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2005-11-28 05:37:32
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I wish to become a guard.
I believe that I could be a good guard because I know all the rules and I wish to try and help get rid of all the chain messages. I also believe that I would make a good guard because I dislike cursing in wiki's and when people pm me. People that break Elftown's rules are bad and need to be taught a lesson and should be banned if they keep dissobeying them. I have pretty good english it may not be perfect but noone is perfect. I would like to help in any I can. If you think that I just want the badge I dont I just wish to help Elftown the best way that I can and I think by becoming a guard I could help. Elftown is also becoming very dramatic in alot of wiki's and I dislike it and would like to bring the fantasy back into it.

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