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2007-06-19 21:13:32
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Saving my people

A grin played on her face as she stopped for a moment just to catch her breath. A tangle of wet red hair fell in front of her face, but she hardly noticed. A small giggle almost escaped her lips as she looked down to what she is holding in her hands. The detonator so small, yet so powerful. Its small red light blinking, blinking, blinking at her to push the button. Its all so easy she could do it right here right now.

Movement….her pointy ears spiked up in attention trying to find where the noise came from. Above the warning sirens it isn’t all that easy to pick up on movement. She had lingered to long, its time to run for it! The corridor is flashing with red warning lights in sync with the sirens. Somehow they must have spotted her on the cameras. As long as they don’t know where she had planted the bomb, then this won’t all be for nothing.

Sprinting of down the corridor she can now clearly hear the footsteps behind her. They are slow but powerful. This could only mean a Goborobian is behind her. A Goborobian is a huge mechanical robot very strong and smart, yet slow enough for her to run off without him catching her.

A flash of red light whooshed past her barely missing her arm. He won’t catch her but shoot her….now that’s more likely. She has no time to fight, but it seems she got no choice. Thinking fast she made a running jump up into the air, grabbing for the roof. Hands and feet, upside down she sticks to the roof avoiding another red laser flash from the Goborobian. “You’re not going to stop me!”

The Goborobian didn’t anticipate this move but recovers fast. His arms can extend so tries to punch her against the roof. She’s quick. From the roof she jumps off the wall past him to the other side. He needs to turn around to get to her again. She takes the time gained to draw her sword from its holster. No laser guns in this fight, that makes it to easy. The robot is still busy turning around and she takes the opportunity to slash the sword at one of its legs.

The Goborobian fell to one knee, trying to balance itself. She would stay to finish him off but got no more time to linger here. In one move the sword is returned to its holster and she is back to running down the corridor. The exit door is straight in front of her. With one kick it swings open and she flashes though. A sharp pain shoots through her shoulder but she doesn’t stop to look who shot her. Right in front of her, hovering above the floor is her ship.

Once inside the ship, door closing she breathes again. The shuttle above her ship opens as she starts the engines. She is going to make it, she is actually going to make it! The ship rises up though the open shuttle doors. Hyper drive and the ship shoots with light speed into the air.

Grinning again she licks her lips. She has fulfilled her destiny. Looking out from her small ship window she can see the red planet she just left. The red planet from hell. Looking back down to the detonator in her hands, this time she pushes the button. With an amazing flash of red and white light the whole planet splits up into a huge explosion. Finally it’s done. Her people are free now.

Writen by [Wednesday]
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