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2007-07-07 00:19:04
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March 21 at 3:30 p.m
Sid stood on the deck of his boat, the gentle waves rocking it slowly. Taking a long drag from the cigarette in his mouth he moved towards the prow of the ship, sitting down with his feet dangling over the edge he stared into the murky green water. "Hey mister" Came a voice from his side, blinking, Sid looked up and towards the voice of a young woman, god she looked like B. "Uhh.. yeah?" He asked, noting her features, his heart skipped a beat. "Are you the tour boat?" She asked with a gentle smile. God, B used to smile like that. Sid shook his head, getting up "Nah your on the wrong dock." he said walking to the back and using the old ladder to climb back up "The tour dock is down that way." He said pointing to a dock just visible in the distance. The woman smiled "Hey thanks!" She said cheerfully. Sid's heart took another leap, she even sounded like B. As the woman left, Sid watched her walk away, to the car where a man got out and the pair talked for a bit before embracing and getting affectionate. Sid sighed rolling her eyes "That coulda been us B." He said to nobody in particular, throwing his cigarette to the side, the burly man began to walk back to his store.

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2007-07-07 [silent_voice]: haha, hows that for an intro?

2007-07-07 [Rhymes With Orange]: Wow. Me gusta!

2007-07-07 [silent_voice]: I think thats good O_o...

2007-07-07 [XxTsomexX]: very good!

2007-07-07 [silent_voice]: Ooohh is that what Rhymes said.

2007-07-07 [XxTsomexX]: she said good :P

2007-07-07 [Lin-tastic]: No! She said 'I like.' Me or yo is another way to say I and gusta is like...¬.¬ You guys don't know Spanish very well, do you? Maybe it's different depending on which country you learned from. Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexica, Spain, all have different versions of Spanish...

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