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Hello there! You can call me 0pti or 0pticon, and this is my art wiki. I will be uploading all kinds of art for your enjoyment, including photos of my hand made creations. I hope you enjoy your stay!


1. NO STEALING! I work very long and very hard on my art, and not for you to go and say you made it when you didn't. I make art because I enjoy it, and I love to inspire people. Not for you to just take and post wherever you want without permission.
2. Constructive criticism is accepted. This means suggestions on how I can improve my work, not comments like, "Your art sucks!" If you don't like my art, tell me WHY. If you do like my art, also tell me WHY. :D
3. No, I will not do free art for you. If you want art, you are welcome to send me a message where I will give you a price. Do not attempt to ask for a free drawing.


- Send me a message on here!
- Deviantart:
- Sheezy Art:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- E-Mail::
- Yahoo Messenger: Bylenix
- MSN Messenger:



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2010-02-02 [sweet.tx.tea]: Interesting! :] I LIKE.

2010-02-02 [Death By COLOUR]: :D Yayy

2010-02-02 [i need a beer]: good stuff.

2010-02-02 [Death By COLOUR]: Thank you :3

2010-02-11 [organicparadox]: really great stuff:)

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