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2010-01-11 14:33:57
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People are doing this a lot at DA and I love to see the process people have made with their art, so I made one too, digging up all my highly embarrassing horrible old old old (burnburnburn) pictures and making a collage from them.

[I am challenging everyone to do the same. I love seeing these things and it would be awesome to gather everyone's process in one page. Not only is this interesting, but hopefully also inspiring for those who have just started drawing and think that they want to improve.]


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Aeolynn's Progress

Calico Tiger's Progress

Daisy_Sandybanks's Progress

deeterhi's progress

Elys Progress - added traditional art progress.

Eyo's Progress

Fire 'n Ash's Progress

Jitter Progress

Keyshika's progress

Lille My`s progress

Lite's Progress

Maketsus drawings

Nehirwens Progress

Skydancer's Progress

TheArchitect's progress

Triola's Progress

Veltzeh's progress

Yncke's progress

Zardra 2000-2007

M Art 3rd Grade-Now


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2007-11-27 [Lite]: What do you think? Not bad for only nearly a year of practice?

2007-11-27 [Eyonic]: ooooo, nifty!!!!!

2007-12-20 [Lite]: a question; anyone know how to take an existing drawing, cut out the main image, then draw a seperate background and merge them together? Im using GIMP

2007-12-21 [Chimes]: Is the background white? If so, select by colour, click on the white bit then delete. You should have the image left, the rest should be transparent. You can then do a layer below it with the background.

2007-12-21 [Lite]: What if there is white in the foreground? Wont the white sections in the main image go transparent too?

2007-12-21 [Jitter]: Yes they would go as well. It works great with outlined images but in more realistic styles it's a bugger. Only way is to do it slowly with an eraser around the image

2007-12-22 [Lite]: Which is exactly the kind of time-consuming work im trying to avoid :P. I just CANT leave a picture colored but without lighting/shading. I know it looks nice with certain pics, but im obsessed with realism.

2007-12-22 [Jitter]: You need to consume time in order to improve ;) There's no easy way around it that will give the same results

2007-12-22 [Lite]: XD

2007-12-23 [kthxby]: True, it takes time, time and time. :-)

2008-01-18 [Zardra]: so true! I was just reading this digital painting magazine, where they taught how to make "speed painting". I've always considered speed painting to be something that's done in 10 minutes or so, but this speed painting took 10 Hours to finish :-O But the advices were awesome! it feels like the more you learn to paint, the more it takes time because the painting that would have looked finished in your eyes before, now looks only half done. There's always some details to be added. (oops, I babbled, sorry! I haven't painted in a while and it feels so good to return to it that I'm all nuts about it, hehe ^^;)

2008-01-18 [Jitter]: I know what you mean! I would have claimed lots of my drawings "finished" when they were awfully half still!

What do they mean by speed painting then? :o

2008-01-18 [Zab]: yeah..what do they mean? Oo

2008-01-18 [kthxby]: Speed painting is a relative term of course. It is the opposite of pixel wanking (the level of which naturally depends of your style and skill level). ;-)

2008-01-18 [Zab]: I don't get it. *is stupid*

2008-01-18 [kthxby]: In a way it's rather close to alla prima style in meaning, if you are more familiar with that.

2008-01-18 [Zab]:

2008-01-19 [kay-chan]: Basically, you paint on a time budget. It's primarily digital. So while you can do it under like 10 minutes, you can adjust the time however you want.

2008-01-19 [Zab]: ok^^ Maketsu explained it on msn. ^^

2008-01-19 [kay-chan]: Yeah, but the conversation was kind of circular, so I figured I'd explain it here for those watching the page and going "...what?" XD

2008-01-19 [kthxby]: I always thought speed painting was a rather self explanatory term.

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