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2005-08-17 20:08:53
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Welcome to the Sculpture Wiki

Join the Sculpting Forum! <joinforum:1926:join> (Sculpting)


Sculpting resources inside Elftown (gallery wikis welcome):
<img:> Sculpting Tips


Links to sculpting resources outside Elftown:

<img:> - If you want to sculpt horses or fantasy creatures with horse parts (unicorns, centaurs, hippogrifs, etc) this is a wonderful starting point.

<img:> - FARP article on sculpting with aluminum foil. 

<img:> - Dan Perez studios, the Workshop section has great tutorials, including detailed information on casting in resin.

<img:> - Shifflet Bros. Great sculptors and very nice guys, check out their forum their very helpful if you ask them for feedback.

<img:> - Elvenworks, this is Katherine Dewey's website, she literally wrotethe books on creating sculptures with polymer clay. Another very helpful person, her tips page has a link to her own forum where she'll help you out. If you are interested in polymer clay her tips are very helpful especially what she says about baking.

<img:> - If you plan to sculpt realistic forms you need to know about anatomy, Andrew Loomis' drawing books are a good starting point.

<img:> - Gray's Anatomy, for really indepth information on anatomy. This is a medical reference so it has very detailed illustrations and can be a little icky for some people.

<img:> Beautiful fairy sculptures and steps in sculpting a fairy head.

<img:> Smellybugs Maquette tutorial. This is an absolute must read for sculptors especially those working on polymer clay, it's wonderful.

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2005-09-17 [Shyest]: Hurrah! Finally a sculpting page! Well, it's been here for a while, but I only discovered it now, so hurrah!

2006-03-23 [smakeupfx]: I wanna join too :-)

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