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As well as other important pirate related info that will help you create a more realistic and interesting role play.

I have observed many pirate RPs and such and will I looked over them I realized that barely anyone was using the correct terminology. Well, I was planning on joining one so I decided that maybe it would be best to learn some terms. So I looked up “Ship Terms” and found this site, Thing is... this has modern ship terms mixed in, so I selected some of the important ones. Some terms are left off; because they are so simple I really shouldn't get into them. But here are a few that could help make you ship related RPs more realistic… 

Ship Terms

Above Board
Cabins above the waterline.
Near, toward, or rear of the vessel.
Any passageway on the vessel.

Cabins above the waterline.
Lower decks.
Ship's compass direction.

Dock or pier.
Lowest part of the ship's hull.
Carried on the ship such as the lifeboat.
Forward or front part of ship.
Navigation and command center of the vessel.
Upright partition (walls) used to divide various sections of the ship into rooms.
Re-fueling the vessel.

Officer and/or crew quarters (see also Stateroom).

Cardinal Points
North, South, East, West.

Ship supplies.

Raised partition at base of doorways to keep water from entering.

National flag or ensignia flown from mast or sternpost.

Direction the ship is heading.

Crew Mess
Dining facilities for non-officer crew members.


Deck Department
Responsible for the overall operation and navigation of the vessel. See also Deck Dept.

Leave the vessel.

The structure such as a pier in which the vessel ties up when in port.

Measurement in feet from waterline to lowest point of ship's keel.

Dry Dock
Vessel is completed removed from the water to institute repairs to the keel.

To go aboard the vessel.

Rear or aft overhang of vessel.

Measurement of distance equal to 6 feet.

Cushion between side of vessel and dock.

Fore and Aft
Front and back of the vessel, refers to the entire vessel.

Toward the bow of the vessel.

Free Port
A port free of customs duty and most customs regulations.

Vessel's kitchen.

Platform or ramp for embarkation and disembarkation to a dock or tender used for convenience and security

Toilet facilities.

Vessel's steering wheel.

Interior lower compartments of the vessel where cargo is stored.

The bottom portion of the vessel submerged in water.

One nautical mile per hour (6,080.2 ft) as compared to land mile of 5,280 ft.

A measure of distance approximately 3.45 nautical miles.

A list of invoice of passengers, crew and cargo

Dining room facilities and kitchen for crew separate from the passenger dining room and kitchen (see also Officer's Mess).

To assemble passengers and/or crew.

Hit by a wave over the stern.

To the left, facing forward of the bow.

Country, island or territory the vessel visits.

Sway of the ship from side to side.

Extreme bow of the vessel.

Rear of the vessel.

Small vessel used to transport passengers and/or crew or supplies to and from shore when ship is at anchor. Most large ships carry their own tenders, which are maintained as lifeboats in case of an emergency.

Upper decks.

Under Way
Anchor is up, lines are let go and ready to move.

Agitated water left by the propellers of a passing ship.

Officer's recreation area.

Weigh Anchor
To raise anchor in preparation for departure.

Wet Dock
Repairs made without removing the vessel from the water.

Facing into or the direction towards the wind.

More terms gathered by Iippo in terms So... Uhm... look at it. Anyway, away from terms and off to historical and navigational data!

Pirate code!

Pirates had a code. Yep. If you are RPing a pirate, it is best to be familiar with it. The following info was taken from this site,

1. Everyone shall obey orders.

2. Booty will be shared out as follows: 1 share to every ordinary seaman; 1 1/2 shares to the captain; 1 1/4 shares to the master carpenter, boatswain and gunner.

3. Anyone keeping secret of attempting to desert will be marooned. He may take only a flask of gunpowder, a bottle of water, a gun and some shot.

4. The punishment for hitting a man is 40 lashes on the bare back.

5. Anyone being lazy or failing to clean his weapons will lose his share of booty.

6. Everyone may vote on all important decisions.

7. Everyone may have a share of captured drink and fresh food.

8. Anyone found stealing form another member of crew will have his ears and nose slit open and be set ashore.

9. Gambling with cards and money is forbidden.

10. The penalty for bringing a woman aboard in disguise is death.

11. No one may leave the crew until each man has made 1,100 pounds.

12. The compensation of losing a limb is 800 silver dollars.

Sea Measurements

I was thinking how embarrassing it would be in RPs if people kept yelling "I see them a league off to the east!" without them knowing what a league is.... so here are some measurements.

Measurement of distance equal to 6 feet.

Nautical mile
6,080.2 ft as compared to land mile of 5,280 ft.

A measure of distance approximately 3.45 nautical miles.

Read this entire site. It is brief yet HIGHLY informative!

It's all info behind Pirates of The Caribbean, and it is wonderfully infromative and interesting. If you don't have a pirate rp but your a history buff or just a plain old pirate fan this site is perfect for you.

Here are a few interesting section on this site

famous pirates

speed of sea travel

pirate weapons

Pirate ships

pirate flags

Money that Pirates would steal

And now for some Navy stuff...the (British) navy. Gotta love 'em.. unless you're a pirate.. AR!

Naval Flags

Naval ranks (pirates should read this too, ar!)

War ships

CANNONS! Pirates should also read this ar!

MORE TERMS! I dare someone to memorize them all including the ones up top and most of the ones on [iippo]'s page, terms. I probably will when I get the chance for rping purposes... heh Thinkin' of starting my own pirate rp now, heh.

This will show you what people of the pirate time period actually wore. As stated in the site above, the costumes in POTC are not all that accurate. This site tells you what WAS accurate for the time you want your rp in, but if you want it to be more loose and fantasy like that don't worry (I know I wont...).

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2004-01-25 [Caomh]: Starboard Side!!! Starboard Side!!!!! is that the right side? or the left? or what??

2004-01-25 [Caomh]: oh wait, wait.... never mind. it's the right side when facing foreward... ignore my last comment....

2004-01-25 [NOOOPE]: It seems that what I have done has been done before... but yet have I found another wiki page with more info then this one. So I am happy.

2004-01-25 [NOOOPE]: And I am getting the feeling of some hostility from other pirate info pages.... thing is, I just wanted to help. And I am. And I have been finding a crap load of info. Maybe other people have done it as well, so good for them. I'm sure they have stuff I don't have and I have stuff they don't have No reason to compete for the BEST PIRATE INFO page... cause... there is no point to it what so ever. So.... if you have a pirate pages, that's all well and good.... but... don't feel like you are the ony one with a right to share info on this topic cause anyone can... so.... get over it.

2004-01-25 [iippo]: hmmm, mainly because i'm bored, i'll answer to this on my behalf: when i did my terms page, no other terms-page was accessable, or at least i wasn't aware of one, so i searched the web, found schooner-vocabulary and put it into a wikipage to be accessable easier. i searched the terms up because i knew all cool stuff about sailing but all i knew was in finnish which wasn't any good here, and no dictionary has sailing-terms in them....

2004-01-25 [NOOOPE]: I wasn't refering to you! No worries.

2004-01-27 [iippo]: ye... but i was bored. and felt like saying something....

2004-01-27 [NOOOPE]: heh.

2004-01-28 [iippo]: ^^

2004-01-31 [Nere]: i just want to know the specific positions on, what does the First Mate do?......and theres no mention above of the QuarterMaster.......grrrrrrr, everytime i look up pirates all i get is crap on the movie!   in the end, my only purpose for making a wiki on pirate info was to give another place for ppl to lookup stuff..........

2004-01-31 [Nere]: Pirate Songs....

2004-02-01 [iippo]: how bout we'd make a big pirate mother-page that'd have my page, this, the Pirate Songs and the links in here wikified (coz i know i don't want new windows to pop up, so i don't like pressing links) and pirate rpgs listed too?

2004-02-01 [NOOOPE]: I actually was thinking about that... WONDERFUL! YES! Lets do it! oh.. and what did you edit Iippo, by the way?

2004-02-01 [Black Blur]: YAY! I LOVE Pirates!

2004-02-04 [iippo]: you had the link to terms as the link to terms from your house, so i replaced that as the wiki link. if you copy the link to a wikipage from the bar up there, then it links as the wikipage seen through your house.... it's a weird ET-thing.

2004-02-04 [NOOOPE]: ah. Ok

2004-02-06 [iippo]: soo... bout that mother page... do you wanna create it or me? o.O

2004-02-06 [NOOOPE]: you can. I'm a bit busy, and I trust you. Should we keep my pretty banner?

2004-02-07 [iippo]: yeah! now, how bout something utterly simple like Pirates?

2004-02-07 [NOOOPE]: sure

2004-02-08 [iippo]: cool

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