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Semedia's Classes

Semedia: Dragon Knights

These are the classes anyone is allowed to use. You may use common classes such as Fighters, thieves, Mages, etc.

1. Shadow Mage: These people are possessed with the power to make shadows come "alive", usually with deadly results.
Due to the nature of these spell casters, they have mostly been killed, though some have escaped.
Some are also able to use the shadows for healing purposes.
Alignment: Any

2. Soul Forgers: These people are commonly called evil due to the nature of their abilities. They are much like necromancers, with the exception that they serve as judges for the living and often commune with the God of Death himself.
They posses the abilities of the Shadow spell casters, and are gifted in numerous kinds of magic.
They often have control over the mind and may use their minds to commune with others or even read their thoughts.
They are usually killed to reach the first stage of the Soul Forger abilities.
After being killed the first time, they become nearly invincible, as their only vulnerablility is the place where the killing wound hit.
Many hate and despise them, and there are cases of them bringing others' spirits back to their bodies.

**Note: Ask about the Soul Forger before you play one.

3.Wind Walker: These people are often mistaken as spirits.
They are able to use the wind to travel or deliver their messages. They use Ariel spells only.
Some of them are possessed with the ability to speak with the gods and are used as messengers or spies.
Alignment: Good or Evil if they are used by the gods; good if on their own.

4. Mind Readers: People possessed with the ability to read others' thoughts. They are able to use any mind spell and are highly feared for this reason. Many are used as spies.

5. Dragon Rider or Dragon Knight: The old law keepers, they are now a rare find, as very few are left. Usually of good alignment, though some are corrupt.

6. Dark rider: The new regime of dragon riders, they are corrupt and seek power.

NOTE: You can combine the following classes in this way:

1. Fighter/cleric (Healer)

2. Fighter/ mage

3. Fighter/ thief

4. Fighter/ mage/ thief.

4. Mage/ thief

6. Mage/ assassin

7. Mage/ assassin/ thief

9. Ranger/ druid

10. Ranger/ mage

NOTE: Do not make your character god-like. It must have weaknesses and they must be reasonable.

Normal Classes:

1.Fighters: Trained in warfare

2.Bards: Trained in numerous arts, usually theivery, fighting, and magic along with music.

3.Thieves: Trained in thievery, secrecy, etc.

4.Assassin: Hired killers.

5.Mage: A good spell caster.

6.Sorcerer: An evil spell caster.

7.Ranger: A skilled tracker, trained in wood lore and healing.

8.Druid: A keeper of nature and the balance, they tend to stay away from large gatherings, much preferring animals.

9. Healer: A priest or priestess, skilled in healing and medicines.

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