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Banner Art by [Just.Kate]

Welcome to the 2006 Elftown Secret Santa!

As I'm sure you well know, a secret santa organization is one by which you sign up, and are given a random partner to give a gift to. Since this is a virtual community, I figured the best gift would be art! Any sort of art, be it a special photo, or a drawing, or a cg painting... Here's how it works:

1. Sign up below, with your username, email, and what theme you would like your gift to have. OC's need references.
2. Wait until December 1, 2006. On this day you will recieve your gift recipient.
3. Complete your piece of gift art by December 23, 2006. Email it to [Just.Kate] at .
4. Wait to see who you got, and what your gift looks like, at Midnight, Christmas morning! Because [Just.Kate] lives in Texas, this is likely to happen in CST.

SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED. Please come back next year! ^^;

Sign up here:

1. [Just.Kate] - Kitty!
2. [Ultiem] - Remedy for Darkness concepts? (message)
3. [Firenze]
4. [Cathos] - Purple!
5. [Skydancer] - Dragonflies, Dragons, something spiritual. :)
6. [SilverFire] - no preference
7. [Ocean Soul] - anything cute, cuddly, relaxing, nice, positive.. nothing violent (not for christmas x_X)
8. [Intolerant Of Hatred]
9. [Perplexity] - no preference, just whatever your imaginatinn comes up with ^^
10. [someelf] - no preference.. But cutttte :3
11. [Mom] - Something nice I can use as a wallpaper to remind me of the special thought that went with it.=}
12. [Linderel] - no preference, but something warm and fluffy would be nice :3
13. [Rennie] - no preference
14. [Cia_mar] - no preference but i do like purple and i love butterflies!(though nothing rude or lude please)
15. [Calico Tiger] - no preference
16. [Paz] - no preference. Maybe an animal (like a puppy) dressed up or representing the season.
17. [Yuriona] - fantasy battle scene or a hawt male drow in appropriate clothing. XD
18. [Shjahjdahdvwa] - My character acne designed by another artist...A dream of mine lol Or since my character is a little bit boring, I would like a drawing from the artist of me in the artist style. That would be cool to print and keep it in a portrait :p
19. [Ihsahn]- a drow female.
20. [moonscale]
21. [Elisha Kelly]
22. [The Red Baron] - no preference.
23.[Balthizar]- Anything is fine with me.
24. [LadyMoon] - no preference
25. [Yncke] - Elegance
26. [Lerune] - Sugary, Zabrak goodness...or maybe some hawt Zuko action from Avatar: The Last Air Bender. XD Although, I am not picky. :D
27. [Anvikit]- - Humm, Something goreishly uplifting,or my character alter ego of the same name or better yet both at once! muhahaaa.. Nah but, I'll be happy with anything :D
28. [Jitter] mm a portrait of me fantasy-mode would be nice :) for reference :) oooh or my rogue Cassandra :D You can view her here: Jitter's Digital Art (first 2 pics) If you can't draw people, draw whatever and I'll be happy ^^, I don't mind :) (Unless it's gore or porn -.-) Oh And make sure it's dressed :) I don't mind nudity but not along with Xmas. And I can't draw nudity, I can't draw slah/yaoi and I can't draw gore/porn email is
29. [Gwenn*]


I have gifted all those who turned in their pieces. Those who did art but who's secret santa did not finish in time have the additional option of recieving a chibi head ID from me ([Just.Kate]). Those who did not do their art in time not only do not know who had them, but did not recieve their art. Those people are as follows:

[Ocean Soul]
[Intolerant Of Hatred]

And I hate to have to ask this, but who had [Anvikit]? My records seem to be incomplete, and I do not have an artist listed for her... =/ [Anvikit], if there has been some oversight, I apologise from the depths of my heart. I will do something special for you if no one steps forward.

For those of you who are curious, you can see all of the submitted art at the Secret Santa hidden wiki.

A special thanks to [nathie], who drew for the Secret Santa without expecting anything in return. Merry Christmas!

Username (or number or email):


2006-12-23 [Linderel]: Sent mine, though it's awfully modest. :S But I hope that the recipient likes it anyway. ^_^

2006-12-23 [The Red Baron]: So, does that mean we can send them today?

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: 3. Complete your piece of gift art by December 23, 2006. Email it to [Just.Kate] at .

2006-12-23 [Cia_mar]: as soon as they were finished yes you send them and then on christmas kieli will give them to the people that they are for

2006-12-23 [Yncke]: I've sent mine a while ago. I don't think it matters since it's Donovan or [Just.Kate] who''l be doing the Christmas sending. :)

2006-12-23 [The Red Baron]: Roger roger.

2006-12-23 [Yuriona]: *sighs* I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get mine done in time. My husband just took our youngest to emergency with a very bad cough. dammit...

2006-12-23 [Anvikit]: Aww, I hope they are alright.. It sucks being sick at christmas (I know I've got something myself .. blah.. but rather me then my babes)

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: Eep. I hope s/he'll be alright and it's nothing serious. :S

2006-12-23 [Yuriona]: Me too but she's had a low-grade fever for the last couple of days along with a very nasty cough and no appetite. I'm catching a cold too but I would rather be sick than have my kids sick at any time. *frets*

2006-12-23 [Calico Tiger]: I know the feeling! When I'm sick, I can handle it (even if I'm in terrible misery). But if anyone else in the family is sick (including the pets), I get heartburn and worry like mad. *slobbers* Hope it's nothing too terrible that a little time, food and rest won't help <img:stuff/lo-gif.gif>

2006-12-23 [Linderel]: I would tell you that it'll be okay and go over soon, but I don't think it would help much. Either way, hope neither of you stays ill for very long. *offers a mug of tea*

2006-12-24 [Just.Kate]: Alright, Donovan has confirmed reciept of the following users' art: [Perplexity], [someelf], [Mom], [Linderel], [Rennie], [Cia_mar], [Paz], [moonscale], [Elisha Kelly], [The Red Baron], [Yncke], [Lerune], [Jitter], [Calico Tiger], [Just.Kate], and [Cathos]. Please get your entries in asap if your name isnt on this list!

2006-12-24 [Just.Kate]: And [Ultiem]. Also, if yours was sent but not confirmed, please give the email address or message number to me so I can send it to Donovan so he can double check.

2006-12-24 [Ultiem]: need my email?

2006-12-24 [Anvikit]: I sent mine in.. humm.. must not have gotten it yet.. my email addy is

2006-12-24 [Just.Kate]: [Anvikit] is confirmed. Donovan got swamped so its possible theres others that got buried.

2006-12-24 [Yuriona]: I'll get mine done as quick as I can. Turns out my little one has tonsillitis and is now on penicillin so hopefully she'll get better soon. :)

2006-12-24 [Calico Tiger]: Oooo poor thing.... But she'll love the ice cream and pudding part of that, hehe.

2006-12-24 [Yuriona]: She's been eating popscicles all day. Haven't tried the ice cream route yet but I bet it and jello will be very popular menu selections.

2006-12-24 [nathie]: kieli: oh no - i´ve sent the mail last week to the adress. is there another adress to send it?
maybe it went into the spam folder?

2006-12-24 [Just.Kate]: No, Nathan, you werent on the official list of switchees. But I got yours... Smexy. -rawr-

2006-12-24 [The Red Baron]: Well, [Yuriona], the ice cream is usually prescribed after a tonsillectomy, as it decreases the pain (cold acts as a local anaesthetic). Would that I could've done more than offer remote advice to see a doctor in first-person mode.

2006-12-24 [Cathos]: <img:61691_1132936287.gif> Poor [Yuriona] and poor kidling. :( I had to look after a poorly [bazzalisk] a few weeks ago and I offically stopped sleeping. Anywho, I'm glad my picture is finished and processed. I have no clue what the subject is, but hopefully the recipient will.

2006-12-24 [Yuriona]: Tonsillectomies aren't done very often here any more so she has to endure the pain until the antibiotics can kill the infection. The ice cream will still decrease pain and it will give her a little bit of food energy since she just hasn't had any appetite. :/

2006-12-24 [LadyMoon]: I sent mine, please don't hit me ;_;

2006-12-24 [The Red Baron]: Just as I said, the cold decreases the pain and it goes without saying that antibiotic kills the (bacterial) infection. Why don't they do tonsillectomies? I'm not saying your daughter needs one, but there are indications for that operation and it's a rather simple procedure. Fluids and semi-solids are ideal if she's having trouble and pain while swallowing.

2006-12-24 [Skydancer]: Is wacking the compute rwiht a broom trying to get the feaking piece of work to upload.. ack...

2006-12-24 [Anvikit]: tonsilitis is just a swelling up of the tonsils usually due to a bacterial infection.. It's common and easily treated with antibiotics.. And usually less frequent as you get older.. SO unless children keep getting throat infections over and over in mass amounts its usually easier just to treat each case with antibiotics rather than putting them through a surgical procedure to remove them..

Plus once you've had your tonsils out you can still get an infection, and from what I've heard they hurt worse if you've had your tonsils out.. although the risk of getting one would be reduced I suppose..

2006-12-24 [The Red Baron]: I graduate as a GP (with a bachelor in medicine and surgery) this year, and I know all this. The infection that occurs after tonsillectomy is most probably due to a remnant of the tonsils or just another infection.

As a general rule, we go for medical treatment then surgery; plus, if tonsillitis is recurring time and time again, it's an indication for tonsillectomy.

2006-12-24 [The Red Baron]: Tonsilitis is not just "swelling" of the tonsils; the suffix "itis" means inflammation; either with or without the formation of pus.

2006-12-25 [Just.Kate]: One hour left!

2006-12-25 [Skydancer]: MAILED!!!!

2006-12-25 [Just.Kate]: [Skydancer] confirmed.

2006-12-25 [Just.Kate]: I am missing entries from [Ocean Soul], [Intolerant Of Hatred], [Yuriona], [Shjahjdahdvwa], [Ihsahn], [Balthizar], [Lady Moon], and [Firenze].

2006-12-25 [Just.Kate]: [Firenze] confirmed.

2006-12-25 [Just.Kate]: [Lady Moon] confirmed.

2006-12-25 [Cathos]: [Just.Kate] Could you add who each gift was for to the gallery page please? Curiosity is killing the [Cathos]! They are all so lovely and I'd like to know who recieved them.

2006-12-25 [nathie]: yes, do you post the entries here finally?
i´m curious too!

2006-12-25 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: I have mine done now, how do i give it?

2006-12-25 [nathie]: mail it to: [Just.Kate] at

2006-12-25 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: done

2006-12-25 [Balthizar]: Mine sadly will have to be given to my person by myself. It may be a bit before I can finish it. Things have come up that is making it difficult to find time to draw. Sorry><"

2006-12-25 [Just.Kate]: Oo uh. Not yet I cant, because not everyone who was slated to recieve one of those gifts finished theirs, and they cant know who had them, or recieve their gift until they finish.

2006-12-26 [The Red Baron]: [Cathos]' work is amazing, by the way. (drools)

2006-12-26 [Cathos]: *poings [The Red Baron]* After I drew it, I tried imitating the pose and found that it is physically impossible! Who needs anatomy when you can have booooobies. :) Apologies to more sensitive souls.

2006-12-26 [Just.Kate]: xD

2006-12-26 [Calico Tiger]: omg u sed booooobies i m ofen... offind... sad!11!one1


2006-12-26 [Yuriona]: Yeah.... sorry about that. I couldn't help my youngest getting tonsillitis or myself getting sick afterwards. *grumbles* I intend to finish my gift art however late it may be. At least my punishment hasn't completely stomped on my Christmas spirit.

2006-12-26 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: So it's only displayed does who already delivered right?

2006-12-26 [The Red Baron]: boobies, tits, ata, breasts, etc who cares! As long as they're round, bouncy, and stuff...

2006-12-26 [Balthizar]: And stuff? o.O

2006-12-26 [The Red Baron]: You get my drift? (wink wink)

2006-12-26 [Balthizar]: No...not really..and I dont think I want your..."drift" XP

2006-12-26 [The Red Baron]: What's wrong with my drift?

2006-12-26 [Balthizar]: Its all...drifty.

2006-12-26 [someelf]: o.o;

2006-12-26 [nathie]: BWAHAHAAHAA!

2006-12-26 [someelf]: XD You all scare me X3 -giggles and pokes and slobbers on them all- :3

2006-12-27 [Just.Kate]: Uh. That page displays all the art I revcieved, without saying who it was meant for.

2006-12-27 [someelf]: ^^;;

2006-12-27 [Ocean Soul]: Okay, I tried my best but I really really *really* don't have enough time to do a decent image anymore, and I'd hate to hand in some crappy doodle :/ So, the end of the story right now is that I can do the drawing once I'm back from Canada (I leave tomorrow and come back on the 16th of Jan). I know I should not have signed up, because I knew I wouldn't have much time, but I didn't expect my time to be that limited :( I'm terribly sorry :(

2006-12-27 [someelf]: -hugs- awww >_< -licks cheek-

2006-12-27 [Ocean Soul]: I only today had time to buy a pajama and some pants so I can take them along tomorrow >_> That's the ultimate sign for my trouble with the time :P

2006-12-27 [someelf]: o_o -pokes- did you sleep enough? >_> -blinkblink- I am good at getting ready for trips XD -coughsnotcoughs- >_< I once forgot my sleepingbag o__o;;

2006-12-27 [Ocean Soul]: Eek >_> But well, [herrschneemann] ensured me that even if I forgot my toothbrush, he would buy me a new one xD So.. as long as I don't forget the ticket and the passport, I guess I should be fine ;)

2006-12-27 [someelf]: XD -sticks it to your body- that'll be okay for now XD -giggles- :3

2006-12-27 [nathie]: mr. snowman? LOL sounds german. ^_^

2006-12-27 [someelf]: Yes it does o.o ,, Now you say it XD

2006-12-27 [nathie]: hahaa, i meant Herr Schneemann, this is german. who needs a whack with a cooked noodle here? ;P

2006-12-27 [someelf]: XD I know :P I can speak German XD

2006-12-27 [nathie]: ich auch. :)

2006-12-27 [someelf]: Yay! -hugs- :D I didn't speak it for a long time and I had it only for two years on school v.v But I do understand it XD

2006-12-27 [nathie]: i know, you can speak danish and dutch. german is hard to speak, damn grammar, but i think danish isn´t much easier. :)

2006-12-27 [Firenze]: I think German has easier grammar rules than French and is easier to speak as well ^_^ But my German accent is terrible...

2006-12-27 [someelf]: :P I speak Danish more then German actuely XD Mostly because I am in Danmark XD -giggles- :P German I can understand and is similiar to my birth language, Dutch. And Danish is compared to English, Dutch and German mixed together and made into a hard language with many possible of saying things in many diffrent ways X_x -Rambeling-

2006-12-27 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: I already sent mine...

2006-12-27 [Rennie]: *sadface* I sent mine the day after we got our names. I even have a confirmation email :( I just resent it though :/

2006-12-28 [Elisha Kelly]: Maybe you sent yours late [Shjahjdahdvwa]?? it had to be in by the 23rd :)

2006-12-28 [Just.Kate]: [Shjahjdahdvwa] Ive gotten yours. Donovan was a little slow, but Im getting there...

[Rennie] Something wierd is happening. You say you sent it, but I never recieve any mail from you, not even in the spam. Uh, maybe uploading it to ET? It would follow the ss06-erinbabe.jpg format...

2006-12-28 [Rennie]: I sent it to your newer email, but I will also upload it here and give it to you via msg :)

2006-12-28 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: who is going to give me the gift? Mine is for [Elisha Kelly], sorry about the mess but I haven't got time for better :(

2006-12-28 [Elisha Kelly]: thats okay... I might colourz it :P :D when I get time... I likes colouring stuff :)

2006-12-29 [Just.Kate]: The person who had you, [Shjahjdahdvwa], hasnt finished yet :( Would you like a chibi head from me?

2006-12-29 [The Red Baron]: Chibi heads on spikes over the battlements....

2006-12-29 [Rennie]: Thank you Skydancer! Beautiful!

2006-12-29 [Skydancer]: I am delighted you enjoy it. :) it was one of those moment things :D the sunlight reflecting off of a car across the street. :)

2006-12-29 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Let me guess... the person who was suppose to do for me was [Intolerant Of Hatred] lol

[Elisha Kelly] if you do color it could you sign it and let me print it in a big frame to have it as a portrait in my room?! Ahah :p

2006-12-29 [The Red Baron]: I'm considering making multiple poster-sized copies of my gift in my room. [Cathos], thanks! You're great!

2006-12-29 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: I wanted to do that with my gift but hey... I can't really complain

2006-12-29 [The Red Baron]: S'all right, mate. We can both do that to our gifts; so what did you get?

2006-12-29 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Nothing! Lol...

2006-12-29 [Cia_mar]: i enjoyed making mine.. i only hope the recipiant likes it too

2006-12-29 [The Red Baron]: As did I, Cia, as did I. Gato, old chap, cheer up, it'll come someday...

2006-12-29 [Mom]: That's okay...I just found out mine was never delivered.<img:stuff/mood21-gif.gif>

2006-12-29 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: I dunno why aren't we allowed to know who did the work, since we are already in day 29th...

2006-12-29 [Mom]: Well I asked [Ihsahn] if he liked his gift and he said he never recieved his which was a big diappointment because I know it was what he wanted.

2006-12-29 [Calico Tiger]: Because some people never got their gifts because they weren't completed. Kieli is doing it this way so that those who didn't do their end don't get a gift for nothing. Not fair to those who did their gift and didn't get anything :) And there are several that are just taking a while, but are still working on their gifts :D

2006-12-29 [Ihsahn]: I just need a new scanner, my mother f&%$#$#ing one isn't working, I made a pretty butterfly however =(

2006-12-29 [Calico Tiger]: *comforts*

2006-12-29 [Ihsahn]: I'm just going to go to the library when ever I can and upload it from there,. this drawing took me a few hours to do and by golly it is getting delivered!

2006-12-29 [Ultiem]: get travis to take a picture of it and have him upload it


2006-12-30 [The Red Baron]: My already buste scanner died in the bombing; so did my already busted printer.

2006-12-30 [Just.Kate]: Erinbabe, Youre confirmed and sent.

2006-12-30 [Ultiem]: still feel sad

2006-12-30 [Skydancer]: all in all, it has been a lovely idea, a lot of very thoughtful folk are here. :)

2006-12-30 [Ultiem]: like....

2006-12-30 [Skydancer]: Indeed :)

2006-12-30 [Ultiem]: mine wasnt received either

2006-12-31 [Just.Kate]: Ultiem - If you did yours, but didnt recieve one in return, its because the person who had you didnt finish yet.

2007-01-01 [Anvikit]: Guess I was the odd man out eh? .. Oh well at least I had fun doodling up my part.:)

2007-01-01 [Calico Tiger]: The person who got my name didn't finish theirs either, Anvikit :) There were several of us, hehe. But it was still fun!

2007-01-01 [Just.Kate]: Except I have no idea who had her :( I feel so bad! I will TOTALLY make this up to you I swear!

2007-01-01 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Why was [Intolerant Of Hatred] the one doing the gift for me <img:44166_1164145262.gif>

2007-01-01 [Just.Kate]: Because an impartial third party set up the matches and had no idea there were going to be so many issues with people who hated each other participating in the same event -_-;;;

2007-01-01 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Lol i don't know her actually, but I don't think she cares about this, And i don't see any art in her house <img:44166_1164145160.gif>

2007-01-01 [nathie]: aaw, that sucks. people who can´t keep their promises shouldn´t join such a wiki.

2007-01-01 [The Red Baron]: Let's give people a break people, some might have their reasons. The suspect is innocent till proven otherwise.

2007-01-01 [Elisha Kelly]: hmmmmmmm has she been on Et? and if so hasa anyone msged her? because if she still doesn't respond why doesn't the gift meant for her be given to someone who has submitted, but recieved nothing in return???

2007-01-01 [The Red Baron]: I don't know; it's just that I'm not one to jump into conclusions.

2007-01-01 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: I'm just a bit disappointed because I wanted my first elftown gift to print it and turn it into a portrait :-/

2007-01-02 [Just.Kate]: Ive seen her around the wiki now. I asked her about it, and she said she hasnt had the time... =/

2007-01-02 [Jitter]: that's quite rude :/

2007-01-02 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: She didn't wanted to do it and made up an excuse as usual.

2007-01-02 [Jitter]: I could try pick up one to make them a gift but no idea how much time it will take me.

2007-01-02 [nathie]: aaw, gato, you said you´d like a self portrait from you. :) if you like my style, then i´d draw you one.

2007-01-02 [someelf]: I would make also extra pressies if people wanted to :)

2007-01-02 [Just.Kate]: Aww guys thats so sweet of you! I'm gonna make [Anvikit] a special pressie, but Im sure she would love to get fan-art from you guys as well ^^

2007-01-03 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Nate that would be an honour :)

2007-01-03 [nathie]: okies, do you have a special pic you like most? you can PM me this.

2007-01-05 [Elisha Kelly]: ~.~ *points to comment above*** my gift is going to waste... :P I had no time but I still managed to do something :P

2007-01-06 [Ultiem]: who ever is doing mine dont worry about it i dont want it...

2007-01-06 [Yuriona]: I think Elysiann has a good idea actually. *nods*

2007-01-06 [The Red Baron]: People, better late than never; or so I believe. Nothing can go to waste if you want it not to.

2007-01-06 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Thank you secret santa!!!! After all the confusion we are all happy.

[Ultiem] I know I am nothing as an artist... But If you want i can put effort into one for you

2007-01-06 [Ultiem]: you dont have to

2007-01-06 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: it's your call.. But you don't miss anything interesting...I suck...

2007-01-06 [Ultiem]: to be honest i never expected anything anyway even something as simple as a CD from home i never expect to get

2007-01-10 [Balthizar]: HA! I finished the picture^^. Just need to scan it now. Truly awsome picture too. Pretty proud of it.

2007-01-10 [nathie]: okies, i have finished one for [Shjahjdahdvwa] now: <img100*0:stuff/gato.jpg>

2007-01-10 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Doesn't [Shjahjdahdvwa] looks cute?! AHAHAH I love myself lolol jk jk

I loved this! I've printed it big sized and have it in my room now! Thanks nathan!

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: yea...[Shjahjdahdvwa] looks cute!!! lol

2007-01-10 [Anvikit]: very lovely artwork Nathan :)

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: very lifelike! great job!

2007-01-10 [someelf]: -nods- He looks so pretty! -drool- >:3

2007-01-10 [Mom]: Very Nice Nathan...*Walks away mumbling something about blondes*

2007-01-10 [nathie]: Mom: LOL what about blondes? i can´t dye Gato´s hair! but i´m working - again on a blonde for a book cover. .)

2007-01-10 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: I like my hair dark better... I hate blonde people (joking)

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: depends on the combination... dark hair with light eyes is nice and bright blue eyes on a white or light blonde person are nice too..
i have honey brown/blond hair but have plain brown eyes... so since i am in the middle on hair, it is nice to see the extremes ....

2007-01-10 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Blondes are cute... Look at torrie wilson and the playmates! ahah But in a guy blonde color is stupid... In my opinion... I may think that because most latin people are dark haired

2007-01-10 [Mom]: *Loves Blondes*...must be the northern european blood in my viens.

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: that may be... i grew up in southern california and i have to say those blonde surfers were pretty hot...

but the again there is alot to be said for the dark latin type

2007-01-10 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: It's a matter of taste I guess xD What about red heads?!

2007-01-10 [Mom]: too. Yeah Vikings!

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: well red heads... hmm in guys i guesss ok... me personally , i have always wanted to be a red head... wild auburn hair with green eyes... yup... *sighs and looks at straight plain light brown/blonde hair and simple brown eyes*

2007-01-10 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Simple brown eyes, there's no such thing xD Brown is beautiful

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: *blushes* well i was once told that i had flecks of gold in my brown eyes so maybe not so simple! lol

2007-01-10 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: See? :p I love black eyes btw

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: cool!!! not seen black very much

2007-01-10 [nathie]: hair and black eyes. aaw, damn, blondes are pretty too, especially scandinavian boys. redheads with freckles... oh hell *drool*

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: lol you are all bad boys! *teases*

2007-01-10 [Mom]: I love watching 13th Warrior...all ages and colors. Yummy.

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: lol

2007-01-10 [nathie]: have you seen "alexander"? the movie theme is slighty funny, cuz they hide alexanders gayness, but i just watched it because of all that half naked pretty men. a droolfest. j. rhys-meyers, fran bosh and others. mmmh.

2007-01-10 [Cia_mar]: not seen either of those movies...

2007-01-10 [Mom]: I did but the men in Alexander are too pretty for my taste. lol

2007-01-10 [nathie]: really? mmmh. for me they are just right.

2007-01-10 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: Did they have hair on the chest at least?

2007-01-11 [nathie]: hahahaha! no, not. fran bosch is playing bagoas, an eunuch, and they don´t have body hair at all. mmh. just a tanned, well oiled and shiney body. but i ike hairy men too. i have alot of different tastes in men. oh, we have a theme here. LOL

2007-01-11 [Mom]: I don't like hairy men...yuk. My huusband didn't even have enough facial hair to shave everyday untill he was 30.

2007-01-11 [Mom]: Hairy men and secret santa...? I think we took a wrong turn somewhere.

2007-01-11 [The Red Baron]: A eunuch! They're rather floppy and useless down there... and missing some important parts.

2007-01-11 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: I love everything...

2007-01-11 [nathie]: @Von Richthofen: thats wrong - partial.. it depends on how they did it and what they cut off. there are different methods. :) and it´s false too that all of them get fat and "girlish". :)

2007-01-11 [The Red Baron]: I know of medical and of surgical castration old chap; give 'em all some cyproterone and let's laugh at them. I meant it as a joke. Just for the record, I graduate as an MD this year.

2007-01-11 [Yuriona]: You're a full MD after this year? many more years after that to become a surgical specialist?

2007-01-12 [The Red Baron]: I am not planning for surgical specialty; I still haven't made up my mind.

2007-01-12 [Just.Kate]: I think he should be a family doctor, and help the poor. :) But I know he'll make the choice that's right for him.

2007-01-12 [Yuriona]: From what I understand pediatrics isn't something he enjoys and when you're a family doctor you have to work with a lot of kids.

2007-01-12 [The Red Baron]: I'll probably go for something in internal medicine.

2007-01-12 [Shjahjdahdvwa]: That's hot

2007-12-06 [Yncke]: Is there going to be a secret santa 2007? :)

2007-12-10 [Cathos]: I'd really enjoy doing this again. :D

2007-12-10 [Linderel]: Hmm, [Just.Kate] was last seen 90 days ago, so I wouldn't count on her hosting this thing this year.

2007-12-10 [Anvikit]: it was fun.. but last year I participated but I guess they forgot to give my name to anyone, so I didn't get any art.. kind of a bummer.. Still fun to draw something for someone else though.. Kind of late in the season to start this now though .. most people don't have much time to devote to art this close to the holiday season

2007-12-10 [SilverFire]: We could always just give people until new years to get it done. :)

Why don't we just create a page and have the sing-up deadline for the end of the week, see how much interest it generates, and take it from there? :)

2007-12-10 [Yncke]: Sounds good to me. With a new year's deadline, there's still time during the christmas holidays.

2007-12-10 [Calico Tiger]: Yeah, I didn't get any art either *sad* We did have a deadline extension for this one as well, but people still didn't get their artwork turned in. I think that's why I'm turned off of doing a Secret Santa anymore, personally.

But I know so many still love the idea. And it could be different this year!

But if you do try it out, stress as much as possible that if the person doesn't think they're going to have the time to finish, to not put their name down. Yes, it's fun seeing the reaction of the person who got the gift you drew them. But it's a bummer when you find out you got nothing. And personally, I'm selfish XD I want to get as well as receive, lol.

2007-12-10 [Yncke]: I can imagine that not getting a drawing is a real bummer, while getting a drawing was really fantastic. (I had your drawing for over half a year as a wall paper, [Anvikit], while most of the times I get bored of my wall papers in less than a month.)

It's a problem that isn't easily solved... :s

2007-12-11 [Anvikit]: :) still had fun :) and glad you liked her :) .. I wouldn't mind doing this again.. if anyone sets it up I'll be in.. :P Considering I just spent the whole night tonight drawing cthulhuie Critters.. I think I could find the time to doodle up a pic for someone :).. As long as my name at least gets put in the hat this time.. I mean some one not finishing is one thing.. Not even being given a partner is like a guaranteed bummer..

2007-12-11 [SilverFire]: Do we know who didn't submit art? we could always ban them from entering this year. Of course, we'd still get new entrants who might not submit their art - so how about we have a team of 5 or so 'reserve' artists who don't mind doing an extra piece of art just in case it happens? I know I wouldn't mind doing it...

2007-12-11 [SilverFire]: AMG! CTHULHU!

2007-12-11 [Anvikit]: or maybe, if everyones up to it.. do a Double swap.. so everyone gets 2 artists.. and 2 pictures.... so the odds are better that you'd at least get one .. but then every artists work load is doubled.. Back ups are nice.. but who's gonna draw for them?

2007-12-11 [SilverFire]: They'll alrady have one drawing, and have drawn one, it's just that in the case that someone doesn't get anything, they'll draw another picture, out of the kindness of their heart. Hell, if no one else wants to do it, I'll do it just myself, because I feel so bad for people when that kind of things happens. ._.

2007-12-11 [The Red Baron]: Question, what if someone isn't versed in the drawn art but wishes to participate?

2007-12-11 [SilverFire]: Was the problem discussed last year? And if so, what solution was reached then?

2007-12-11 [Linderel]: Photos or poems were a go. :)

2007-12-11 [SilverFire]: Then I guess they're a go this year, too. :)

2007-12-11 [The Red Baron]: Just checking if there were new rules this year.

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