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Sasha har Rodrae

From the Wraeththu RPG at




Name: Sasha har Rodrae
Age when incepted: Twenty three

Appearance: Tall and statuesque, Sasha has the air of a model – albeit a fairy grungy one who looks as though he dressed himself in the dark while his friends just sat back and laughed. Not to matter, however, as he somehow manages to wear his clothes in such a way that people and hara alike ignore the mismatched quality of apparel.

His hair; a dark rich amber that falls down past his hips in silk fine waves is often hung with ornaments that he has found while foraging, bells, ribbons, bits of expensive jewellery, feathers and anything he thinks would look good. Of course, sometimes he takes all the trinkets out and goes around for several weeks with his hair in a thick, well kept braid until he decides he no longer enjoys the silence.

The really unique thing about Sasha har Rodrae, however, isn’t his hair or the way he dresses but his eyes. A milky film covers his eyes, obscuring his vision in such a way that all he can see is a world that looks as if someone has taken a rag soaked in turpentine to the oil painting of his sight. Before his blindness, Sasha’s eyes were darkest green.


Personality: Violent, vicious and uncaring are just some of the words used to describe Sasha but not to his face, lest the speaker suddenly finds himself without his tongue. Sasha himself thinks it’s all a bit rough to call him names; he is just a blind cripple after all, which he exploits to no end.

Others would call him wild and vivacious with a particularly strong wish to live his new harish life to the very fullest. Whether this involves cutting up other hara to see what they look like on the inside, incepting as many men as he can or creating havoc for the occupying military, it’s all the same for Sasha, who thinks this new world was given to him to enjoy.

He’d much rather be the cause of mischief, mayhem and strife – whether among the military or his own tribe – than looking to caste progression and the mysteries of his new magic. Why examine it when he can use it?

History: When he was human, Sasha was a happy little yuppie living in an affluent suburb near the edge of the city but when Wraeththu arrived, something surfaced with in him and he sought them out relentlessly but never managed to find them until after the military unleashed its trump card, several nuclear missiles which they unleashed on the city.

When Sasha did find the mysterious Wraeththu, he was terribly sick with radiation poison but was adamant that he wanted to what they were. The hara who found him, huddled up in the shell of a shopping mall, thought he had spirit and took him back to where their tribe, the Rodrae, had set up camp; ground zero.

Inception was violent and Althaia agony but Sasha pulled through, unlike the other men whom the hara had taken to incept. When he woke up from Althaia the world wasn’t the same, it was a mess of blurred and faded things and it wasn’t until his change was sealed with some of the most painful and exquisite aruna he has ever experienced did he realise the faded things he was seeing weren’t with his eyes but with his mind while the blurred, distored world he looked out at with his eyes was his ruined sight.

Not to worry though, thought Sasha who had just discovered that he was no longer sick with the creeping poison of radiation but strong and healthy and addicted to the exquisite, painful, pleasure that aruna brought with it. He began experimenting and discovered that it wasn’t just aruna that brought this new pleasure but any painful sensation. He quickly discovered, to his surprise, that this was how his entire tribe perceived the new world. Pain and pleasure entwined to be a heady, addictive drug that was all the better because it was sanctioned.

These days - in the radioactive wasteland of the CBD that the Rodrae claim as their own – Sasha’s name is whispered about by new inceptees’ and experienced hara alike, which he finds highly amusing. Most of the rumours are about how strange he is, how he can be calm one minute only to fly off the handle the next.

Special Abilities/Mutations:
Tribal mutation: All hara of the Rodrae tribe find pain to be an exquisite sensation and Sasha is no exception.
Personal mutation: A highly developed third eye which allows him to see the world around him like a faded black and white photograph so that he is not entirely helpless due to his blindness.

Other notes: Sasha doesn’t care that it hurts when hara from other tribes take aruna with him because he knows that during the act they are enjoying themselves. Those hara that leave in emotional turmoil are, he believes, beneath him and not worth his time. Those that come back, finding that they enjoy this strange, violent form of aruna often find themselves being manipulated by Sasha, who doesn’t see anything wrong in using other hara for his own advantages.

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2006-01-21 [xido]: Wraeththu Character Bio.... And use <b> </b> for those trait captions....  Great picture... I knew you'd figure it out. I was just about to do it for you, but now I see it's done.... Excellent job.

2006-01-21 [xido]: You should also link the Rodrae page in there somewhere, by posting [Rodrae@wiki]

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