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Secret Santa 2008

Welcome to Secret Santa 2008!

Here for the third year running it's Elftown's very own secret santa! The idea is the same - everyone who wants to draw, paint, or photograph, or write a present for someone else and receive a gift in return, sign up below!

How does this work? You will be assigned to make a present for one of your fellow participants, (who you are making your present for should remain a secret!). In turn, someone will be assigned to draw a picture for you! But please note: you will not receive the art that was drawn for you, if you don't submit the drawing you were supposed to do!

Sign up ends on November the 15th - I want everyone to have plenty of time to finish their entry this year. A week before sign-up closes we'll message everyone who's signed up just to check that you're still up for it, and haven't forgotten about us. If you don't respond to that message, then we'll assume you have to drop out for some reason! And tell your friends to join, too - the more the merrier! Just use the 'invite' button to invite everyone you think would like this idea to come and have a look.

So, here's what to do:

1. Sign up below, listing your username, and any preference you may have for your Christmas present (having no preference is cool too). If it's a character of yours you want drawing, you need to post a description/picture on this wiki - because obviously, you won't know who is drawing your present, so you won't be able to give them the info yourself.

2. On the 16th, you will receive the name of the person whom you will be making a present for - don't forget to check to see if they wanted anything specifically, but don't be too disheartened if you don't think you can draw exactly what they asked for, just do your best!

3. Get your art in by the 24th of December! Send the completed piece to [SilverFire].

4. Receive your gift, be thankful, merry and spread festive spirit! Once everyone has submitted their piece we'll post a wiki so you can all marvel at the presents other people made and received.

Once you've received your gift, you can post it on Secret Santa 2008 Gifts so the rest of us can admire it, too!

Sign up:

1. [Yncke] Something kind without being cute.
3. [moira hawthorne] a yule faery or any of my RP characters dressed up for Yule. (see my home for wikis to my many characters)can be a drawin or a poem or anything really...
4. [HardRockAngel] A christmassy take on my RPcharacter ( Ayame Yuko) would be great, though everything is fine ^^
5. [nehirwen] a freaky monster (or something dark/evil in general, or just whatever you like..)
6. [Ramirez]
7. [Jitter] Everything is fine really apart from yaoi/slash, gory, violent stuff which I won't draw either. If you want something more specific, I like dark& gothic for me OR something cute I could hang on a baby boy's bedroom :) (I can't draw anthros, I can't draw nice landscapes and I Don't draw yaoi)
8. [Linderel] Anything goes, really - as long as there's no graphic violence. Smut is quite alright (preferably slash or femmeslash in that case). My own strength lies primarily with the written word, but I also know how to use a camera well enough. Drawing skills are rather limited.
10. [Mom] A wallpaper...can be anything. Jusy something nice I can put on my computer and enjoy.
11. [Evolution X] - anything for me really, only problem is my drawings suck; I can write ok though!
12. [Druid Fables] Anything really, I guess. ^-^. (Can't draw too well, but I can write.)
13. [Lord Dog]my lucky number! Anything Yulish or Christmasy.. I celebrate both ...of Humbledwarf (Half dwarf fighter) or Britney Drow (drow Fan Dancer/priestess)or Loyal (Elf Priest of Blades) will post links later.
14. [Chrysilla] I love artistic nudes, may them be photographed or drawn, but everything else is welcome
15. [Aeolynn] I like animal/human mixes like sphinxes and non-horse centaurs! And... I have a hard time making art without it so hopefully I'm paired up with someone who likes it too! >.>
16. [Daisy le Fleur] I'd like a drawn interpretation of my name, or an anthro done! Always wanted a raccoon anthro of myself. But w/e you can do is great in my eyes!
17. [Triola] Anything is fine! Though I do like cute, and if you really want to make me happy, Draco Malfoy is always a hit >.> :P
18. [Thistlewood] Any thing fantasy.
19. [Ravendust] I would prefer a cover design for a novel I'm working on (To make things easy I put information up here- The Shard Aid). If that's not possible, then do whatever^^
20. [Tsunade] i would love a picture of itachi holding me in his picture is on my profile. i cant write but i can draw.
21. [Demon Epona] Anything is fine! I'd love a drawing of my fursona, Eolian, dressed up for Christmas or something though!
22. [Dezmond] anything is fine for me! (accept Chrismasy stuff >.>)
23. [Erubeus] Anything for me, I'm not too picky. Though, I would think it pretty damn awesome if a group picture was drawn of a group of my roleplay characters and my pup Tasem. =D
24. [Cia_mar] I like most the color purple, cats, fairies and such....only request is nothing like porn or violence...thanks!
25. [Lerune] In all honesty, I'd be happy with just about anything, but I would be really, really, REALLY happy with some hot, sexy Cid Highwind (FFVII) art. *hints blatantly*
26. [Atayemi] I think it's obvious for me. :P Wolfy! Anything to do with wolves would be great, or possibly something related to the films Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. :) Anything related to Japan would be lovely too. If you are writing, something wolf related (again, I know :P) would be nice. Especially a short story of somekind.
27. [FamousPanda] I love pandas and the color purple. =]
29. [wicked fae mage] I am not picky and I love poetry, short stories and drawings equally. I love anything dark and true or something random and unconventional. And shiny things. but that's neither here nor there. thanks. I love anime, kittens, general fantasy--vampires and elvesand World of Warcraft male page should be most helpful if I'm too vague. As for stories I love murder, mystery, magic, mayhem and irony....
30. [Blood Sucking Beauty] I'm really not picky on anything but for some reason a colored drawing(Or painting) of a japanese floating shrine with the kanji symbol of love is sounding amazing. Either that or Me and my BFs name place on the shrines posts. (Rachel Hewes and Oleksiy Merkulov) THANK YOUUU!!! ^.^
31. [Shjahjdahdvwa] A portrait of me! So I can print it and place it in my room next to Nathan's artwork :p
32. [NOOOPE] Mobster M <- get inspired. BUT I hate anime. So.. no. Oh, and I do love violence.
33. [Spootchie] dark and mysterious. or something cute and fluffy, or you can draw whatever you like ^^
34. [*Phoenix*] please no nudity or anything with a sexual aspect to it..other than that I don't care! Wouln't mind a story either...^-^
35. [Tynuka-Rhytishy] I like just about anything, really. Tigers are my favorite animals, but they don't have to be included. Writing is just fine too. ^^
36. [Lady Ice] I'm sort of picky. No nutidy or vulgarness, blood or gore, no demons, devils, or santa's. I'm a christian and I'm proud of it. I love cool colors and poems and stories are okay too. Fairies, mermaids and other such creatues are fine. Medieval type things are great too.
37. [.Anti-Juliet.] I'd really like someone to draw my character, Lydia. She's on the rp, servants of nobody: project ship of dying If not, then I'd just like a vampire. A beautiful, dark, sinister female vampire and her male consort would be wonderful!
38.[Iske] I really would like a place in my thoughts where I can sit down for a while and rest, listen to the silence and ... smile just a hug will be fine though
39.[Desi the Red Rose] I am not picky and I love poetry, short stories and drawings equally. I love anything dark and true or something random.
40. [Duke Devlin] Has stolen Len's idea. :P Someone draw me, yeah? :D Or if not, something with dice on. ^^
41. [Thunder Cid] A nice picture of the real thunder god cid would be nice :)
42. [Trina..] Anything with some flare, outspoken vibe or anything really. I like violence and nudity is okay. P.S. I love the 70's style. Thank you. ^.^
43.[Keir Devlin] Picture of me in your art style... With long dice earrings that reach almost my shoulders... :D Heheheh....
45. [AuroraLumos] I'm not that fussy but I would like a picture of some kind ^_^ (a gothic version of me would be great though :D)
46. [Ari Miharu] i truely dont care but i prefer pics that are anime/manga style ^^
47. [Lothuriel] I am into dark heroes, glittery pink stuff, humor, and art. Surprise me! Oooh and I totally dig badgers.
48. [Bipolar Nonsense] a modest angel of light with elf ears, bleach blonde hair, and white wings.
49. [dayah] Anything fantasy, though love faeries and elves, or anythign japanese. But I am pretty happy with anything I can get!!
51. [Aradon Templar] - For preference, I like landscapes of all variety, but it's more important I think to draw whatever is comfortable to draw.
52. [Viking] - Preference coming later. Maybe.
53. [~Crimson Angel~] - I would like to see Rock Lee dressed like Santa,giving me a present.(If you don't know who Rock Lee is just look up a picture of him on photobucket.)
55. [Lasagna Hater] any poem or drawing depicting a forest, preferably, but I like just about anything as long as it doesn't contain nudity or strong violence (some blood is okay, but that's it.) To whomever draws my name, I will always remember your gift. Thank you.
56. [Yami]- I'd like a picture of a goth male vampire bath anthro. (brown furred) and a black female goth cat anthro together (I have a picture of them on my art page)
57. [Angelis Nightfall] - Just something that i can use as a background on my computer, last time it was an angel & i still love that one. This time just maybe a tiger or a unicorn with a shore line near a river or something like that.
58. [Diiwica] just something nice, anything from the heart :).
59. [Daisy_Sandybanks] - Any sort of cool art is fine with me, as long as it doesn't include any sort of major violence or sex. Maybe something with animals, or art nouveau styled?
60. [.Toxic Valentine.] anything gothic, maybe even a love theme (be it happy or heartbreak) let your imagination run wild - only thing i ask is that it's not too fantasy (as in completely out of this world...). Draw, write, paint.. doodle. Do what your heart and head spill onto paper or screen!
61. [Yuriona] - Just about any sexy, nearly nude, humanoid male (no anthros thank you) is ok by me but I also like fairies, unicorns and dragons though no erotic works please. I can do that myself. :P I'm also a fan of a good battle scene strangely enough, with knights or samurai or whatever. Blood, guts and gore don't faze me as long as its well done and thought out. Halo fanart is good too but that's about the only fanart I personally like...unless you feel brave enough to try drawing my policeman character Wolfgang Oden. >:3 If photos are more your style, I love picturesque landscapes with trees, mountains, running water or all of the above though I do have a soft spot for farm land too. I'm afraid I'm at a loss for a written present though. I just don't read anything any more that isn't my own work. ^^;
62. [Kahri] I pretty much like anything that doesn't have explicit material (gore, promiscuity) or is disturbing. I love it when a picture can give me a feeling of epic fantasy.
63. [End of Eternity] I'm incredibly open minded - just please nothing that might disturb my still somewhat innocent mind! :P i.e. - nothing too gory!
64. [Dint] Anything would be really nice!
65. [Tyrana] Absolutely anything would be great!
66. [Jeccabee] I absolutely love fairies (not those lil child fairies fairies only), so something involving a fairy or pixie or the like would be great! :) As far as what I can draw...mostly females, but I can draw a decent male every now and then. I can't write worth a flip...not really good with them word things. LOL 
67. [ShadowReaver] I'd be up to receive anything. To who ever alocates what we do: I'm a photographer, and can't draw for crud! :P
68. [Azael MCMXCIII] Let your imagination run wild, suprise me =]
69.[ditz-chan]- i like about anything just no nudies! :D i mostly like anime!
70. [deeterhi] I'd prefer a Harry Potter fan-comic, if that's too much then a portrait of Dumbledore would be nice. If you can't draw, get creative. Take a look at my house and my wikis for some inspiration.
71. [5thwitch] Maybe one of my characters?by the way, there are a lot of points of inspiration in my house. thank you :)
73. [Kaeirdwyn] Anything really I can write fairly well and can draw so-so, though not great. I do take great nature pics. Wallpaper would be nice... I like deep jeweled colors.
74. [Skydancer] Well, why not, hmmm. Dragonflies, fairy folk, natural nudes?
75. [Anvikit] I want you to create for me something fantastical, at the farthest reaches of your imagination, and do so in a way that pushes your creative comfort zone. ;) (Challenge yourself, try a new medium or one that you aren't as strong in. Mix mediums or use something unconventional get craaaazy!!)
76. [Synsae] Don't know what I would like... I like military stuff particularly anything that involved 101st Airborne during WW2... and hockey (the New York Rangers, the Czech Rep's national team, and the UNH Wildcats would be my teams)... so I guess there is a few ideas for yah
77. [orchidflame] an anime style drawing of me with stuff that I love or that represents me in the background of the picture(see homepage and wikis)Or you could even draw me christmas themed.Do whatever you please really, those are just suggestions^________^.
78.[Titanium Tiger] I would like apicture of two women again but nudity is optional Im not picky i just want them to be showing their love between them.
79. [Alexi Ice] I would like an anime vampire male, but anything vampire (I.E. stories, poems) whatever is good for me! I just love vampires!!! ^^
80. [Nocturnaliss] I love Dragons. The raging fire-breathing kind :3
81. [Vou] Even though I'm usually not one to care, I'd like a winter-themed pic of these two characters, Kitio ( and his youngest son, Quin ( It would make me so happy to see them in a pic together... I cannot draw it. Dx Thankies you! It would make my Christmas, most definitely. <3333
82. [dew_farie] I like nature scenes. woods, rivers waterfalls. that sorta thing. And I love snow.


(By [Daisy le Fleur])

Past Years: Secret Santa 2006 * Secret Santa 2007

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2009-01-07 [Duke Devlin]: Heh. I love that Silvie always forces you to think about your reasoning.. XD

2009-01-07 [Mom]: Besides that would be an awfully big manga.

2009-01-07 [moira hawthorne]: many many issues! yeah!

2009-01-08 [Mortified Penguin]: My old teacher had manga versions of a bunch of old classics... I read the Wuthering Heights, Man in the Iron Mask, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and a bunch of others... *eats ramen*!!!

2009-01-08 [Lord Dog]: I used to have the Comic Clasics version of Gulliver's Travels, Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, and Ivanhoe.

2009-01-08 [Aradon Templar]: Silvie just wants people to be consistent and logical rather than make broad, unsupported statements :D

2009-01-08 [Mom]: I could never get use to reading backwards...*Looks puzzled*

2009-01-08 [Duke Devlin]: Exactly! :D
Not all manga is written backwards, only the stuff that is originally Japanese, [Mom]. oO Also, for those concerned about how manga form of a classic would not be 'right', you should consider it is merely telling the story, rather than trying to include all dialogue/description/quotation from the original texts.

2009-01-08 [Mom]:
Is there anything but original Japanese??? lol

2009-01-08 [Lord Dog]: yeah actually there is a whole slew of Western Anime from America , Brazil and a slew of other countries not in the Far east

2009-01-12 [wicked fae mage]: Yes, and I aspire to see one of my ideas as a manga, an American manga *daydreams*

And SilverFire reminds me of a teacher I had. I always looked too deeply into the stories in the lower grades so I stopped trying to interpret anything from stories for years. Then tenth grade Literature teacher pulled the critically thinking side out of me and I no longer felt bad about being over-analytical. ^^

2009-01-12 [.Toxic Valentine.]: *walks in* hello all.

2009-01-12 [Evolution X]: *eats ramen and wasabi ice cream* Mmmm... nom nom nom nom nom

2009-01-16 [.Toxic Valentine.]: <3!!! share!!

2009-01-16 [wicked fae mage]: *comes into the room wielding ice cream, whipped cream, caramel, hot fudge, cherries, sprinkles and butterscotch* Story time?

2009-01-16 [.Toxic Valentine.]: *looks wide eyed and sits patiently*

2009-01-16 [Evolution X]: *gives some* carefully, tastes horse radish-y and makes your mouth tingle

2009-01-18 [.Toxic Valentine.]: Thank you. *bows*

2009-01-19 [wicked fae mage]: *passes out ice cream to all who desire it* ^^

2009-01-19 [Evolution X]: *enjoys my own spicey version*

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