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2005-08-12 03:19:10
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This wiki is solely for people to blow off steam about all these goth/punk posers out there who seem to think that the more needles they can shove into their bodies, the better they are. Share your feelings, experiences, and ideas about this subject, even if you disagree.

-[angel of the shadows]
-[apple babble]
-[peace4all_monkey]meep meep! i like peircings but im not a poser!YAY ME!!(only like ears and belly buttons though)
-[Gabba Gabba Hey] wearing black and having peircings doesnt make u anything *cough cough* gothic
-[mwhisper] just cause people dress in black doesn't mean they are posers there just expressing there selfs cause i mean life cant always be about colorful rainbows and all the other stuff life is very depressing but how would you's people know cause yall dont know anything about us

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2005-05-30 [spongemonkey]: I shove needles into my body. That doesn't make me a poser, does it? *worried*

2005-05-31 [3 Dreizig]: No, but a little strange. ^^' However, it makes or breaks you as a poser depending on WHY you do it. That reason may alter whether you are or not.

2005-05-31 [peace4all_monkey]: *gasp*..i gotta sunburn on my face from swimming 2 days in a row w/out sunscreen!!!

2005-05-31 [3 Dreizig]: Ouch ^^'

2005-05-31 [peace4all_monkey]: yah!!!...and to top it all off, my friend wants to go out w/ me and i dont like him that way...and...well i guess u can figure out the rest

2005-05-31 [#9437]: Sounds like your whole life just sucks.

2005-05-31 [3 Dreizig]: Not that bad ^^'

2005-05-31 [#9437]: I was being sarcastic. Obviously her life isn't bad at all if those are her main concerns.

2005-05-31 [#9437]: If you're complaining about getting too much exercise and people liking you, your life REALLY isn't that bad..hell, I wish I was able to complain about it.

2005-06-01 [peace4all_monkey]: im not really complainin...hes just sayin im evil....thats bout it...u should have seen my shes a complete lobster face!! and her forehead is sooo shiny!

2005-06-01 [MadBiscuit]: :-|

2005-08-19 [#9437]: (It's been like 3 1/2 months since the last post so I'm posting again.)

2005-08-19 [peace4all_monkey]: its been a LONG time since ive seen comments on here!

2005-08-19 [MadBiscuit]: Indeed.

2005-08-19 [peace4all_monkey]: we should start an army

2005-08-19 [3 Dreizig]: An army sounds good...but for what purpose should they assemble..?

2005-08-19 [peace4all_monkey]: the sake of cheese?

2005-08-19 [3 Dreizig]: Hah sounds like a good enough reason to me ^^ But...what KIND of cheese??

2005-08-21 [#9437]: Munster!

2005-08-21 [#9437]: For those who think a cheese army would be a good idea, you may want to check out a conversation a friend and I had a long time ago...

2005-08-21 [MadBiscuit]: Edam.

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