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"With money you're a dragon; without it you're a worm."

----Chinese proverb


Mildarfen and Amelilir. Masks and costumes by [Lankin] and [Gry], photo by Borgni

Matriarch: Femilfer
Speciality: Dragons
Heir: Amelilir
Captain of the DragonRiders: Mildarfen
Main Residence: The Fortress of Milvondar

Though Siludar is indeed one of the smallest of the noble Houses, it is paradoxically also one of the most powerful. This is because of one fact: They Have Dragons. Indeed, you could argue that they are Dragons, as all of them have very draconic features, and they are all descendants of dragon/fey matings.

The whole house is shrouded in mystery, and nobody but the members are at all sure whether or not they rule the dragons, own the dragons, are slaves of the dragons or simply have a mutual agreement with the dragons. This uncertainty is something the House has used to its advantage, which has let them stay in play in spite of their slight xenophobic tendencies. They rarely let outsiders get close, and they fear House Eylem for their spies.

But knowledge is not all they hoard, for like their ancestors they take a nearly carnal pleasure in gold and similar valuables, and the members are all extremely wealthy (not that money is all that important in Fey society).

House members all know the Draconic language, and children are taken along for rides on dragons by their parents at an early age. They have never been known to be able to command the dragons limitlessly, but that may be because they have chosen to never display their power openly. Frankly, others don't want to make one of them angry enough to find out.

They have some vague links with the other houses, such as a few common relatives and trade agreements, but are mostly solitary creatures, even amongst themselves. This is one of the factors which hampers them, for they often have problems acting as a unified House. The solitarian mindset of the dragons influences all the members, and getting them to cooperate without problems is impossible.

One thing which makes House Siludar rather different from the rest of fey society is that the men have nominally more power. The consort of the Matriarch, Mildarfen is also the Captain of the DragonRiders, a position of no small standing. The Captain is second only to the Matriarch in official power, and they cooperate marvellously to steer a house full of strong-willed individualists.

The aforementioned DragonRiders are the pride of the house, and one of the most dangerous military forces in Faƫrie. The basic unit is the Duo, which consists of one dragon and one fey. They must be extremely close friends, and sometimes they're even relatives. While out flying the fey can scout, plan and attack with more maneuverability than the dragon, whilst the considerable firepower and magic of the dragon is only added to its rider. It must be mentioned that dragons are not like horses or pegasi, in that handling them like subservient steeds will get you eaten or immolated. The duo is a partnership, and only works as long as both participants agree. When the DragonRiders appear in full force on the sky, most fairies tremble.

A little explanation for the family tree below. It goes from the bottom and upwards. Two names joined by a line which leads to new names means that the two are parents of the names above.

The names with a black dot in front of them are the ones which actually belong to this house. The rest of them are merely related. The "m" in a circle mean that they were married, while a "+" signifies girl/boyfriends. The paranthesis behind each name is easy: Male or Female.


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