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2004-12-11 21:30:45
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<img:img/drawing/40337_1097949230.jpg> Ok by this time next year I, [Lord Dog], will pick my favorite by poll , tarot cards and a dartboard<img:img/drawing/40337_1097949230.jpg>

So submit early because the sarcasm is flying , yet feelings are getting hurt. Why? Cause no one knows it is sarcasm. This is the contest to change it.

The Sarcasm Icon

Its so much easier when there is an indication of sarcasm then having to wait two hours to hear they were being sarcastic.

The winner will be dubbed the official Master or Mistress of Sarcasm on Elftown

Technical Hooey

The icon should be big enough to be tagged into a Comment line to let others know the comment is chock-full of Sarcasm. Figure 50 by 40 pixelii or something. The resolution is really up to the artist but somewhat limited. Of course full size (see the uploading rules of elftown) is permitted if used with the ?y =100 tag (feel free to correct this for me if I am misrepresenting the tag as I am typing with a screaming 2 yr old, who is trying to help me type). A banner can also be made for houses or if you really need to get the point across that it is sarcasm. I thought about this and will probably just allow Whatever an artist thinks will be most effective.

1. [Deadly_DNA_Girl] Winner! Queen of Sarcasm till 1-31-05





Her reign will last two months just intime for an heir to be named .

Contest Deadline - January 15, 2005

The new contest winner will reign from January 31,2005 through March 30,2005

Username (or number or email):


2004-10-17 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: irish cider, that bubbely apple drink

2004-10-17 [Lord Dog]: Aye, was just messin' with ya, Darlin'. Though Never Cared much for it meself. Like apples, Like cider, regular not hard cider but if I want a drink drink I will go for a stout or mix Jamesson and Juan Valdez

2004-10-17 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: lol... when I go to Antwerp (place in Belgium), I always head straight to the irish pub for a cider and a chat with the funny irish guys... I'm gonna go back on halloween to see loads of fancy dressed irish people :D

2004-10-17 [Lord Dog]: One of these days I am gonna take the wife on an autmn tour of Ireland and Scotland. Hopefully Tara won't have a highway across it before I get there

2004-10-17 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: we were thinking of moving to ireland once... the countryside is lovely, but the towns aren't nice... loads of graffiti on the houses, big alarms everywhere, rubbish along the sides of the road... that kinda put us off living there

2004-10-17 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: but I still love the cider ;)

2004-10-17 [Lord Dog]: Can't be any worse than someplaces I have lived in the states, Though Pittsburgh was remarkably Clean

2004-11-06 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: belgium is pretty clean... a bit too clean perhaps... *shifty eyes*

2004-11-06 [Lord Dog]: Zey are hiding zomething? Ze government, cleaning ze blood of ze innozents, maybe?

2004-11-06 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: ah yes.... perhapz that iz zee evil plan of ze government.... *mega shifty eyes, and a cool theme tune*

2004-11-25 [Lord Dog]: Hmm...Should I extend or should i just let Deadly be the Queen of Sarcasm for a few months?

2004-11-25 [Sunrose]: I thought the contest said: 'By this time next year, I will pick my favorite'; the year isn't over yet ;)

2004-11-25 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hehe, queen of sarcasm sounds neat ;)

2004-11-25 [Lord Dog]: I thought everyone knew that whole line was sarcasm? See ! this is why we need icons... Heh heh. How bout this- Contest runs forever. New winners every month or two? (in other words Sarcastic Royalty Reigns last two months?) That way we don't make a new contest page but just a Sarcasm royalty page?

2004-11-25 [Sunrose]: Advertise it on Art Contest too! ;)

2004-11-26 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: sounds good that Sarcasm royalty page

2004-11-26 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: hehe :) <img:>

2004-11-26 [Lord Dog]: heh heh

2004-12-12 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: why won't any one else enter this contest, I thought loads would try this

2004-12-12 [Lord Dog]: I need to advertise better, people thought it was a joke originally

2004-12-12 [Deadly_DNA_Girl]: oh well, I'm still queen so I'm happy :D

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