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Welcome to Short story duelists

I would like to thank [Linderel] for the banner

If You Have Any Questions Message [crowdel] With Them

Please read the rules before submitting a story

1. Your story must be between 500 and 2,000 words long.

2. Your story must fit within the category it is competing.
  A sci-fi story would not go within the love category.

3. If a story fits into more than one category, then lucky you. You get to pick what category you want to enter it.
  If you have a romantic comedy, then you could choose to submit it as a love story or post it into comedy stories.

4. If you submit into the comic book section then your pictures must meet the uploading art rules

5. Your story must not include anything that could be deemed mature.

6. a story submitted into the potpourri category will only be accepted if it is not able to fit in any other category

7. All contests will be renewed every two weeks. This means that everybody has two whole weeks to vote on their favorite choices and write a new story.


Fake story competition


Fantasy/Sci-Fi Stories (5/19)
love stories. (5/19)

Awaiting Saturday

Needs Stories

Comedy Stories
Comic Book Stories
Horror Stories.
Mystery Stories
Fan Fic Stories
Potpourri Stories

To Submit Click to Wiki Below

Short Story Duelists Submission Page

The Winning Story Duelists

old story pages

we could use some staff on here people interested in being an administrator please head to this site
short story duelist administrators

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2006-09-20 [GoneGone]: The rules are very vague. How is this a duel? And what do you require in order to "duel"? And "Without the page saying it's too large" is also very hazy. Number count? If this becomes clearer, I am willing to submit. Who is hosting this?

2006-09-22 [crowdel]: i am and thanks for the little points i need to tweak um but i am i little confused by what specific items in detail need the tweaking

2006-09-29 [GoneGone]: Basically, anything that is vague.

2006-09-29 [crowdel]: ok you mean like that comment

2006-10-01 [GoneGone]: Haha....thanks.
How exactly do you duel? How many words is the max, exactly? What is the deadline for submission. How do you win? What, for you, is romance? My idea of romance may be a lot of hot, lustful sex, while your idea of romance might be passionate words. What are the guidlines for science fiction? Am I allowed to have old fashioned knights riding on metal horses that shoot lazers from their eyes in the year 1200? Or the year 2500? The borders are too vague. What one person says is a thriller you might think is a horror. You see what I mean? And even if there's a note saying the wiki is getting too large, you can still post on it anyway. All I'm saying is it needs a litle clarity so people know what to post.

2006-10-01 [crowdel]: is that better?

2006-10-03 [GoneGone]: MUCH better!! Now it's looking like a real competition and it's looking seriously intriguing. I know what is accepted. Last thing, as a suggestion, is the definition of each genre, so you don't get into any arguments with the posters on what makes that genre and what doesn't. :P To make it easier, it might be good to visit someplace like or a literary definition site and take their definitions. And if you feel like you need to, build or modify on theirs.

2006-10-03 [crowdel]: Ece-deost i have a proposition for you since you have alot of ideas and seem to have an a deal of intrigue in this wiki how about you become my co-manager of the site

2006-10-03 [GoneGone]: If I become co-manager, I would be compromised, and unable to submit in any competitions.....besides, this is your competition. I know, I can sound demanding, but this really is yours. As much fun as it would be to help run it, I would still love to compete in it. Thank you!

2006-10-04 [crowdel]: no problem I just figured you have had amazing ideas that have really benefitted this wiki although it has had no other support unfortunatly however i just need to get the name out more

2006-10-04 [GoneGone]: I can help with that! I can clean up grammar and language as well, if you'd like. Glee! We'll get people interested. And then I can fight them!

2006-10-05 [crowdel]: sounds great go to it i will message you the password

2006-10-22 [GoneGone]: Satisfied?

2006-10-22 [crowdel]: very much so

2006-10-22 [GoneGone]: Got any takers?

2006-10-22 [crowdel]: not really i had one express interest but people want to make thier stories perfect before they submit and it takes time i just thought of a plcae to get more people here

2006-10-22 [GoneGone]: Oh? Well, if you think this place is ready to take submissions, I can do a little advertising as well, if you'd like.

2006-10-22 [crowdel]: that would be wonderful

2006-10-22 [GoneGone]: K!

2006-10-22 [GoneGone]: Have you checked out Writing Contests?

2006-10-22 [crowdel]: no i did not but i have posted for people to see hopefully

2006-10-22 [GoneGone]: glee! You can list your contest there. I'm going through them and looking for other contests I can join. Muee hee hee!

2006-10-22 [Melocrie]: Hi! Can I submit a short comic that's made by two people? ([Gilraen Miriel] and me)

2006-10-22 [Morningstar Rising]: I have a short story I wrote for halloween, can I submit that.

2006-10-23 [crowdel]: yes you can post those things. [Melocrie] i would like both of your names on the application wiki. [Morningstar Rising] you can post your story it would have to be in a fitting category but you can just follow the rules this wiki is open to anybody who wants to have thier stories in the duel unfortunatly there are very few people who know aobut this place and we need more people here to submit before stories can really be put against each other to duel

2006-10-23 [Morningstar Rising]: That is cool, I will do, but not sure where it would go. If you are looking to advertise your wiki try here Writing Contests

2006-10-23 [Dark Side of the Moon]: I wrote a comedy story for The Town Herald. I doubt that anyone has read it since it seems that no one reads the Herald. Would this be okay to submit?

2006-10-24 [Lady of Lore]: Raises hand! I'm interested! I'll see what I scrounge out, have the two week started yet? Also, it would be good to link all of your sub-wiki pages (the ones with the catagories and such) back to this page to make navigation easier ^^.

2006-10-24 [crowdel]: if there are any question message [crowdel] with them to assure that your question will be answered

2006-10-24 [crowdel]: [Dark Side of the Moon] that is great you can submit if it fits within the qualifications

2006-10-24 [crowdel]: [Lady of Lore] the weeks have not started yet as there has been nobody that has submitted a story yet as soon as we get people submitting then we will get all the added things up and running such as the time restrictions

2006-10-24 [Dark Side of the Moon]: Just posted mine on the Comedy Story Submisions Page.

2006-10-28 [GoneGone]: You do need some navigation organization. And I'll be posting at Horrors shortly. :P

2006-10-28 [crowdel]: hey im trying im the only person doing everything exept when i recieve help a big thank you to [GoneGone] there. anyway this place is new so you can expect a few kinks for a while until everything becomes smoothed out its just going to take people telling what they would like to see where i mean not everything that is asked for will be installed because it may make it too cluttered but some helpful things i will put up i just need people to speak up on what needs doing

2006-10-28 [GoneGone]: If the password's the same, I can just take twenty minutes and do a labrinth of links.

2006-10-29 [crowdel]: okay do it

2006-10-30 [GoneGone]: Done, I think. If I messed up anywhere, tell me.

2006-11-05 [crowdel]: Hello everyone I emplore everyone to submit stories. Without stories we can have no duels. On another topic I would also like everyone to advertise for short story duelists on the different wikis there are around elftown to increase the number of people that can come here to submit stories and vote (once we get enough stories submitted)

2006-11-22 [GoneGone]: I have a story!! It's just 1000 words over the limit.....I'll get back to you on that.

2006-11-23 [Duhe Rahn]: I have a kinda fantasy/sci-fi story, would it be any good?

2006-11-23 [GoneGone]: Does it kinda fit the guidelines?

2006-11-23 [Duhe Rahn]: I believe it does.

2006-11-23 [GoneGone]: Then why are you asking? Post it up! And if it actually doesn't fit, I'm sure Crowdel will let you know.

2006-11-23 [Duhe Rahn]: ok, shall do!

2006-11-24 [crowdel]: that is 100% correct if it fits then you will know

2006-11-27 [Linderel]: Hi. I made you a banner, it's not very good, but perhaps it can function as a temporary one until you get something better. <URL:stuff/shortstoryduelists.jpg>

2006-11-27 [GoneGone]: Linderel, I think I love you (platonic, of course).

2006-11-27 [Linderel]: Aye? :P

2006-11-28 [GoneGone]: You just keep seemingly pop out of nowhere and help out. Ooh...are you a fairy godmother?

2006-11-28 [crowdel]: well I have say thanks but I also have to say this it is a wonderful banner and i am not one to look a gifthorse in the mouth but it looks plain. I would like to see maybe liek a book on it or something of that mature to make the banner a little more individualized than what you have done now if you do it is up to you you have gone far and beyond the call of duty for the wiki

2006-11-28 [crowdel]: we really need to get more people here

2006-11-28 [Linderel]: [GoneGone]: Nah, just an ET workaholic. :P
[crowdel]: Well, it was a quickly made banner anyways, and as I said, just something temporary. :)

2006-11-28 [Linderel]: I made another one, I hope it's better than the first. <URL:stuff/shortstoryduelists1.jpg>

2006-11-29 [crowdel]: it is but it is dark would there be a way to make it brighter and since you are using that (which I didnt expect) maybe you could have a library in the background. I dont mean to try to tell you how to do it

2006-11-29 [Linderel]: Well, that's too much to ask, sorry. :P I can make it brighter but a library on the background I do not know how to put there. Or, well, I would, but that would require me to find myself another blank book and go somewhere with a lot of bookshelves. You see, that's a photo that I was using there.
If you really want a specific-looking banner, I'd suggest you ask one the artists on here, or make one yourself. I was just trying to help. :P

2006-11-29 [GoneGone]: Book! Muee hee hee!

2006-11-29 [Linderel]: I made it! From scratch. :O The book, that is.

2006-11-30 [GoneGone]: What did you make it out of?

2006-11-30 [Linderel]: Uhm. Paper, of course, sewed together with thread. The covers are cardboard coated with cloth, and if I remember correctly, the back has some special paper or cloth or whatever that's especially for that purpose, the name of which I don't know in English... buckram?

2006-11-30 [GoneGone]: Well, book pages can be made out of parchment, vellum, hemp, specially recycled paper, handmade paper, papier-mache, vegetable-based fibrous paper etc. And covers can be made out of more things than I bloody feel like listing. Possibly buckram. No idea, personally. I think I need dinner. Goodnight.

2006-11-30 [Linderel]: Mmh, yah. The paper I use is just regular drawing or copy paper. And you're very right about the covers, although I'm boring and usually keep to cardboard+cloth or paper. :P Anyways, bon appetit, and good night.

2006-11-30 [crowdel]: ok no problem thaks for the banner

2006-11-30 [Linderel]: You're welcome. :)

2006-12-03 [crowdel]: we need more submissions for all categories

2006-12-20 [Lady of Lore]: I will give it a try....though right now with Christmas and all I've got very little time. After that though I may be able to.

2006-12-22 [windgirl]: I think I have a short story I'd like to submit, but I am sort of wiki incompetant and i'm not sure how to put the story into the competition. Can anyone tell me?

2006-12-22 [SeLoCeS]: hi what sort of story is it so i know which wiki to put into

2007-01-01 [Akayume]: Sweet. :P Can't wait to enter.

2007-01-02 [Hobbit teen]: hey would a historical fiction be in the sci-fi area or anywere else because it is in that category yet it is also a look into the future on what might happen if the U.S. isnt careful.

2007-01-02 [GoneGone]: Well, historical fiction is usually historical fiction. Science-fiction is just what its name means. If looking into the future concerns flashy machines, teleporters, computers, time travellers and other sci-fi junk, then it's science fiction commenting on our social history. If it doesn't have any sci fi junk, then it's an overview of how they lived then and how we live now and is still just historical fiction.

2007-01-03 [crowdel]: ok a question to all members should I remake the categories and if so which ones should i add or erase

2007-01-03 [Amarantha]: These look good to me. If anything, removing one or two might be a good idea, maybe combining mystery and horror into mystery/horror, or something like that, because there are many categories and few stories.

2007-01-03 [GoneGone]: I say wait a little while and then delete the categories that get the fewest, or no submissions, if shortening the list is your aim.

2007-01-04 [crowdel]: no my aim is to make the list applicable to every sort of story as was pointed out by hobbit teen there isnt a historical fiction category here or to put mildly even a fiction section so maybe that would be a category to add i undertand we have few stories here however i do not want people turning down the wiki for any other reason then they didnt have my category

2007-01-04 [SeLoCeS]: you could always have an *Other Stories* category just so nothing gets missed if they cant fit it into a subject we alreay have or dont have ect

2007-01-04 [Amarantha]: That's a really good idea.

2007-01-06 [crowdel]: i like it i may incorporate that the criteria would have to be a bit special having to mean the story could not fit into another category

2007-01-06 [Hobbit teen]: yeah i have to go with [SeLoCeS] on that one

2007-01-06 [crowdel]: i submit to all members the new potpourri category within short story duelists

2007-01-07 [GoneGone]: So, in potpourri stories, you could have a surrealist story pitted against a historical fiction?

2007-01-07 [SeLoCeS]: hahaha potpourri lol i guess that will get some peoples interest

2007-01-07 [Amarantha]: *is tempted to have a story featuring potpourri*

But that would smell rather strongly.

2007-01-07 [crowdel]: potpourri has other meanings then just smelly stuff it is a collection of different items and ece-deost yes you could such is the appeal of the potpourri section. I may add categories too such as if i notices alot of historical fiction going into the potpourri section i would make a historical fiction category due to it's popularity and seloces that is precisely why i labelled it potpourri to strike interest and to make it sound better than rejected or other or something like that potpourri sounds better

2007-01-08 [Amarantha]: Yes, it does. I do know the alternate meanings, but ah, the fascinating associations of the smelly stuff... a pinecone, for instance.

2007-01-27 [Willow Rose]: Hmm... I was hoping to submit one of my short stories, but both of them are kinda of up there in mature/profanity.

2007-01-28 [Willow Rose]: I have a question.
On the submission page, I noticed numbers 8, 9, and 10... How you make a wiki for the writing, and add a link to the submissions page at the end...
Well, what if you already have the writing on a wiki page? (Which, I do...) Can you just use that wiki and not ad the link to the submissions page? (Because I have other links at the end... To go back to my house, or other my other writings, etc.)

2007-01-28 [GoneGone]: Copy and paste the story you want to submit onto a wiki page, and link that wiki when you put in your submission (to make a link, you write the title of the wiki and add "@wiki" to the end. Like [my story@ wiki] without the space between the @ and wiki). Also, the story you submit for voting should be one you wrote explicitly for this contest.

2007-01-28 [Willow Rose]: Yes, I know what you mean... But the story I wanted to submit is already on a wiki She Sits Alone...

And I didn't notice anywhere in the rules where it said the story should be one I wrote just for this contest. If I had, I wouldn't have asked or be thinking about submitting, since I can't write something just all of a sudden for a contest.

2007-01-28 [GoneGone]: Then copy and paste it to another wiki specifically for the contest.

2007-01-28 [crowdel]: ece-deost I like you stepping up to help people but this wikipage is for the betterment of writers. This means that stories do not have to be explicitly written for the contest. Someone may have old stories they are unsure of and would like to be judged. there is no problem with that we are for all stories. 

2007-01-28 [crowdel]: The reason the 8, 9, and 10 are there is for those who are new and may get confused and as such simply post their story on the submission page wasting prescious space that could be used much better and not slow the loading of the wikipage. we need pending to the side so we can go through to assure that all rules have been followed for rules such as content or category. the link is for the use of wiki members to come back to the wiki so they do not have to do extra work to get back to the site. 

2007-01-28 [Amarantha]: Heck, we just need stories. I am inveigling my sis to submit one right now...

2007-02-04 [dark starlight]: Well..maybe you could be a bit less picky. Maybe minor profanity wouldn't kill anyone...

2007-02-04 [crowdel]: yes that is up to the administrator to allow it or not i mean in horror it's almost expected to have some gore or other type of profanity and love might too i mean as long as it didnt turn porno or anything

2007-02-04 [crowdel]: speaking of administrators I need ALL administrators to message [crowdel] so I can tell you how to do the job you applied to

2007-03-11 [SeLoCeS]: hi i think i will have to remove myself as a administrator for this site as i dont feel i have the time it deserves a administrator should put in Sorry.

2007-03-12 [crowdel]: no prob it happens to the best of us

2007-03-21 [Duhe Rahn]: I guess I should ask to put in another story of mine, shouldn't i? Duhe Rahn story # 1

2007-03-22 [crowdel]: I would love to accpt your work however i would like you to submit it in it's rightful place in the submission pages where i can look at it and then get you on for a competition

2007-03-22 [Duhe Rahn]: ok, will do

2009-04-25 [Linderel]: Do you think there's any chance of breathing life into this wiki, or shall I remove the link on Writing Contests?

2009-09-26 [Duke Devlin]: No reply, huh? :( :P I'm sure I got here from 'Writing Contests'. =/

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