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2007-06-27 23:11:12
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Well... the character list for yet another RP of my creation ^_^;;

Character Name: Raven
Age: 18
Gender: female
Description: Raven has beautiful, wavy, black hair that is rather long, which she tends to keep braided and occasionally has delicate trinkets woven into the strands. She has stunning, emerald green eyes with faint, gold and silver flecks mixed in to their depths. She is well rounded, being neither overly small nor overly large. She stands at 5' even, being shorter than most girls her age but not finding it to be a disadvantage in any way. She enjoys wearing simple slacks and blouses, though because of her rank in society she is often forced to where gowns.
History: She was raised in a kingdom that has rules against female rulers, something that she despised more than anything. Her life was torn assunder when vile villains came after her, seeking a power hidden deep within her. Despite all the effort put into staving them off, in the end she was captured and forced to do their bidding. She was sent reeling into an unknown world, injured and near death.
Weapons: She is talented with the sword, bow, and spear.

(I'll add a few other characters later, they really don't play a part just yet...)

Username: [Aeolynn]
Character Name: Todd
Age: 26
Gender: male
Description: He is a short, tall person at 6'1" and has dark blue eyes insomuch that they are almost black and long locks of brown hair. Todd wears a gray cape with a hood which is over his head constantly as well as a red scarf wrapped around his face. The only feature you can really see is his eyes and the scarf reaches all the way to his knees. Leather boots cover his feet and loose black pants complete his attire along with a white sailors shirt.
Personallity: Todd is very quiet, often speaking in monotones if at all, much more prefering to play his flute then speak. He is kind, willing to do a lot for anyone that would actually approach him and would often free an animal from a trap, making him disliked by the local hunters. He is usually emotionless but some of the time his own anger will shine from his eyes, taking the breath of any who catch his glare.
History: Not much is known about him except that he is never seen during the day. Todd loves the night and often wanders in the darkness playing haunting tunes on his flute as he walks. People are afraid of him and he is an outcast for reasons unknown... however his very aura sends out messages of hate and anger, leaving people suspicious of him.
Weapons: He wields what can best be called twin modified pikes, being shorter then spears and having long enough blades to be considered swords. However they have no blade guards and the blades slide back into the handle at the push of a button, looking to be two foot long ornate sticks until he brings out the blades.

Character Name: Phage
Age: 22
Gender: female
Description: Phage has short, light brown hair and stormy grey eyes. She is slight of build and muscular. She generally wears loose-fitting, comfortable clothes and has a fiery temper when provoked. Phage has a love for music, though she's never learned to play any instruments.
History: Phage has wandered the lands for as long as she can remember- she has no family, and is wary of other travelers that she meets along the road.
Weapons: She wields several knives and a crudely made spear.

Kind of a crude description, I'll work on it later though.

BKayJay - ^^ sowie I'm too lazy to transfer descript

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