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Due to a lack of ability to draw participation, this wiki is closed. My apologies to all who might have been let down by it.


Sometimes you just have to vent, right? Here's your chance to do it. I want to see all kinds of rants about politics, economics, ecology, science, and so forth. I want to see informed discussion too. Here you go!

*Swearing is all right as long as its not directed at another ET member or non-public figure.*
*No race/gender issues. Get the hell over it. Whatever you believe is wrong.*
*No theology issues. You can't convince someone that their religion is wrong. Don't waste your time.*
*No arguing.*
*No rubber chickens, unless they're blue.*
*Feel free to talk about dumb stuff*
*Don't make me delete your entry by being a damned moron*
*Update: From now on, please place the date of your rant's posting along with its title and description, just for interest's sake.*

Now, just add your rant to the list with your username and a one sentence description just like so. You'll make a wikipage with the title of your rant, slap the logo and a link back here on it somewhere, and then link it from this page, or send a message asking me, [Moorn], to do it for you. 

Bush vs. Kerry /[Moorn]
Are Americans electing out of ignorance?

Gasahol Crisis /[Moorn]
Running out of gas? I'm laughing at you.

And the goths shall inherit the Earth /[Nightshadow]
I'm a goth and I'm better than you.

I Hate Everybody, Even You! /[Moorn
Making a joke out of others' pain... but no one's laughing.

Please don't judge me (but you're dumb) / [Askoga]
Judging people before they can judge you?

Propaganda : The American Glory / [festoon]
Is America too ignorant to govern itself?

A Parable/[Askoga]
Something we all need a bit of reminding of.

Son of a Whore / [Moorn]
If that's what you think when you read a house, it's rant worthy. Guaranteed to offend... everyone. *nods*

I'm All Alone in Life / [iszendre]
All alone, talking online all day? Go on.

Self-Centered World / [Moorn]
A parable of a different color.

Hypocrisy is Not Dead / [Moorn]
A world full of blind gunmen.

Preemptive Assholism / [Moorn]
The effect of wearing warning labels, and the people who make them necessary.
October 31st, 2004

Semantic Writing / [Moorn]
How to say a lot while saying terribly little.
November 2nd, 2004

Partisan Politics / [Moorn]
Now that the U.S. election is done with, let's start kicking each other for fun.
November 24th, 2004

Fight the Wha? / [Moorn]
How the freedom to scoff at your freedoms is taken for granted. (Mature Audiences)
November 24th, 2004

'Tis the Season / [Moorn]
Christmas is coming, and as the weather gets cold, the blood pressure rises.
December 2nd, 2004

Too Much of a Good Thing / [Moorn]
Yup. I've seen the bottom of the barrel now. And someone found it useful as a urinal.
December 6th, 2004

Christmas Again / [Askoga]
Christmas Carrols.....urgh!
December 6th, 2004

Thongs and their emotional behavior / [GeshemYehod]
to ricochet is to *ping* so now its time to say WEE
December 11, 2004

No mommy, NOOO /[GeshemYehod]
the good, the bad, and the JUST PLAIN UGLEH
December 11, 2004

Another Side of Perspective / [Moorn]
A cynical view on political cynicism.
December 15th, 2004

You're Wrong! / [Askoga]
About closed-mindedness (specifically on the subject of gay marriages and lack of interest in conversation).
December 16, 2004

Videosyncracy / [Moorn]
An extremely long rant about the state of video games today... because politics is getting tiresome. Final Fantasy fans beware.
December 17th, 2004

Divided We Stand / [Moorn]
The first rant in over a month, freshly loaded with all of that pent-up holiday fury. If you don't think I'm an asshole after this one, then you didn't read it closely enough.
January 19th, 2005

Why you should vote for me / [Moorn]
A shot at satire. Please know what satire is before you read this, or else risk being REALLY offended. ^_^
February 3rd, 2005

Two Short Rants About Trendy Diction/[Nightshadow]
Um...yeah. The title says it all.
February 18th, 2005

Go Look in a Mirror/[Augi]
An incredibly short rant about... well, if I told you, that would be the whole rant. So go read it.
Feb. 20, 2005

RP stands for reluctantly playing/ [Augi]
Another short, to the point rant.
Feb. 22, 2005

Get On With It! / [Moorn]
A critique, and a word to new writers.
March 3rd, 2005

This is not a rant, but a public service to all those who want to discourage assholistic activities in Elftown.

No (Blank) Zone Banners 
A section for anyone to add graphics that serve as warning labels for houses.

EG Moorn Warning Labels
A section at Elftown Grahics Moorn set aside for my own personal warning labels, open for anyone to use. 

Back to Sugarfix Gardens.

Username (or number or email):


2004-09-15 [Nightshadow]: *grins* That's on the list, but I don't think it was the one in question.

2004-09-24 [HiddenFire]: I may just have to contribute to this some time. ^_^

2004-09-25 [Moorn]: I'm looking forward to it!

2004-11-01 [hanhepi]: i like the one on preemptive assholisim. (havent read the rest yet, but i am workin on it.) my house fits in with that last paragraph. lol. i didnt put the dont ask me to cyber part up there till after the 3rd or 4th 15 year old boy asked if i wanted to, in a month!. i already had the "im 24, and damn near ancient" part up. thought that would stop em. thats what i get for thinkin huh?.

2004-11-01 [Moorn]: Thinking? HERE? *laughs* Actually, I'm working on some banners right now for that, and I'll probably put them here as well as Elftown Graphics so feel free to grab one! Oh, and suggestions are nice too. ^_^

2004-11-01 [hanhepi]: the text i put up in my house kind of slowed it down, but i still get a request every now and then. hell, it isnt even that i dont cyber.. i just dont want to cyber with anyone under.. lets say 21 .. and a complete stranger. i'm guessing if they wont read the words, they wont look at a picture with words. lol. my sugestion: find a way to do the banner with no words. obviousely they cant read

2004-11-01 [Moorn]: Well, I figure there are a few benefits to it. First, it'll give me something interesting to do. Second, pretty pictures are more fun than words. And third... um... I can. ^_^ 

2004-11-01 [Moorn]: Okay, done and done! The link to the new go F*** yourself banners is at the bottom of the rant list. I'll move it somewhere more visible in the future. ^_^

2004-12-01 [Moorn]: *bashes head into a wall* 10 out of 15 rants are mine. I'm considering shutting this thing down, as apparently it isn't really drawing any interest no matter what I do. If anybody happens to have something to talk about, by all means do it.

2004-12-01 [Nightshadow]: I read them!

2004-12-01 [Askoga]: Don't shut it down, Moorn-sama! I like this wiki. It gives me a place to go when I'm bored and/or angry. -nods- And I usually read the rants, too.

2004-12-01 [HiddenFire]: I read them all. I just haven't spoke up. You're one of the most intellegent people I've run into on this place. Not to mention that your rants are hillariously true. ^_^

2004-12-01 [werethylacine]: Aw, please don't shut it down. I enjoy the wit here...

2004-12-02 [Moorn]: *blinks* Wow... um... wow. Well... there goes the theory of no interest. *hugs you all really tight for the good faith* Mkay, it'll stay. Thank you all.

2004-12-02 [Po]: *pokes Moorn for thinking that people don't take interest in him* Silly man. *sticks out her tongue at him* Of course we love the rants. And very few rant as well as you.

2004-12-15 [Moorn]: There are now more than twenty rants on this page. Hmm... just thought you should all know. ^_^

2004-12-17 [Askoga]: -sigh- Wow....that felt amazingly good.

2004-12-17 [Moorn]: Rants are a very nice way to lighten one's burden. ^_^ I happen to *twitch* think that *twitch* they work beautifully to soothe *twitch* one's nerves. *full on spaz attack*

2004-12-29 [werethylacine]: Some frooker deleted everything. I got everything back up except the pictures, I think. Mrph...

2004-12-29 [Nightshadow]: Restored. Thanks for your help, werethylacine. :D

2005-01-19 [Moorn]: A new rant is up ladies and gentlemen, and like most of my recent rants, it was written between 5 am and 7:30 am. o.O

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