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Sequeena Portfolio

Wiki under construction.

See my old portfolio; squee portfolio.
I like to think I've improved since then. It's been about a year :o

For my actual, live working portfolio see here;

Week one: Perspective
Drink for fun or drink to forget?

Week two: Promises
Empty Promises
Levels, saturation, colour balance, texture, sharpen, border.

Week three: Classic
om nom nom
A shot I'll never get again <3

Week Four : Sunrise on a bridge
Image coming soon

Week Five : Beauty
Untouched (mostly) beauty.

Week Six : Alea iacta est
Image coming soon

Week seven: Journeys
Taking the first tentative steps into Spring.

Week eight: Delusion
As pretty as it may be it is just a weed.

Week nine: Fake
Real or fake?

Week ten: Bare / Miracle / Oasis / Sandman / Valhalla
Colour balance, texture.

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Art Portfolio
Photo Portfolio

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2008-01-12 [Jitter]: *stalks*

2008-01-13 [Teufelsweib]: you're a bad stalker, the rest of us stalks in silent =3

2008-01-13 [Triola]: You just blew your cover as well, Vorkje, so you're both a shame to the profession >.<

2008-01-14 [Jitter]: :P

2008-01-14 [sequeena_rae]: You're all bad stalkers xP

2008-01-14 [Teufelsweib]: am not! Ö

2008-01-15 [sequeena_rae]: Are too!

2008-02-04 [sequeena_rae]: I am alive! Don't worry XD

2008-02-12 [sequeena_rae]: Oh...only two themes missing...for some reason I thought it was more o.O

2008-02-12 [Triola]: You're doing good so far *pats* :P

2008-02-12 [sequeena_rae]: *hug* thanks ^^ it's not as great as I wanted it to be though :(

2008-02-12 [Triola]: Who of us will ever be as great as we want to? :P

2008-02-12 [sequeena_rae]: Ghandi? :p

2008-02-12 [Triola]: I'm sure he sucked at biology and would have liked to improve himself >.>

2008-02-12 [sequeena_rae]: o rly xD

2008-02-12 [Easterling]: That last pic is beautiful! :D

2008-02-12 [sequeena_rae]: Oh thank you ^^

2008-03-08 [Chrysilla]: I agree, me loves <3

2008-03-08 [sequeena_rae]: :D thanks!

2008-03-18 [sequeena_rae]: omg I updated xD

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