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Sea Drake

      An aquatic relative of the winged dragons, and wingless drakes/landwyrms, the Sea Drake is a serpentine beast of legend and myth which lives in saltwater, and are written about in countless tales of sailors' journeys across the many seas and oceans. Some can be frivolous and others dangerous. They often demand a toll from passing sailors and have been known to threaten the extortion with capsizing even huge boats.


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2005-04-03 [xido]: An aquatic cousin of the common Dragon, and highly intelligent. The typical Sea Drake is either Neutral or individualistic in nature, and can sometimes be sensibly spoken with.... Listed as part of the Merfolk of Jashnia, since they are under the governance of the Aquaean culture, descended from the Elemental Realm of water, Aquaea.

2006-07-29 [xido]: I will have more content and a link from Draconic Races for here too... Wow, what inspired you to find and work on these pages, Hedda? You know, if Elftown wanted an official fantasy beasties page, it would be wise to ascertain certain privileges from [Angel Dreamer] to utilize her concoction on the Creature_List. It is as far as I've seen, the most complete list... Do you know of any others?

2006-07-29 [Hedda]: The thing was just that your comments aren't shown in the exported pages unless there is some content on the page. So that's why I created dummy-pages in a few places.

2006-08-09 [xido]: *looks at the dummy page*
Yep, I can read it, so I must be a dummy.
Alright, thanks. I wondered.

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