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2008-05-13 01:25:33
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Week One : Perspective
Week Two : Promises (promise of hope)
Week Three : Classic
Week Four : Sunrise on a bridge
Week Five : Beauty (of colour)
Week Six : Alea iacta est
Week Seven : Journeys
Week Eight : Delusion (of the mind)
Week Nine : Fake
Week Ten : Bare / Miracle / Oasis / Sandman / Valhalla

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2008-05-13 [SeLoCeS]: sorry for the delay I was in India for three mths and only got back couple of wks ago. also sorry some will be rough as i didnt have a lot of time cheers

2008-05-26 [Easterling]: :) The Bridge and The Beauty is wonderful!

2008-05-27 [SeLoCeS]: cheers matey thanks I like those ones too and funnest thing is they are the ones that took less time to draw lol

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