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2009-01-14 22:02:35
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Shifter Clan

Clan of Shape-Shifters and Doppelgangers

From The Fantasy Minority > Minor Clans
Elftown Clans

Creatures of The Creature List:
  - Shapeshifter
  - Doppelganger

Laws & Clan Structure: Currently undecided

Important Polls / Notes: This clan is currently under construction. All those wishing to participate in the structuring of the clan rules please comment.

The Fantasy Minority (MGP) House Leader: [Earoluim] (Were Clans)
FESL & Minor Clans Leader: [Kim_Lundin] (Dwarfin Clans)
Shifter Clan Leader: [Ravenclaw]

Shifter Clan Members:
1) [Ravenclaw]
2) [La Luna]
3) []


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Representative Poll: <poll:73926>
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2007-03-10 [xido]: Added to Elftown Clans and Minor Clans.
A House Vote by the Fantasy Minority, or MGP, will give you rights to be listed with the GOP and MGP Races. ;)
Best of luck!

2007-03-10 [Ravenclaw]: thanks

2007-03-10 [xido]: You are most welcome. This is also one of the Minor Clans and the FESL = Fantasy Endangered Species List

2007-03-10 [Ravenclaw]: ok cool

2007-03-23 [xido]: I changed shapeshifters to shapeshifter, which is the current CL page. I am anxious to see what can be done with this Clan.

2007-03-23 [Ravenclaw]: well no one seems to be taking the bate

2007-03-31 [xido]: It takes a lot of time and effort to advertise and get people interested. Start by asking friends on here, and then work on getting others to check it out. Ask the Elfin Clan for some pointers, or if they know anyone else who would be interested. And of course, ask those who originally talked with us about the Shifter idea, as well. Put it in your mood, so those who are friends with you will see it and check it out.

Those are all of my ideas, but feel free to advertise where it will get some attention.

2009-01-11 [La Luna]: hi!

2009-01-11 [La Luna]: hello?

2009-01-11 [La Luna]: do you join this thing!

2009-01-12 [Ravenclaw]: Hit edit. It's self explanitory after that.

2009-01-14 [La Luna]: thankyou!

2009-01-14 [La Luna]: wait..........wheres edit!

2009-01-14 [La Luna]: found it yay! wow.....that was pathtic of me.....

2010-05-13 [xido]: Hmmmmm.... Another shapeshifter, it seems. *watches this new shapeshifter closely* Yes, indeed - this could be good. ;)

What to you bring to the Shifter Clan, Luna Girl?

2010-05-13 [Ravenclaw]: didn't this thing die?

2010-05-17 [La Luna]: uh i dont know

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