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2005-03-18 08:26:11
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The Sci Fi Writing Contest!!!


Brought to you by -[Nere]
   In conjunction with - The Art Contests Page! and the Writing Contests Page!
    Sponsored by - ElfTown!



1st - Wires - by [-Shadow-Nell-]
2nd - Voices in her Head – by [something wicked]
3rd - The Institue - by [IChester]

Thanks to everyone who participated!!

entry one- Wires - by [-Shadow-Nell-]

entry two-Failing Race - by [Maurer's conclusions]

entry three-Voices in her Head – by [something wicked]

entry four- Cyborg extermination by [HellsGuardian]

entry five-

entry six-

entry seven- Resolve is Not - By [mywolfalways]

entry eight-

entry nine- The Green Way- by [BarleySinger]

entry ten- The Institue - by [IChester]

entry eleven -

entry twelve-

entry thirteen-

entry fourteen-

entry fifteen-

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2004-04-19 [mywolfalways]: Cool! Another entry!

2004-04-20 [chelekat]: cool...

2004-06-02 [IChester]: Well, I wrote myself and put my story... is everything ok, Nere?

2004-06-02 [mywolfalways]: [IChester], it says in the rules that you must send it to [Nere] for approval first, and then it'll be put up.

2004-06-04 [Nere]: ...... Ahem *cough, hiss* well, i'll let it slid... but yeah... [mywolfalways] is right... anyway...

2004-06-04 [Nere]: Yeah.... its all good....  *tries to look stern* ....just don't do it again... okay :P

2004-06-10 [IChester]: Oops, I'm so sorry.... I misunderstood the msg [Nere] sent me... It won't happen again, that for sure... :)

2004-06-11 [Nere]: :P yeah... well coherency isn't a one of my strong points....

2004-08-04 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Wow, only four more days left! You know what? Every time I come here, I look at that picture and think "this is so cool!" I heart that pic. It's my second favorite part, after the entries.

2004-08-05 [Nere]: Sorry... I forgot to change the deadline here :P I'm gonna wait until I have at least ten entries.... although if we get to christmas without hitting that,..... I'll definately close shop...:P

2004-08-05 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Ok, cool!

2004-09-02 [Rondel]: I wish there were more people entering. At this rate you might have to open it up to "more than one entry per person", though I have nothing else appropriate that is finished myself.

2004-11-04 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Only four more entries needed!

2004-11-12 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Cool! Another entry! Three more to go!

2004-12-30 [IChester]: I'm inteserted... What's up with this contest?

2004-12-31 [HellsGuardian]: All u have to do is write something that is Sci-fi

2005-02-08 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Baddum, baddum. Huh? What? JUDING HAS COMMENCED! cool. O.O

2005-02-08 [Nere]: yes.. the world is ending, and hell hath frozen over...

2005-02-08 [-Shadow-Nell-]: Double cool. O.O

2005-03-12 [BarleySinger]: I should read some of the other entries

2005-03-20 [mywolfalways]: Congratulations everyone.

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