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Sci-Fi Factions

Of the Elftown Clans
And the Fantasy Endangered Species List

From the Fantasy Minority and Minor Clans
From the Fantasy Race GOP and Minorities and Elftown Clans



   Species and races of the Science Fiction, and Future Fantasy Realms. See Sci-Fi Races Page for more.

   Summary / Body of Content...

Creatures of The Creature List:
  - cyborgs (creatures with substantial cybernetic implants)
  - anthropoids / androids (humanoid robots)
  - mechas (a biological creature inside/controlling a robot
  - alien species (any non-human, non-fantasy alien species)
  - space travellers (SF Humans / Earthlings)
  - mutants (mostly creatures with "naturally" occurring weird mutations)
  - genetically engineered organisms
  - hybrids of different species, alien, human or animal
  - superhero (naturally powerful individuals, also see Inath)
  - tragedies (like victims of accidents)


Laws & Clan Structure

  Clan Leader - [Veltzeh]

Other positions:
- [xido] - Tentative Archiver and Coordinator

Important Polls / Notes / Updates:
 - [Veltzeh] is now the owner and full-time moderator of this Clan of Factions, and the forum associated with it. [xido] will oversee the Clan until the GOP and MGP are complete and each has a RP Council Member Representative of the Elftown Clans.

Contests and Events:

 - Have a new race? Comment below with the idea.


Creature_List / The Creature List
Elftown Creature Marathon
Representative Poll: <poll:73926>
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