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Making Your own Screens Shots So you can make some, and upload them :P

- First, go the screen and place where you want to make a screen shot. Make sure you can see what will be included in what you want. (ex. If you are making a screen shot of a wiki comment, make sure you can see a comment on your page)

- Next, hold down 'Shift' and hit the key that says 'Prnt Scrn'. It should be in the upper right hand corner of your keyboard.

-Then, open Photoshop, MS Paint, CG Illustrator Deleter, etc. and click 'Edit' then scroll down and click paste. Or just hit 'Ctrl+C'. the image will appear and you might have to click actual pixels

- Then, crop off what you need and save it as a '.jpg/.jpeg'. If you have wiki privs you can upload it straight to the wiki, if not leave a link to a photobucket account and someone will get to it.

-Finally, exchange the <Img:> tag to <url:> and write a comment above it (if you have privs). Then you are done.

(sorry, it's very vague)


This is a collection of screenshots of Elftown.

Some screenshots done with Internet Explorer 6.?(:P):

The first thing you'll see inside Elftown is Mainstreet:

Then you might want to take a look at the forums:

And you can create your own polls and vote on other members' polls:

And you can search for other elftowners in thousands of ways:

And then you find someone:

You can add comments on wikis:

And you can edit what you already wrote:

What your message looks like after it is sent:

What yout message looks like when you are typing and before you send it:

What to click when you wish to start watching a wiki page:

What to click when you no longer wish to watch the wiki page:

The top tool bar abover everything you do, contains links to forums, wikis and your house (Note: Tech and Poll buttons are a 100 priv level, and you might not have them):

Screenshots of the Notes:

Here are the lists of wikis you have saved to your notes/bookmarked (not wikis you are watching):

Wikis you have on 'Watch' are also included in your notes:

Members you have on 'Watch' are also included in your notes:

If you make a report about a member, the list of members you have reported will be found in your notes/ or written a comment about:

The guestbook before you submit, and while you're typing your entry:

The guestbook after you have submitted your entry:

Comments you have written on members houses (or none at all):

The box on the right hand side of the computer screen, to write your moods in. Click the link 'Mood:' to get images that are donated by members to put in your house. Click the '>' to submit your mood:

Elftown Screenshots from 2008.


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