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2009-03-06 02:05:16
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The Shattered Painting Contest

hosted by: [Captain Rachel Black]


I want YOU to write a short story detailing the events that led to the cracking of this painting's glass


1. You must explain how the painting cracked (obvious but you never know)

2. Not to much graphic material please (ie: detailed sexual encounters, excessive cussing, and what not)

3. Only one entry per person

The Shattered Painting Contest

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2008-12-22 [Duke Devlin]: Tis, I'm afraid. *nods sadly*

2008-12-22 [Chimes]: How would youuuuu~ know?

2008-12-22 [Duke Devlin]: I know everything, obviously.

2008-12-22 [Chimes]: PAH!

2008-12-22 [Duke Devlin]: I knew you were going to say that. Because I know everything.

2008-12-23 [Chimes]: Or because I'm predictable and you've known me for years.

2008-12-23 [Duke Devlin]: Almost seven, in fact. However, that is not the reason. XP

2008-12-23 [Chimes]: :P Pah! So is.

2008-12-23 [Duke Devlin]: I disagree intensely. You know what? I know that I know everything - because I know everything. So you cannot refute my points any longer. Though I know you will try! >:O

2008-12-23 [Chimes]: I'm not trying. :P

2008-12-23 [Duke Devlin]: See! There you go, trying to refute my points once more! >:O

2008-12-23 [Chimes]: Nope, I'm just accepting it. :P

2008-12-23 [Duke Devlin]: Once again, you attempt insolence!

2008-12-23 [Chimes]: Nope. :P

2008-12-23 [Duke Devlin]: This is just getting silly.

2008-12-23 [Chimes]: I blame you entirely. XD

2008-12-23 [Duke Devlin]: I don't.

2008-12-23 [Chimes]: :P

2009-03-17 [jaraden]: ahhh sweet.. broken glass... my kinda wiki!!!!!!!!

2009-03-21 [quantumkitten]: I could only come up with a poem (so it isn't enterable to the contest). If you want to read it I put it on my house page. I thought this was a neat contest - gives the brain a work out. =)

2009-03-27 [Captain Rachel Black]: thanks *^_^*

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