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2007-02-24 19:36:41
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Sheltie Lovers United

This is a wiki for all of us out there that love Shetland Sheepdogs(aka Shelties). If you don't know what a Sheltie is, look at the picture of the dog on my house. Before any of you ask, it's not a miniature collie, not a toy Lassie, not even a border collie. To find even more information(because I'm too lazy to type it all ;) go to:

For those of you who do know what it is, please join! Share your pictures of your dogs, your amusing stories, or just show your love for your Sheltie!

Once I get a fair number of members, I'll make banners!

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Sheltie Lovers United Pictures
Place your pics of your Shelties here!

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