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Sid Meier's Pirates review

If the open Caribbean suits your taste then this game is for you. Pirates has you start out as the captain of a mutinous crew from England, Spain, France, or the Netherlands. You can live a life of a trader, explorer, or sack the open seas for coin and ships.

The latest game out now features more than just sailing and selling. You can swoon the governors daughters, earn promotions among the nations, find lost family members, become the most notorious pirate in the Caribbean, etc...

Ships vary from the small and fast native war canoes to the mighty Ship of the line which has the power to hold 40 cannons and man over 300 sailors at once. The ships speed depends on its size and how well it can work against the winds. One of the things that irks me is taking 20 minutes to reach one point of the map to the other when you have one of the larger ships.

The most difficult aspect of the game is keeping your crew happy. If there is not enough gold and other loot coming in you can find yourself loosing sailors every time you make port. Keeping your hero healthy and fighting ready is also a challenge, but can be resolved by buying upgrades from the mysterious man in the taverns.

Over all this game has given me a lot of enjoyment and would highly recommend it for anyone. There is some mild (yet humorous) violence so parent be wary.

For more information please see:!_Wiki

Happy gaming.
/ [Thunder Cid]

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2011-06-28 [Hedda]: I liked the original C64-version. I got 154 points out of 100...

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