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Winners: Elftown's Photograph Competition
- Season Photos -

<news:We Have Our Winners!!>

First Place:

"Misty Forest" By [Tupile]

Runner Up:

"Pretentious Art Rubbish Isn't Cool" By [barutha]

All submissions:
Season Photos, page 1
Season Photos, page 2
Season Photos, page 3
Season Photos, page 4
Season Photos, page 5


Thank you to all that contributed!


Season Photos, page 4

Like all the great contests here, this one has a particular theme so no posting photos of your great Aunt Ethel or the neighbour's dog.
As the month of March often signifies the change of season, we felt that we would like to see some photos that best represent this climatic time of change all over the world. Be it from Winter to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere or from Summer to Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, we want to see it all!

Photographs must be taken by Elftowners and posted here by the original photographer. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the photographer's permission. Please put forth your best effort and the best quality, i.e. no coffe stained, faded Kodachrome photos from the 1960's. Any such entry will be removed. Each member may enter 2 entries!! Please keep in mind that it is possible that a photograph has the same title as another one. This is not against the rules as long as the photographers' names are clear.
Ok... a few last minute notes: While this is a photograph based competition, we will not be accepting photomanipulations for this particular contest. We want to see your photos of what best depicts the change of seasons, no fairies or unicorns this time around.
Do not feel limited to nature only shots. Anything you feel is a sign of changing seasons is welcomed... just be ready to explain your photo if the need arises.

Since the chosen images will be featured on Main Street, we would like to keep them fairly small. Your image should be no wider than 300 pixels and the height should be no more than 500. Be creative but please keep that in mind!

Subject Matter:
Submissions for Mainstreet will not be accepted if they feature violence or disturbing actions. Only photographs will be accepted.

What will we be expecting? Creativity and change-of-season based photos: melting snow, muddy fields, monsoons, - you get the idea.

Deadline: March 21, 2005

How to post it here:
Add your image after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and your user name. For example:

1. "Title" - [insert user name]

Two Photographs will be chosen by the Council and the Assembly among all those presented.
The winners will receive the colored badge and the participants will receive the green version of it:

<img:img/new/shutterbug1.gif> <img:img/new/shutterbug2.gif>


CONTEST CLOSED!! Thanks to all who participated!!


Post Photographs Here:

121. "and then fall gave winter amiss and went straight into spring" [Iseld]

122. "when fall fell" [Iseld]

123. Brave new life...[DawnUnicorn]

124. "First Frost" [angeldeath]

125. "Stroll by the creekside in the Days of Spring"[nhd]

126. " New Caprine Life" [Minotaur Queen]

127. "The Smell of milk and sounds of cows....pure music" [Minotaur Queen]

128. "The new morning after creation" [iippo]

129. "The sun explodes to the West" [iippo]

130. "The Sun light made the snow beg for his life!"[Fingon]

131. "Arriving fall" by [Sekosen] (Second entry)
When the grass turns red and the winds start to blow harder then you know that autumn is on the way. A sundown in the Norwegian Lapland.

132. spring time in Grand Tetons[Ihsahn]

133. The Snow Gardian[Fingon] (Second entry)

134. Last sunlight on a winter day [Blue Highway]

135.Snow Wolf
[Neko the Kitty]

136. "A typical transition to spring in Western Maine (aka: why Mainers can be so cynical)" - [Tyrana]

137. "Iced Crabapples: Only safe 'till the sun hits!" - [Tyrana]

138. "Frosty Spring Morning" - [elvenstarr]
Fullview(if you hit the link, downsized it for easier access)

139. "Unusual brightness as winter departs" - [Charmed7]

140. "The sun's reflection" [Misty Air]

141. “Almost fall” [Misty Air]

142. "Past its Prime" [Blaithin]

143. "Chinook" [Blaithin]

144. "Arches through time" - [Charmed7] (second entry)

145. "It Gets Kinda Old After a While"- [Paul Doyle] 11 AM, 12 March 2005, Colchester, CT, apartment porch. Hope to have a more "transitional" photo up soon.



146. **image removed** - did not suit theme

147. "Speed of the Seasons" - No, this is NOT a photomanipulation - [Penguinlord]

148. "Sunrise Valley" - This probably got deleted before, as i didn't explain how it was relevant, because i didn't know i had to, anyway, it represents the spring pouring into the winter valley - [Penguinlord]

149. [Paul Doyle] "Transitional Tease" Same spot as previous, one morning later.

150. "Winter's Ladies in Spring's Palace"
[bellatrix lestrange] Used my new tripod and the handy self-timer, which explains why I'm in there :D


151. "Goodbye Winter Flower" by [Master Fio]

152. "How to use our last moments with snow?" by [hele]

153. "Please sweep autumn away.." by [hele]

154. "Changing leaves" by [Master Fio]

155. "Is This the Last?" by [Poindextra]

156. 'Eager' by [moira hawthorne]
was gonna use the melting snowman but couldnt get a shot I was happy with...
than this happened

157. ~ New Life Blossoms ~ by [Joholio]


158. "The curious" by [Maylesca]


159. "Spring Allergies, Return!" by [Doormat]


160. "First Flowers Of Spring" by [Dil*]



Please edit the page adding the number of your artwork and a break-line...


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2005-03-13 [Misty Air]: you just needed to put "img" infront of it, i did it for you

2005-03-13 [Yuriona]: Interesting photo [Kitsune Arashi] but how exactly does it fit the theme Change of Seasons?? If it does not suit the theme I will have to remove it.

2005-03-13 [Iseld]: "the sun's reflection" looks edited to me....?

2005-03-14 [Misty Air]: It's not, lol it realy came out that way. its a little pond type of thing and i took a picture of the suns refection in the water.

2005-03-14 [Yuriona]: [bellatrix lestrange] - other than the title of your photo, how does 'Winter Ladies in a Spring Place' represent the CHANGE of Seasons?? You know... I've been pretty lenient so far about photos that didn't exactly fit the theme but I'm getting frustrated. READ THE THEME BEFORE POSTING AN ENTRY. IF IT DOESN'T FIT I WILL REMOVE IT WITHOUT WARNING!!! Thank you.

2005-03-14 [bellatrix lestrange]: I did read the theme, love. It represents the somber tones of winter (the girl's dark attire) mingling with the new colors of spring. I'm sorry if you can't see that it fits the theme.

2005-03-14 [Yuriona]: I'm sorry that you had to take my request so personally... however, that is all I need. Keep in mind that no one looks at the same piece of art the same way and something that may be blatantly obvious to you, the artist, may not be so plain to me, the observer.

2005-03-14 [country_ch1cky]: I can't figure out how to get my pic on the web page! Am i just dumb or can some one help me! please!

2005-03-15 [Yuriona]: Once it's uploaded to your house, you right click on the photo and choose properties from the pop up menu. From there, you copy the file location (highlight and right click). Once you have that you just stick it on the page using <*img:http:\filelocation\filename.jpg*> without the asterisks. If you still have troubles, let me know and I will post it for you. It better fit the theme though... O_o LOL!

2005-03-16 [Joholio]: [Doormat] Like the pic, great idea =o)

2005-03-17 [Dragonette4063]: Hey, um, how do people do that thing where they make the picture into a hyperlink that leads to a bigger version? Or do I just post the bigger version and somebody does that for me? And does the picture have to be hosted on Elftown's server, or could I use Photobucket or a similar image-hosting site? I want to post an entry, but I'm terribly confused.

2005-03-17 [Yuriona]: <*img300:http:\filelocation\filename.jpg*> without the asterisks. The 300 next to the img tag is denoting the width in pixels. That will shrink your image and make it clickable. O_O Clickable... is that even a word??

2005-03-17 [Doormat]: or you could crop it on photoshop...also, does my picture fit the theme (making sure)

2005-03-17 [Yuriona]: OH yeah, I totally understand yours. My husband is one who vehemently curses the return of spring and pollens. He's the only guy I know who loves winter because everything DIES. O_O

2005-03-17 [Dragonette4063]: Woo! I got one for fall AND one for spring!

2005-03-17 [Misty Air]: Now how did you get that shot of the city?

2005-03-17 [losthero]: I couldn't get mine small photo thing only lets it go that small...

2005-03-17 [Yuriona]: Well I can adjust the size no problem [losthero] but I'm not sure your photo fits the theme of Change of Seasons. Could you please explain??

2005-03-17 [losthero]: It represents the change of day to night not seasons sorry...

2005-03-17 [Yuriona]: Well you will have to enter another photo that does represent the contest theme. That photo has to be removed since it does not suit the contest theme. Sorry...

2005-04-17 [Neko the Kitty]: Did you like mine?

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