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Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay Ranks Page

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The basic rule: be creative.
There are any number of jobs your character can have. Your only limitation is your own imagination, and you don't have to use any title on this page. These are just a few suggestions, a jumping-off point.

Another important rule...

No Jedi!

You may describe Jedi-like powers. You may not actually go around calling yourself a Jedi. This is not the place for fan-games and corresponding characters...there's a wiki Star Wars RPG for that. The WSFR is a place for creativity and originality, including in ranks.

On to job/title/rank suggestions....

Starship Pilots: These individuals can get other characters from point a to point b, even between planets or, sometimes, stellar systems.

Smugglers: Good for the same things as starship pilots, except are more often than not on the wrong side of someone's law. They also get illegal goods--including breathing, thinking goods--from here to there.

Galactic Patrollers: These elite individuals, recognized as officers of authority in most nations of the galaxy, are basically members of the galaxy's FBI, SWAT team, CIA, you get the picture, the Interstellar Enforcement Agency. They're the best cops out there. Many are quite dangerous, formidable opponents...they're like Tolkein's Rangers, plus military-style discipline.

National Leader: This can be a president, sole monarch, or another form of head authority. To choose this rank, you must have either written the nation you wish to rule or prove that the GM has given you permission to do so.

Ambassador: These individuals cater to relations between nations, trying to keep wars from occuring while at the same time advancing their own nation's agendas.

Rogue: Coming in all shapes, sizes, and descriptions, this blanket term refers to any ruffian, outlaw, or other outcast of society.

Merchant/Innkeeper/etc: Anyone who owns or has a part of a normal business has this rank. You might run a hotel, a store, a chain of stores, a restraunt...whatever. If you'd like to start a business or have your existing wiki featured in the open-RP section of, message [Nightshadow] with a short descrip of what you want to add, including a link. (Chances are very slim I'd say no...just a little quality control.)

Telepath: A group that's become gradually more common over the last millenium or so, telepaths are able to read the thoughts of other characters and even manipulate their minds. Telepaths are more likely to be telekinetic than other individuals, and vice versa. Note: An audition is required to play a psion of any sort. Go to Make me a psion! for this feature.

Telekinetic: A group that's increasing in side about as quickly as telepaths, these individuals are able to manipulate physical objects with their minds, especially in levitation. Telekinetics are more likely to be telepathic than other individuals, and vice versa. Note: An audition is required to play a psion of any sort. Go to Make me a psion! for this feature.

Shifters: Certain races--particularly reptilian ones--are either all shape-shifters, or give birth to certain individuals that are shape-shifters. Shifters can take the form of someone or something else. Depending on the individual, this is either indefinite or a phenomenon that is exhausted as the individual's energy drain. Again depending on the individual, a shifter losing all of its energy may either revert involuntarily back to its original form, or be stuck in the new one indefinitely.

Starship Engineer: These individuals design the ships that get every other character from this place to that. A good engineer is indispensible, as any number of characters will tell you.

Starship Mechanic: This is...pretty self-explanatory. These people work in spaceports.

Medical Personnel: these people are also pretty obvious. These are the doctors, the nurses, the paramedics, the ship's surgeons, and so on and so forth.

Scientist: in all of these people, at least one probably studies any thing you can think of. So pick your field and maybe an eccentricity or two and have at it. Some objects of study include planetary composition, atmospheric conditions, deep-space weather, whether hamsters really explode if thrown from starships, etc.

Slave: Either for a set number of years or, more often, for life, these unfortuate individuals are property, owned by beings of varying compassion, to be used and disposed of at their masters' whims.

Often belonging to the army of some nation, planet, allience or fraction, sometimes mercinaries, obeying to the highest bidder. These people are trained to be disciplined killing machines, and that's what they do best. Many nations also use their soldiers to protect stuff, show of to other nations, help civilians in disaster areas, or keep order in areas of extreme crime rate. Soldiers are, like said, very disciplined and well-trained. They usually have one particular weapon they favor and are trained with (usually the standard weapon of that army). There are specialisations like Snipers (long-range killers with high accuracy guns), Scouts (light, fast soldiers to explore possible dager zones), Pilots (for the occasional air strike or tank assault) and most armies have some Elite Soldiers/Commando's as well (those are basicly good at almost everything).

Again, these are just some of the many things that you can do. Pick one of these, or something else...have fun!

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2004-05-18 [Nightshadow]: *grins* And I can take his word for it. I love psions anyway. *has two wfr ones*

2004-05-18 [xido]: Angel rocks the house at RPing... :) She knows I love her.....well, not as much as Buddha, but maybe close.... ;P

2004-05-18 [xido]: LOL! *and the scientist stands at the brink of the cargo bay of the flying SSE Titanic and heaves a hamster out into deep space to watch it explode messily from the vaccuum* "Hmm, I guess it does happen..."

2004-05-21 [Blood Raven]: cooooooool, a sci-fi WFR. I've been looking for a good sci-fi RPG for ages! I love u guys! *hugs* ^^

2004-05-22 [xido]: and *googley eyes* you're squishing me.... X.op

2004-05-22 [Blood Raven]: O, sorry *lets go of xido*

2004-06-02 [Nightshadow]: New rules for telepaths...less anal, and attempting to allow for the good play psions can bring.

2004-06-04 [xido]: I think it's one of those GM-to-player kind of decisions..... Thanks. And yes, I'll try to post some more descriptions for all those random classes I posted here earlier. :P

2004-06-04 [Nightshadow]: I'm still leery after being in a bad situation with psions, but I think I play telepaths all right and know a couple of others who can handle them well, too. I'm just paranoid. ^_^;

2004-06-04 [xido]: this is a password-protected page? why doesn't it say it? Grrrrr, I just spent sooooo long trying to add in all the stuff I posted in the big first comment.....  *stomps and curses*

2004-06-04 [Nightshadow]: lol...I don't know. I trained it to snipe for xido. *removes the password*

2004-06-04 [Nightshadow]: Couldn't you just have hit the back button?

2004-06-05 [Blood Raven]: next time you don't trust a page, copy the text before u press the button :P

2004-06-06 [xido]: I know to do that, but I didn't think it would happen.  And, by the time I backed up, I had to refresh it, and the info got lost. It was a LOT about those random ranks and titles I made earlier. BALLS!!

2004-06-14 [Nightshadow]: *grins* Poor xido. No offense taken if you don't redo it.

2004-08-11 [Jsteiner]: question.... do u put things like <b>Skills:herexxxxxxx</b>orherexxxxxxkinda confusing lol

2004-08-11 [Nightshadow]: Look at some of the bios on the WSFR Character Page to see the format. Anthing <b>between</b> the tags will be bold, and anything outside of them won't be. Just skills: should be bold.

2004-08-11 [Jsteiner]: thnx... srry im so much trouble :D

2004-08-11 [Nightshadow]: No problem. You might want to read over the guide to the pseudo HTML on Elftown before entering play, though.

2004-08-11 [Jsteiner]: i... hate..html... lol i do elfwood so i know the /b stuff lol... thats about it

2004-08-12 [Blood Raven]: lol, sounds like me when I first joined :P After a while I did read the guide though, it helped :P

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