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Wiki Sci-fi Roleplay Races Page

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The basic rule: be creative.
There are any number of characters you can create...purple skin, fangs, fur, horns coming out of their scaly butts, etc. etc. Your only limitation is your own imagination, and you don't have to use any race on this page. These are just a few suggestions, a jumping-off point.

If you want to post a new race, go right ahead, following the format set by the others. If you want a lot of info and long description (i.e., longer than any already here), post a short description here, and then create a new page in this format:

<b>Race name here</b>

<b>Back to Sci-Fi Races Page</b>
Description of race here.

<i>Posted by [user]</i>

All contributions are appreciated. Thank you!

Humans: The majority (though maybe not all) of you are familiar with this odd little species. Humans tend to be motivated, fickle, hasty, and innovative.

Robot: A completely mechanical creature. No biological components. If you're using a robot character, you must tell us the extend of its AI (Artificial Intelligence). i.e., Can it reason logically, if a situation isn't preprogrammed? Does it feel emotion? How much data does it have access to? (How smart is it?)

Android: Very much like a robot, but created with biological components. These creatures are much more likely to experience emotion than are robots.

Cyborgs: A cyborg is a bionic human. (Or...bionic other creature, for the purpose of fantasy games.) That is, it started as a human base that was modified by cybernetics and other technologies into something smarter, stronger, faster...or maybe just more mechanical. Cyborgs are typically the most likely of the three animatrons (robots, androids, cyborgs) to feel emotion.

Sytherian: This reptilian race features scaled humanoids with long, powerful tails. They vary in colour and have claws on basically human hands. Their feet, legs, and gait, on the other hand, are distinctly reptilian. They have slit pupils in eyes of varying colour, and usually black hair with very high hairlines. Shifters (see Sci-Fi Ranks Page) are quite common in this race, at a ratio of about one of every three Sytherians having this ability. These creatures are often very cold and calculating, prefering logic over emotion.

Rnar'gnayim or Nayim:
This six-limbed race can move on either two feet or more, depending on preference and situation. Relatively weak physically, these creatures are keenly intelligent despite an apparent inability to speak English, for which purpose they use translators. This race is known for its advanced robotics.

Serinian: This feline race is both furless and tail-less. They're more lightly built than humans, and rely on accelerated speed and agility in absence of strength. Their most distinctive features are their slit pupils, very large ears, and two-toned skin. They can move as either bipeds or quadrapeds.

Ylilk, Alien/Goa'uld hybrid: a mix of Gigeran adult stage alien, and an infector/breeder, using a Goa'uld drone that can mature into certain forms of alien stages and mentally control its host, under the infector's superintention. See more on Ylilk.

Creeti: A race of fearless, battlehungry predators, grown up in a Creeti-hive, the most harsh condition imaginable for an infant. They're ready to show how it toughened them and their Hunters are eager to show they superiority to the other races, their Warriors are keen to conquer new lands and their Sages are happy to help them get there. Using only their natural weapons, razor sharp teeth and many wicked claws, in melee combat, using no guns whatsoever, they have a reputation of being bloodythirsty berserkers throughout the galaxy.

For Future Fantasy Fiction:
The typical fantasy races, including wise, noble elves, hardworking dwarves, cruel and calculating drows, patient and fatalistic centaurs, and most any other races you've ever played are all welcome here. Just make sure that your character is made appropriate to a modern or future setting. FUTURE FANTASY GENRE ONLY, also see WFR Char RACE Page.

See the WFR Species Page for more ideas. This page is here to specifically address Sci-fi issues.

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2004-05-18 [Nightshadow]: Interesting. I'm not familiar with either of the latter...will have to read into the whole concept.

2004-05-18 [xido]: It's an odd, and I'm sure, controvercial issue, but interesting nonetheless....I've always believed there was something we've been missing in our skies for quite a long time now.

2004-05-18 [Nightshadow]: Well sure...a lot we've been missing, only the smallest percentage of which we'll ever see in our lifetimes.

2004-05-18 [xido]:  great stuff

2004-05-18 [Nightshadow]: *will look tomorrow when she's awake*

2004-05-18 [xido]: I have an, it's not completely original....the alien species from the Spielberg film, with the creatures HRGiger created, titled simply Alien....I called them the Ylilk on my Daathis char page, but does anyone know the real name of them?

2004-05-31 [Blood Raven]: I think we might need to start some action using wiki pages for separate races... if everybody is goingto be as descriptive as me :S

2004-05-31 [Nightshadow]: That sort of length is pretty inappropriate here, but I'd been considering the same thing...have a more concise description here, just a basic idea, and set up the more detailed information on a separate page.

2004-05-31 [Nightshadow]: Be very careful in describing "droids"'s short for android, and Star Wars did it wrong. Androids have biological components...if you mean robot, say that.

2004-05-31 [Nightshadow]: There we go...feel free to correct as needed, and I just used the blanket term "robotics" for now. This is a good idea, and will be set up for every race to make it a bit easier for newbies to view the char bios. ^_^

2004-06-02 [Blood Raven]: the page is constantly evolving ^^

2004-06-02 [Nightshadow]: Mm-hm...this should be a bit easier, thanks for the suggestion. ^_^

2005-04-24 [Blood Raven]: added new race

2005-04-24 [Nightshadow]: Spiffy. ^^

2005-04-25 [Blood Raven]: thanks

2005-10-08 [Hunter_Killer]: Hm. Just so I understand this, do I need to apply my character and then my race, or is it vice-versa. I am new to Wiki-rp, but a Veteran general RPer.

2005-10-08 [Nightshadow]: Well, if you mean that your character is an unlisted race, I'd love to have the race description to help me consider your character application. So, race first. Really, though, there's very little chance of my not accepting a submitted race. I sometimes ask for their abilities to be toned down and balanced, but so long as people are willing to work with me, I'm willing to work right back. ^^

2006-03-09 [xido]: righteous! :P ;)  Hey, Ems, I want to make us one guild, with two factions... how best to do that, so that all these sci-fi people can play with us, too? I know we can... but...? ;) I thinking of a complete integration (see Wiki Fiction Roleplay (yes, so we can keep the WFR Guild title.. ;P) But this is up to major work and renovations... our is already underway, but I want it to be final before we go pushing the pages together... I just want to make sure that we all have one application process that works for everyone.... Any ideas? I know you are also pretty busy with things, and would like to lighten your load in any way I can... I am hoping to delegate more mods soon

2006-03-09 [xido]: though our current crew is pretty concrete in their will to make the guild better. I want that to include this portion too... to focus more on creative FICTION instead of purely fantasy OR SciFi... you know? I know you know... we talked about this before and thought it impossible... but I think we can... just with the right tricks and links. and ONE list of members. that's what's most important, I think. ;) Msg me... x.o

2007-06-16 Edwin�Edwin: Hi there! Your site is cool, indeed! Visit my sites, please:

2007-07-07 [xido]: Since you posted this comment on my birthday, I will not delete it, but please don't spam!

The WSFR is accepting new players and members!

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