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Shaylen Grigoria



Shaylen Grigoria, prefers Shay
Shape Shifter, can shift into anything, or just shift bits of her appearance, like the color of her hair.
Has a very loving family who come up to see her any chance they get, which isn't very often. Her mothers name is Grace, Fathers name is Kyrian, and her brother's name is Jarak.
Singing, drawing, and writing.
Very shy and timid. Keeps to herself and is normally very quiet. She trys to stay out of everyones way and off of their radar. She never raises her hand in class and she isn't the teachers pet, though she is very smart.
Shay's family knew she was going to be special the moment they found out she existed. How couldn't she be? Her father being on of the strongest in world. This always made Shay feel like she had to live up to him, even though her family never made her feel that way. They loved her how she was and she knew that. But in the back of her mind she always felt she needed to prove herself, and make her family proud, which is why she had learned to shift so early on and had mastered it. Now, being sent off to Mount Vascals she just tries to keep to herself. She doesn't really have any friends except for her roommate. 
Leather bound sketch book, and diary. Those are her only two important possessions. Can always be found holding a book.


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