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2011-03-21 17:06:20
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Slippery Snakes Slither Smoothly
Nasty Needlers Need No Noose 
Treacherous Tasty Trenches Touched To Trip Tipsy To Trickery.....

Eleven Sins Of Greed Can Turn Anyone Jade...Question Is, What Shade?
What's Your Shade?


Badges For The Green Of Heart
The Greediest Of All
Banners For The Shady
Trickster's Apprentice


Choose Your Shade, Show Us How Green You Can Be

Betrayal - Judas & You
Treason - Your Reason Is Treason
Bribery - A Few Coins In The Right Pocket
Scavenging - Circling Buzzards...Run!
Hoarding - Pack Ratz
Theft - Theif!
Robbery - Like Candy From Babies
Violence - Bloodstained Ground
Trickery - They Went That Way!
Manipulation of Authority - Hypnotized To Give
Simony - Golden Gods For Sale!


Deadline: 5 Entries 

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2011-01-07 [River Fox]: Love this contest

2011-03-06 [Avoral]: Was this name at all inspired by the "Shades of Green" resort at Disney World?

2011-03-07 [Cillamoon]: No, it was not inspired by anything Disney related.

2011-03-07 [Avoral]: Figured it was just coincidence, still a curious parallel.
Thanks! ^_^

2011-03-19 [River Fox]: Is it that certain shade of green?

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