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Semedia: Dragon Knights

PLAYER: [genorariley]
NAME: Ranara Talona
AGE: 27
RACE: Human
CLASS: Fighter/Healer
APPEARANCE: She is 5'9", 145 lbs., has short, black hair, light green eyes, pale skin, and common features, is solidly built, and wears light plate mail over silver-laced white robes.
PERSONALITY: Ranara is short-spoken and quick to anger but has worked extensively to control her it and rarely lets her feelings show. She has a deep-seated compassion for all living things and will not kill unless to save the life of another. She would gladly die to save another person's life even if that person is a complete stranger. She is slow to laugh but quick to love and if a person earns her trust she will be a loyal friend for life, but if you cross her she can hold a grudge for decades, though she tries her hardest to forgive.
ABILITIES: Ranara can heal and control water. She is a fairly good fighter, but is afraid to kill as it violates her moral code, although she is not afraid to break a few kneecaps if need be.
ITEMS: Ranara fights with a magic mace that can drain the life force from the person it strikes and spread that life force among the striker's allies if the striker so wishes, but it will not drain a person to death. She carries her deity's symbol on a silver chain around her neck and the symbol is engraved on her armor as well. She carries a medium sized steel shield also engraved with her deity's symbol. She has a ring with a small garnet in the middle that can cast an impenetrable magic shield around her for five seconds three times a day. She has a dappled gray mare and a ruby amulet her grandfather gave to her just before he disappeared. No one has been able to tell her what it does.
HISTORY: Ranara was born into the ancient Talona family, a decaying family of nobles in the town of Shakal. The family has a long history of cruelty and arrogance but since the family started to decline in importance its members have begun to branch out and devote themselves to new pursuits. Ranara is the first member of the family to leave the land around Shakal for an extended length of time and decided at the age of 12 to devote her life to the service of Faya. She uses her fighting and magical skills to protect and her healing skills to aid those in need. The ring she wears has been passed down through 20 generations of Talona women and was given to her by her mother in leau of a dowry.
CONNECTIONS: Her family consists of a few dozen relatives, all of whom still live in and around Shakal. She has little contact with her family with the exception of her mother, a fragile woman with whom she has always shared a special connection.

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