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Secret Santa 2009

Welcome to Secret Santa 2009!

Here for the fourth year running it's Elftown's very own Secret Santa! The idea is the same - everyone who wants to draw, paint, photograph, or write etc. a present for someone else and receive a gift in return, sign up below!

How does this work? You will be assigned to make a present for one of your fellow participants, (who you are making your present for should remain a secret!). In turn, someone will be assigned to make a present for you! But please note: you will not receive the present made for you if you don't submit the present you were supposed to make!

Sign up ends on November the 20th. Tell your friends to join, too - the more the merrier! Just use the 'invite' button to invite everyone you think would like this idea to come and have a look.

So, here's what to do:

1. Sign up below, listing your username, and any preference you may have for your Christmas present (having no preference is cool too). If it's a character of yours you want drawing, you need to post a description/picture on this wiki - because obviously, you won't know who is drawing your present, so you won't be able to give them the info yourself.

2. On the 21st, you will receive the name of the person whom you will be making a present for - don't forget to check to see if they wanted anything specifically, but don't be disheartened if you don't think you can draw exactly what they asked for - they're preferences, not demands.

3. Get your creation in by the 24th of December! Send the completed piece to [SilverFire].

4. Receive your gift, be thankful, merry and spread festive spirit! Once everyone has submitted their piece we'll post a wiki so you can all marvel at the presents other people made and received.


1. The art/writing/photography/pumpkin carving etc. must be 100% your own! See rule 4 for more information about photomanipulations.

2.Please put some effort into it. How would you feel if you got a present and it was clear it was a half-assed job they didn't care about? Don't submit drawings on lined-paper, or crappy camera phone photos etc. - they won't be accepted.

3. If you don't submit your present, you will not be allowed to enter Secret Santa the next year.

4. Photomanipulations are allowed but if you choose to do a photomanipulation please place the piece on a wiki, along with all the relevant stock information, and send the link to the wiki to [SilverFire].

5. Images must be uploaded to Elftown.

6. No whining. It's Christmas. And this page is about giving and receiving presents. Only positive thoughts are allowed here.


Q: Will my Santee be the person who is making a present for me?
A: Of course not - then it wouldn't be very secret, as you'd all know who your Secret Santa was. This also explains why we don't need an even number of entrants. :)

Q: Oh no! My Santee has asked for something I can't make! What do I do?
A: Stop panicking. The preferences expressed are just that - preferences They're not lists of "these are the only things I like and if my present isn't one of these things I shall hate it." They're just there to help you get some inspiration as to what they might like. Another source of inspiration is your Santee's Elftown House. The most important thing is to make the gift personal to them. :)

Q: My Santee said they wanted a drawing and I'm a writer! They'll hate my present, what do I do?
A: See above. Stop panicking.

Q: I was thinking of making my Santee a model or a teddy or something like that. Is that allowed?
A: If you want to do something like that message [SilverFire] about it, and she will get in touch with your Santee to see if they mind giving you their address. If you do post it, make sure to send it recorded delivery so that it doesn't get lost!

1. [nehirwen]- something fantasy/gothic.
2. [Triola] - I like Draco Malfoy this year as well :3 And cute things. Fluff ftw.
3. [Nocturnaliss] - I like Dragons :D;
4. [moira hawthorne] I always love art of Aodh of SabbathNight... but Id love art of Aaawesome Ullr this year... or fan art of Prince Nuada! (Hellboy2 The Golden Army) Nuada with Aodh (a scene from my fanfic) would be awesomspanks bonus points! any and all of these ideas can also be anything hawt nakkid cute silly and/or anything festively Yule (ART means anything you make - a drawin painin photomanip story poem dance song cosplay anything)
5. [Yncke] - Something cheerful.
6. [Yuriona] - Just about anything really though hawt guys are definitely welcome. ^^
7. [Linderel]
8. [Druid Fables] - I'm not too picky. =D
9 [Thunder Cid]
10. (Nothing to see here. Move along.)
11. [Evolution X] - Hmmmmm... dunno, surprise me. I like Left 4 Dead, cookiess and weapons. Just random facts, not instructions.
12. [Erubeus] - Hmmmm.. Well, I would like either a picture of Yvan(Not very pressing), or a family picture of Sesshomaru, Surai, and Prince Akira. Or even just Sesshomaru and Surai.
13. [Grimmloch] - I'll play, just surprise me.
14. [Duke Devlin] - I'd quite like writing, though if that's too tough, then a drawing of one of my characters, or fanart of Mr. Duke Devlin. ;D
15. [Skydancer] - something fun, with wings I think. :) nudity optional.
16. [~Crimson Angel~] - I'm not too picky, it can be something simple or complex, surprise me.
17. [Nite_Owl] - I'd love a fanart (in any medium) of my characters Jack "Jay" Finch and Charles Hopkins or of Anna (at the12profiles#Fianna) :D Though anything awesome and having to do with science fiction would be quite lovely :3
18. [wicked fae mage]-I am not too picky, I love and encourage artistic nudity (for our suber liberal artists), I just hate the color pink and love fantasy creatures, races and anime. My house is probably more help than I am. I am willing to make more than one gift and I do not mind giving out my address for my Santa. (And thank you ahead of time to my secret santee)
19. [Ravendust] - I would love a drawing of my character, The12profiles#Leilani. Though I'd really love anything otherwise :)
20. [Ms. Steel] - I like to be surprised.
21. [XxTsomexX] Design me a Tsome :D lol whoever gets me, I would adore you to draw my OC, Tsome. Basically, its just what you belive my character would look like based on my own personality. (All you have to do is read my house to find that out.)
22. [Chimes] Involve a key somewhere and I'll love you forever.
23. [Flisky] - I would like a pic of Soren from FEPOR and myself. (My recent fangirl obsession.) But if not, really anything would be great. ^_^
24. [Vou] - Uhm, if you read my house profile (I'm working on it! ><; ) then, you'll see I adore everything. o_O; I have no desire to want anything this year, except a Sesshomaru or Aodh plushie/drawing. XD But, eh, anything works. ^_^ I love art.
25. [FamousPanda] - I love pandas, anything panda, and my favorite color is purple.
26. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] - Tigers, red eyed tree frogs, big cats, turtles, meese haha hamsters originality. =D
27. [Daisy_Sandybanks] - I love mythological creatures: Faries, mermaids, unicorns, dragons, anything! Im not too picky though, so anything else will do just fine as well.
28. [MyAlterEgo] - i love vampires, and cute chibi love scenes. I also love the colors pink, black, red and purple.
29. [dayah] Anything faery, or anything asian like. Photos if thats what the person does of anything of nature..or anything just really cool Easy to please ( oh and no offense everyone knows I love moira, but please can I get some one differnt this year...giggles. * loves on moira*)
30.[Yami] I'm not too picky really, if you wanna do one of my characters just nose around my house to find one of them, or ask a few of my friends. My favorite animal is a cat and my favorite color is black, I celebrate Yule instead of Christmas though. I'd really like a picture of Nikki from chrono cross
31. [lacy_azlin] Um, I'm never sure what my user name ends up being on this thing. lol. anyway, friend sent me a link figured I might as well, I'm a bit busy, but I can draw or write up something I'm pretty sure.
Anyway, um.. what would I want? I like drawings of my characters and such, stories or other forms of mediums excepted too.
Could even be just a hand made x-mas card!
32. [another brick in the wall] ALL I WANT FOR CHISTMAS IS SOMONE TO HOLD AND CALL MY OWN. but a nice drawing or poem would suffice I guess.
33.[Iske] a teardrop of happiness for all
34. [Ramirez] I'm feeling a history vibe right now. So.. anything history-related? XD
35. [Forbidden Rampage] I like kitties and fuzzy socks, books and meaningful things. Anything at all though would be wonderful.
36.[the lucid nightmare] anything art related really. I'm not hard to please when it comes to gifts.
37. [Mom] A nice wallpaper for my computer.

Secret Santa 2009 Presents

Past Years: Secret Santa 2006 * Secret Santa 2007 * Secret Santa 2008

Username (or number or email):


2009-12-24 [Yuriona]: Wheeee! Got mine done! ^__^ Amazing since I nearly forgot about it until the 14th.

2009-12-24 [dayah]: I can't wait till I get mine and my person gets theres..hoping they like it..:)

2009-12-24 [Erubeus]: I finally finished my picture. =3
Now, must upload. ;wiggle;

2009-12-24 [wicked fae mage]: *waits eagerly* This is truly an amazing experience. Being able to make a gift and or receive one from all over the country, continent or even world...

2009-12-24 [Druid Fables]: It is. It's so much fun, too, when you enjoy being able to give a gift. ^-^

2009-12-24 [dayah]: What I Think is great is its a gift of art for some many talented wonderful people. :D

2009-12-25 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, both simply add to the magic =]

2009-12-25 [lacy_azlin]: Man this is worse than waiting to open gifts. There I see the presents piled high, I don't see nothing until I get it!

2009-12-25 [Yami]: weren't we supposed to get them today?

2009-12-25 [SilverFire]: "Today" has only been 1 hour 23 minutes, give me a break, will you? :P I will get round to handing them out about midday ET time (GMT), or just after. :) But right now, I'm going to bed. :3 

2009-12-25 [Yami]: well it's 8:27pm on the 24th for me...I didn't know you were on a different time zome then me....

2009-12-25 [wicked fae mage]: [SilverFire] lives in England...I believe...

2009-12-25 [Yuriona]: You were supposed to hand the gifts in by the 24th and receive them on the 25th sometime. Don't be impatient. Christmas day is a busy, family type day for a lot of ETers, including [SilverFire]. :P

2009-12-25 [lacy_azlin]: lol but doncha know we're a bunch of spoiled kids that can't wait for our presents?

2009-12-25 [SilverFire]: I suppose I didn't actually write anywhere that I'd give them out on the 25th - but as you say Yami, it's still the 24th for you, and the deadline for the presents is the end of the 24th, so I can't start handing them out before the deadline. :P

2009-12-25 [Yami]: I figured you would hand them out after the deadline and I'm not impatiant, last year I worked hard on a gift for someone and waited anxiously for several days after the deadlline for mine and the person who was supposed to do mine never did it so I didn't get my gift when everyone else did, though someone else took it kindly upon themselves to make me a gift, I asked because I thought it had happened to me again...

2009-12-25 [Skydancer]: A very happy, warm, safe and loving season to everyone, The Raindeer are racing around the world, and its going to be a rather fun Christmas Day.

2009-12-25 [Erubeus]: I'm a couple hours late.
But, I finally got it uploaded. =D
Time to mail it to Silver~

2009-12-25 [lacy_azlin]: Its a white x-mas morning in jersey!! Woot! Everyone have a delightful day! 

2009-12-25 [Flisky]: It's kind of rainy here in Michigan. Hope everyone else is having fairer weather. Merry Christmas!

2009-12-25 [SilverFire]: Secret Santa 2009 Presents. Post your presents here. :)

Unfortunately the presents of three people are going to be slightly late, but everyone should have their present by the 28th. :)

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