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Player: [*Phoenix*]

Roleplay: The Random Life Story

Name: Sasha Hero

Gender, Age, Race: Female, 22, two-tailed fox human

Clothes: trendy "in" fashions, but with tons of accessories. Bright colors, but nothing that clashes with her red fur.

Appearance: Brown hair with tiny braids(like how black ladies have their hair sometimes), yellow fox eyes, two tails and red fur

Personality: Australian accent, caring, loving, and kinda shy. Kept into herself in public

History:(she doesn't like to talk about it)

Current occupation:Owns The Tomahawk Tavern

Physical Skills:incredible strength

Magical Skills: none, but Miya has suggested training her

Strengths:gun master, incredible strength

Faults and Weaknesses: boyfriend Alex and she's easily hurt. Very emotionally hurtful past. Doesn't like to talk about it.


Companions:She is Miya's best friend; Brevian, boyfriend Alex, Zack

Current Weapons:her guns(few machine guns, pistols and some magical ones)

Other: can get very hyper!! :D


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