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2005-08-16 07:13:01
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This wiki is for US to say that we're sick of someone or something!!!!! ITS NOT IMPORTANT ABOUT WHO YOU ARE SICK OR ABOUT WHAT JUST BE SICK!!!SCREAM IT OUT LOUD IF YOU NEED IT,FREAK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

if you wanna use this as a banner, cope this in your house and erase the **:


(both banner made by [Nyaah*]. thank you. great work again)


1.[~Lady Morgana~] & [Yiwerra] the all mighty founders
4. [TeenageDirtbag]
5. [*~Melso~*]
6. [fade_out]
8. [Tawnee.]

"Your socks they smell, your feet they stink,
You never take a bath.
Your nose it runs, you bust your buns,
You always finish last.

Sick! Of! Youuuuu.
I'm so sick, so sick of you.

Your face is gross, you eat white toast,
You don't know what to do.
It's just your luck, you really suck,
That's all - I'm sick of you

Sick! Of! Youuuuu.
I'm so sick, so sick of you.

Don't ya know? So sick of you.
Things you say, and all the things you do.

Sick! Of! Youuuuu.
I'm so sick, so sick of you.

Human filth..

- "Sick of You" by GWAR

by [Yiwerra] & [~Lady Morgana~]

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2005-05-17 [~Lady Morgana~]: hahahah okay than! i ate feta in canada .... O__o

2005-05-17 [thuthuca]: @__@ you did?? Canada?? X__X

2005-05-17 [~Lady Morgana~]: Yes!!!! O__o isn't that weird?!

2005-05-23 [Yiwerra]: ahhahah, forgot that i told you about it - TCHUTHUCA!!!!!!!  oh yay, hail for fetism. of course the german feta was imported also. but who cares. FUCKING MERCANTILISM!!!!! \m/   hail napoleon, have to study for that bitch

2005-05-23 [~Lady Morgana~]: wow, you read it now XD hahaha ... Napoleon? O__o

2005-05-23 [Yiwerra]: yea @?@    ewww, i sneezed on my keyboard again

2005-05-25 [~Lady Morgana~]: hahahahha still better than puking on it ;)

2005-05-25 [Yiwerra]: omg, i did it again, and its so beautiful!

2005-05-25 [Yiwerra]: i made a new wiki called suck on you

2005-05-25 [~Lady Morgana~]: hahahhahaha XD

2005-05-30 [Yiwerra]: fuck i did it again --_--

2005-05-30 [Yiwerra]: >.<   <--- me sneezing in the beginning phase

2005-05-30 [Yiwerra]: >O<    <--- me sneezing in the end phase

2005-05-30 [~Lady Morgana~]: hahahahhahaah!!!!!

2005-07-08 [Yiwerra]: ich hab schon wieder auf den monitor geniest :/

2005-07-08 [~Lady Morgana~]: Oh ina ... >__<

2005-07-08 [Yiwerra]: :/

2005-08-16 [Tawnee.]: i want to join

2005-08-16 [Yiwerra]: cool, you are in the list

2005-08-16 [~Lady Morgana~]: YAAY!!


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