-11-13 [LyssaWhat]: I love the anabella. All of your art is wonderful.

2008-11-20 [Jeccabee]: Uh'm. I'd like to do the rest at some point, but don't hold your breath for it, apart from the fact that I'm awful at doing work in series, I have absolutely no style to call my own, and thus no continuity of style. Makes it hard to do 12 pieces in the same style. :O

OMG I so understand this! I was lucky to get 4 of my Gemstone Fairy collection.

I do love the Taurus pic! Is it done or were you going to add more color to it?

2008-11-20 [SilverFire]: Thank ^^ I think I'm happy to call it done - I thought about maybe colouring the horns in too, but I wouldn't know what colour - the most natural colour for them would be the same colour I used on the hair, but then they wouldn't stand out at all. O.o

2008-11-20 [Jeccabee]: that's fine...I still think it's awesome! :) As is your other work. ;)

2008-11-21 [SilverFire]: <img:44166_1164903263.gif>

2008-12-14 [Thunder Cid]: Oh wow Anabella is so amazing! I wish I had your talent.

2008-12-26 [Skydancer]: A gift you have for all to see, and yet the warmest is hidden in your heart. Beautiful work and may your skills continue to blossom and your spirit to flourish.

2009-02-23 [Duke Devlin]: Damn spiffy :O

2009-02-24 [SilverFire]: Yeaaah, I'm not iimpressed with it anymore. XP

(Also, To Thunder God Cid & Skydancer, many belated thanks <img:44166_1164145221.gif>, sorry that I missed those comments before <img:44166_1164145197.gif>).

2009-02-27 [iippo]: You use emoticons o.O

I like the greyscalocity.

2009-06-09 [SilverFire]: Project: 56

2009-10-06 [Ace-of-Spirits]: how do you make the image a link?

2009-10-08 [Duke Devlin]: It tells you on Pseudo Html, under the heading 'Creating Links'. :)

2009-10-08 [Ace-of-Spirits]: thankyou and Silver fire your art s very beautful ^^

2009-10-08 [SilverFire]: Thanks. :)

2010-05-02 [Hendercrazy]: Hey Silvie! Would love to see you add this this lovely art wiki on Art Wikis of Elftown! ;) :D

2010-08-26 [Nioniel]: Oooohhh! Art! Art! Art! :)

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