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By [Lankin]

We're the mystery of the lake when the water's still,
We're the laughter in the twilight
you can hear behind the hill.
We'll stay around to watch you laugh,
Destroy yourselves for fun.
But you won't see us, we've grown sideways of the sun.

-Horslips, Sideways to the Sun


This is the wiki dedicated to the HUGE Fey project me and some of my friends are working on. It's kinda hard to describe, but I'll do my best. Basically, it's a writeup of an entire non-human community/nation. It's a setting, either for stories, fantasies or role-playing games. Or just plain fun.

In a world that is our own and yet not our own, there lives a people. They are a race apart, and yet every member could be seen as a new species in and of itself. They have nothing in common, except the fact that they all belong to the Seelie Court. They are the Fey. They are magic and mystery made flesh.

This is our attempt to create an overwiew of the Seelie Court, of its members, customs and intrigues. This is a HUGE project, so we will need all the help we can get, so if you want to help us, even though its in a very small way, we'll be extremely grateful.

I don't know why this began, but it has grown to encompass many purposes. Firstly, it's source material for my stories. Secondly, it's a great setting for role-playing games, either on the net or tabletop. Thirdly, it's great fun to make it, and even more fun to share it. Lastly, it's a way for me to live out my lifelong adoration of old myths. Also, check out Intrigue for some of the thoughts behind the planning.

We have quite a lot of notes, but most of them are on paper. There are about 100 quite detailed characters created so far, and putting them all up here will take quite some time. Additionally the info on the world they live in and their society, customs, language, etc. shall be published as soon as humanly possible.

Update: Well. Heh. Yes. the total lack of updates, has it been that long. Well, not a complete lack, because we HAVE been adding a picture or two. But yes, it's been dry. this is the bad news. Ever since [Gry] and I didn't live close by anymore it got kinda hard to work on this project.

the good news: About six months ago I started up a pen-and-paper RPG, using the system "Dark Ages: Fae". this is relevant because I used this project as a game setting (gasp!), and as such new material has been generated every thursday since. The problem is that almost everything is slightly tweaked to make it fit into the game, and for me to add it here I have to un-tweak it first. So I'm waiting for a little spare time until I can do exactly that.

Since I have more golden-egg-laying cats than I have spare time, this might take a while. In the meantime, as a consolation prize, I offer you the link to the site about said game. If only so you can see a bit of what's happened in the setting:


<img24*0:> THE FEY
They Fey have many names, such as Fairies and Elves. To better understand what they are in this setting, read about them on this page. As always, if there are any questions, don't hesitate to message me.

<img25*0:> THE SOCIETY
How do they live? A very sketchy overwiew, to make a context for all the disconnected bits and pieces.

The full bios of the Faeries are to be found here: Court members

<img25*0:> The Land of Faërie
For a more detailed description of their world, go to Feyworld

<img25*0:> The Common Fey
The Noble members of the Seelie Court aren't the only Fey in existence. This lists the commoner faeries that can be found in the real world, doing their jobs or having fun. Or both.

<img25*0:> The Sylvan Language
For those interested in what feyspeak actually sounds like, go here

<img25*0:> Stories from the Court
This is where the fictions, poems and stories are posted. It only has a few short stories at the moment, but eventually all sorts of fun fics and stuff will end up here. For those who are really, really tired of all the boring descriptions and want more action. Feel free to write in your own stuff.

<img25*0:> Current Affairs Here we're posting what's currently going on in Faërie, when we remember to do so.

<img25*0:> Fey Fans
For those who want to become members, just click the link and list yourself. Added by request.


The Creators

In case we actually get help with this thing, those exalted and glorious souls who contribute shall have their names immortalised by being added to the List of Constructioneers. May this be reward enough, for I have nothing more to give.

Wanna Join?

If you want to contribute, be it with images, banners, jokes, stories, comments, or write-ups, send me a message. No amount of help is too small.


I mean it. This artwork is precious, and I'm lucky to be allowed to show it here. If people steal I might lose that priviledge. So KEEP out! If you want to use these images, CONTACT me, and then we'll see.

To the Unseelie Court


All the ideas, names and text on these pages (besides the Quotes) are Copyright of Henrik Lerdahl and Gry Haram, unless specified otherwise.

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2005-07-12 [Silver Gypsy]: hey we need a message board on here! hehehe

2005-07-12 [Silver Gypsy]: coercive as coma frail as bloom innuendos of your inverse dawn suffuse the self; our every coruscle become an elf!- mina loy, "moreover the moon"- the lost lunar baedeker

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