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A Wiki Fiction Roleplay Guild
Character Race Page

Information about Satyrs as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
Wiki Fantasy Roleplay and Wiki Fiction Roleplay
See also: Sylvan Clan - Sidhe & Sylvan Clan - Unsidhe

Body of Content -

Satyr / Faun Personal Characteristics:


Relations with Other Races:

Society and Leadership:
   Politics - ...
   Lands - ...
   Adventurers - ...
   Religion -
    Satyrs worship Pan (Symbol):  <img50*0:>
    Pan himself:  <img50*0:>
    Satyrs also worship Loki, Haglalas, Daiiva, Ka'shmee, Kulash, Karash, and Manath, among other lesser deities of highly complex Fae pantheons and cults.

Language and Names:
   Common Language and Script
   Sylvan Language and Script

Satyr Character Traits:

Satyr Races of the Wiki Fiction Roleplay:
  Wiki Fantasy Roleplay Races/Societies:
   - Common Satyr - Sylvan Satyr, Faun, or Grecosat
   - Divvisat - Si'iri (Arabian), favored class - rogue/assassin
   - Hevasat - Half-Celestial Satyr (Grecosat/Cervidal) (A Cervidal is a Guardinal)
   - Demosat - chaotic/evil, Abyssal (half-fiend), Anarchic (unfinished, from Limbo) Satyr
   - Wyldesat - wild savage barbarian satyr, oxen features

  Wiki Sci-Fi Roleplay Races/Societies:
   - ...


Grecosat (Common or Sylvan Satyr)
From Wizards of the Coast / D&D Art Gallery:

Outsiders: Guardinals - Lupinal and Cervidal
A Hevasat is a half-celestial Satyr, Half Grecosat, Half Cervidal

Anarchic Satyr (Demosat)


WFR Char RACE Page and WFR Char RANK Page
WFR Application Page and Guild Page
Creature_List entry: Satyr / Faun?

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2006-08-04 [Deadlock jester]: D&D (3.5) monster manual, page 219 might be a good refference.

2006-08-08 [xido]: APA format referencing will eventually be used on all pages containing D&D material when things are finalized, but for now I have limited time for those edits right now.
Thanks for the tip, and yeah, I got that picture in the above ones, but I do not have all the references for each one's book and page number. I will upload the images to the page here shortly, and post the reference I use.
See Illithid for an idea.

2007-06-26 [Linn Scarlett]: Hm is there any info on the subs of which you put pictures up? I couldn't find anythign in my encyclopedia while scanning for it. Ah, I love these pages though. Nothing is quite as good as furry men. Well maybe almond chocolate.

2007-07-06 [xido]: lol!

The subraces, you mean? No, most of them were made up, based on some quick D&D templates and regional cultures. I would love to post images of all of these subraces at some point...

The pics were all from D&D books: 1) MM 3.5, 2) MMII 3) Planar Handbook. Even the MM doesn't offer a whole lot on Satyr society, though they are quite hedonistic and sexual in mythology... I figured maybe making a little mix of that and some unique cultural elements with these guys.

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