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Secret Santa 2007!

Welcome to Secret Santa 2007!

Started be [Just.Kate] last year, it's running again this year! The idea is the same - everyone who wants to draw, paint, or photograph, and receive a piece of art in return, sign up below - because we're starting late this year, the deadline is going to be the 1st January, 2008.

How does this work? Everyone person be given a person chosen randomly to draw a picture for, and in turn - someone has been assigned to draw a picture for you! But please note: you will not receive the art that was drawn for you, if you don't submit the drawing you were supposed to do!

Sign up ends on Friday the 14th - that's the end of this week, so sign up now, and tell your friends - the more the merrier!

So, here's what to do:

1. Sign up below, listing your username, and any preference you may have for your Christmas present (having no preference is cool too). If it's a character of yours you want drawing, you need to post a description/picture on this wiki - because obviously, you won't know who is drawing your present, so you won't be able to give them the info yourself.

2. On the 15th, you will receive the name of the person whom you will be making a present for - don't forget to check to see if they wanted anything specifically!

3. Get your art in by the 1st of January! Send the completed piece to [Draugluin] (Who will take care of the technical aspects, so that no one involved will know beforehand who's drawn what for them)

4. Receive your gift, be thankful, merry and spread festive spirit - it won't be too late! :)

Sign up here!

1. [SilverFire] (something dark, I'd like some nice gothic art to put on my wall :3 )
2.[Anvikit] Anything deligtfully odd... or ooo yes a Dragon with a butterfly!! whee!! ..
3. [Yncke] Something I can use as a wallpaper. (At home. With my parents sometimes watching over my shoulder. ;) )
4. [nehirwen] I also like something dark, to use as wallpaper
5. [Cia_mar] i like cats, purple, elves, all things cute...just nothing toooo naughty...*wink*
6.[dayah] All things faeries and elves but anything is cool.
7. [Zab] Surprise me :P I like animals and stuff, and fangs and blood x), but anything is nice.^^
8. [Linderel] No real preferences, but a mushy and/or yaoi-tastic drawing is always a good bet.
9. [moira hawthorne] oooh any prezzie is love... but if you want to draw me as a fae (tonnes of refer on my house or wikis) or my faery OC Aodh (refer on Aodh of SabbathNight ) ...again can be silly/chibi or anything I love pervy and yaoi too...
10. [Triola] *jumps on the yaoi bandwagon* :D Also, Draco Malfoy is always a hit <3
11. [Duke Devlin] - Anything Draco Malfoy/Tom Felton ;) Or The Joker from Batman (preferrably pictured with Scarecrow) <3 OR Something seriously cool looking pattern wise =)
12. [Rice] - Anything Scarecrow from Batman (Comic/Cartoon). Picture with Joker maybe ;D!
13. [Lady Ice] - something cute. flowery, butterflys, fairies, dragons, unicorns, nothing vulgar or nasty. Something to brighten my spirits and my house
14.[Titanium Tiger]-Id like something kind of personal but its ok if no one is comferitable doing it!! but I want some girl on girl are some artistic nudety but nothing excwistily dramatic I have siblings all under the age of 8 so thats my idea it would be great thanks!!^^
15 [Lord Dog] Anything Yuri or Hetero. DC/Marvel Heroes or Fantasy Races. Featuring Humble Dwarf or Brittany Drow . Or just something upbeat.
16. [Fireblade K'Chona]-anything Sherlock Holmes would be fantabulous, but I also love general fantasy, House, and Harry Potter. Nudity is fine, but unless it's Holmes/Watson, please no pr0n. :D
17. [Cathos] A Daniel Jackson (Stargate) themed picture, no slash pics please, failing that, anything fun and purple.
18[Angelis Nightfall] Something blue with black & maybe a hint of white & silver, but something i can use as a background on my computer from time to time. It could be anything from an animal, a character or even my name i'm not picky.
19. [Jitter] [Have to drop out sorry]
20. [Elisha Kelly] - Anything to do with star wars, Labrynth or Dark Crystal at the moment folks :D
21. [Akayume] - Anything having to do with stars, or anything celestial. (like, moon, sun, stuffers like that) :D I don't care if it's a drawing, or a photo, or whatever. :D Depends on what the giver would like to do.
22. [Mom] - A Holiday wallpaper...any holiday.
23. [BinaryPhoenix] an art piece of my D&D character Rivien with the character Darius standing behind her, with his arms folded around her, descriptions on Memoirs of Rivien .

Go here to see everyone's gifts: Secret Santa 2007 presents

Username (or number or email):


2007-12-30 [Lord Dog]: His Dark Materials? is that part of Golden Compass trilogy? I am thinking of getting the books
I used to have an Anthology book that had all the Narnia books abridged into one (it was sold in a Moving sale when I was 12 and only into Sci Fi and Superheroes)

2007-12-30 [Triola]: The Golden Compass is book one in the His Dark Materials trilogy ;) The others are The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass :)

2007-12-30 [Lord Dog]: I don't think I ever read them, although I may have read Compass at the most. The story seemed vaguely familiar to me as I watched.

2007-12-31 [Cia_mar]: YEA!!! I FINISHED!!! *sighs in exhaustion*....

2007-12-31 [Elisha Kelly]: I ended up do a photo :) I stated a drawing, but the kids just can't behave for more than five minutes... speaking of which... here comes one now!

2007-12-31 [Fireblade K'Chona]: I wound up doing a photo too, though it's quite a nice one, I think.

2008-01-02 [Anvikit]: ACK!! I'mma be a day late.. sorry birthdays and sore babies.. but School starts back tomorrow so whee!! I'll get it in then.

2008-01-02 [Angelis Nightfall]: <.< >.> v.v I finished my art drawing for the person i was to make ti for, but i don't think i did to well & not to mention the fact i was still sick when i did it. Yet this is what i can say, if the person who i made it for didn't like it, then message me & i will make up for it with a free request on something of their choice.

2008-01-02 [moira hawthorne]: my hubby is back to work tomorrow... but school doesnt start till monday... Im late! and off to bed soon as Im too tired now to paint any more

2008-01-02 [Angelis Nightfall]: Well i hope you sleep good Morira, i'm sure you well deserve it & have a good day tomorrow. Sweet dreams & take care.

2008-01-02 [moira hawthorne]: ahhhh thx u... hope everyone had a wonderful holiday... and happy new year... I did... soory you were sick over the holidays Night Angel

2008-01-02 [Angelis Nightfall]: Ah it's alright i am better now, all save for my knee & my back hurting. It will pass in time though, but sleep well & yea hope everyone else had a good holiday as well as new year.

2008-01-03 [moira hawthorne]: mine is done... stayed up till 6am working on it... b/c I was on a roll and didnt want it to go over another night... and than got 2 hours sleep before waking up with my son!

2008-01-03 [Duke Devlin]: Awww ;.; Now that's dedication :)

2008-01-03 [moira hawthorne]: I get focused and the world goes away... the house could burn down... I almost went to sleep at 4am... I had finished the girls... and I sat up and thought 'there! Ill save that...' and than I thought Ill just see if I can do the bows... see if I can do the idea I had in my head from the beginning... next thing I knew they were finished...

2008-01-03 [Duke Devlin]: Well I am happy for you ^^ I hope I am so dedicated one day ^^

2008-01-03 [moira hawthorne]: have you finished yours yet?

2008-01-04 [Duke Devlin]: Yep ^^ All done and handed in :)

2008-01-04 [moira hawthorne]: yes... I finally saw everyones finishes art when i got mine submitted!

2008-01-04 [Duke Devlin]: Me too ^^ They were great ^^

2008-01-05 [Titanium Tiger]: mine will be up soon am really sorry for the whait! Iam adding color thats wats taking so long

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