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Silent Assassin's code

Assasins....the most deadly force known to man. This rpg i created to those who r just looking for fun and have a very creative imagination!

Background: The land of Windfall is realitivly shut off from the set durring the old times of chivalry and irony. Windfall is the eigth contenent of the world. It is full of kings,towns people ,thieves,mages,monsters and trouble. It is basicaly split up into 4 kingdoms....north,south,east and west. All ruled by power thirsty kings.

In the kingdom of the south was a small town called Halsforth. It was like a crossroad for the many cultures in the kindom. Humans ,elves,dwarves alike would trek through these parts to find friends, good, or trouble.

In the east corner of town there is a small building. Outside there is a sign that says the Draconis. The draconis was a group of assassins....they were hired to do dirty work for others. You u walk in .. the setting is like a bar...behind the counter is Ruth ..she is the secratary. To her left is the door to the bosses room. in the center of the room there is a Large round table with chairs. The meetings were held here. Upstairs is the rooms. Members slept here. Outback there is a shed that leads to weapon storage....possibly the largest known in town. Training took place in the field behind the shed.

You walk up to the main entrance and walk inside.....Ruth points you to the bosses room.Behind the desk sits Lunus Withord.He's about 5'8'' with long blonde hair and piercing eyes. He was very skiny .....didnt look too muscular......( this always was the worst thing his enemys could was also their last) He stood up and shook your hand. "Welcome to the Draconis."

Please read the rules before creating your character.

Silent Assassin's code

When you finish the form below please send it to me so i can check it out.


The Adventuring will be taking place in the comment box. Not only am I Lunus...but i am god. I decide if the comment is appropreate or not (more than likely it will be)

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2005-04-25 [XxBassPlayaxX]: "Three down 9 more to go" he said. Lacronus put away his bow. He pulled out his schimitars. It had been a while since he had some real fun. They continued their trek through the cave.In one of the passages , three men charged at them. They have been discovered. Lunus ran forward. The three men seemed puzzled. They lost sight of him. They turned around to see lunus bow and charge at the one on the left. He sliced off the mans arm disabling him. He would be interogated later.

2005-04-25 [Prater]: :: Joslyn broguht out her long dagger and a short one, taking one a second man. She twisted and sidestepped, cutting the man in the stomach::

2005-04-25 [XxBassPlayaxX]: The third man was shaking. Lunus yelled and charged at the man swinging. The man closed his eyes. he opened then to see the two blades in his face. Lunus gave a quick flick of the wrist and sliced the man's legs. He fell hard in pain. Lunus walked over to the 1st man cleaning off his blade."Tell me....where is your store house?" he said. The man spit at him. " ill never tell". Lunus acted as if it didnt bother him. He took out his dagger and sliced of the man's ear. "How bout now?" . The thief screamed in pain. " its at the end of this passage. Take the elevator." Lunus bowed to the man and began to wlk the other way. But he turned around quickly and kicked the thief in his head,killing him

2005-04-25 [XxBassPlayaxX]: "Onward" he said.

2005-04-25 [Prater]: :Joslyn ended her man's life with one quick slice of the throat and kept with Lunus::

2005-04-25 [XxBassPlayaxX]: as they continued lunus began to talk" Sorry if my brutal manor disturbs you. When i fight im a different person. But our contractor the king wants them dead. And if we do this, he has a request to see us in his palace." They reached the elevator

2005-04-25 [Prater]: ::Joslyn shook her head, "No I understand completely, I don't talk unless needed."

2005-04-25 [XxBassPlayaxX]: They walked into the elevator and lunus pressed the down button. "This next part should be fun. 6 more men to go. Their leader should be near". They reached their floor. The door swung open and they entered the large room full of stolen goods. No one was there. When they reached the center of the room, the remaing 6 men surrounded them. They leader, the biggest man shouted "kill them ". This was Lunus' vission....lunus took out his schimitars."lets do this Joslyn".

2005-04-25 [Prater]: ::Joslyn smirked and readied herself. A man from the right charged her, she sidestepped and took off his head::

2005-04-25 [XxBassPlayaxX]: Lunus watched the mans head hit the floror. Two more charged him running in between them , he slashed their sides. They all stood there for a sec then the two thief split in half along their waist line. 3 more

2005-04-25 [Prater]: :Joslyn smiled but kept her head about her. 2 men this time. She kicked one in the stomach, sent him flying backwards while she took care of the other. He caught a cheap shot off of her jaw. She went down on her knees, but quickly slashed at his kneecaps. Down he went. The other man had recovered and charged, but he was too slow. She twisted around him like a tornado and stopped behind him. The man stood there then fell to the ground in pieces::

2005-04-26 [XxBassPlayaxX]: The final man was their leader. He was trying to run away. Lunus pulled out his bow and fired. The arrow hit his leg sending him to the ground. Lunus walked up to him and took out his schimitar. He took the tip and carved a symbol into his chest. The elvish word for repent. Then he killed him easily. The mission was over.....

2005-04-26 [Prater]: ::Joslyn stood back as Lunus finished the leader. After Lunus had ended his life she went up and looked at the leader's face. She couldn't help it but his face was burned into her memory::

2005-04-27 [XxBassPlayaxX]: "im sorry you had to see this...but get used to it. The life of an assassin is tough. I know. I was raised to be one.You were great out there.We need to go home and clean up....tomrrow we visit the king and recieve our money...youll get half.Lunus cleaned off his blades.

2005-04-27 [Prater]: "No." I'm used to this Lunus. I've killed my share of people." She turned away and began to wipe the blood off her blades. "Money and see the king? What an honor."

2005-04-27 [XxBassPlayaxX]: "It is...but he has another job for us. We must hurry back....we cant go the the southern kingdom looking like this!" Lunus looked at himself.He was a mess."anward to home!". Lunus began walking to the elevator.

2005-04-27 [Prater]: ::Joslyn followed, she hadn't really looked at herself, but now it was important.::

2005-04-27 [XxBassPlayaxX]: They had finaly reached home. Lunus walked up stairs to grab some clothes. Then he crawled into the bathtub. He began to wonder about the kings request. Secretly he knew what the mission they just completed was for. Just a small task compared to what was about to happen.The great king of the south had hired him secretly to assassinate the Dark king of the west. This would possibly be the toughest job he had ever done. Now he had to tell Joslyn....

2005-04-28 [Prater]: ::Once she reached her rooms, Joslyn stripped completely, not bothering to close her door. She climbed into the already made tub with hot water. She quickly washed herself and her hair, and got out to towel herself dry. What to wear? She laid out her clothes, nothing fancy to meet a king but what she had would have to do. She put on her tight traveling pants and a tight bodice. Once she finished lacing her boots she worked on her hair. Nothing was coming to mind, so she let left it down.

2005-04-28 [XxBassPlayaxX]: Lunus got dresses and walked downstairs.They had a days journey ahead of them.....he began to look for joslyn downstairs.

2005-04-28 [Prater]: ::Joslyn came out of her room, a bit hungry. She found Lunus in the hallway::

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