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Inspired by Sunny Featured Art

Anyone can pick up a camera and take pictures but, it takes raw talent and determination to capture art and life with a camera.
Photography is an often overlooked form of art. The goal of this wiki is to showcase the artistic photography of Elftown. 

Moderator:  [Cillamoon]
Assistant: [Lothuriel]


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-Elftown Photo Reference Marathon
-Reference Pictures

How this works...

A new photo will be chosen each week and featured here, if the photographer will permit it. 
If you find an amazing photo you'd like to nominate, please place it in the comments section of

Shutter Master Nominations


Featured Photograph

Nominated by: [Linderel]

Previous Features

Nominated by: [Linderel]

Nominated by: [Linderel]

[Nameless Shadow]
-Nominated by: [nehirwen]

Photographer: [Tableau Vivant]
Nominated by: [nehirwen]


The award that will be given to Featured Photographers

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2009-04-07 [Skydancer]: Very nice piece of work, the graphics are marvelous.

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