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2011-03-02 21:42:37
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2005-06-03 [Lothuriel]: Gourgeous photos!

2005-06-03 [Daisy le Fleur]: Thanks! My favorite one is of my "Jump Back" notice the 2nd one who hit the water before the other two! LOL

2005-10-06 [Skydancer]: Rather nice work. :) though just to be picky, the fly trap is actually a pitcher plant and is more attractive to wasps, bees and nectar insects due to the sweet odor it produces from inside the deadly pitcher. :) That would make a most interesting terrarium, full of pitcher plants and venus flytraps.. :)

2005-10-07 [Daisy le Fleur]: Wow, I didn't know what the actual name was of it..heehee..thank you! *Honored you paid us a visit!, love, your work*

2005-10-07 [Skydancer]: thank you most kindly, that is very nice of you to say so.. :)

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