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Estantia's Stories

Sara Xanthis

Estantia's Stories
Enter the liontaur



Username: [Estantia]
Name: Sara Xanthis
Species: Liontaur (Lamia by D&D rules)
Age: Unknown, looks to be in her mid twenties.

Appearance: From the waist up she is a human in her mid twenties with light brown-blonde hair that falls to her shoulderblades (note, not shoulders). This is complimented nicely by green eyes which are only faintly cat-like. She is beautiful in a natural way and knows this fact, but regrets that it does catch attention when she'd like it least.

Her white skin is tanned from being in the sun a lot but usually she wears a brown leather jacket over her human torso due to the temperature (occasionally with a t-shirt if it's really cold) and due to the fact that most societies prefer modesty, despite her tribe being naked as a matter of course. She also wears a rangers belt with belt pouch and two knives. In the pouch she has a rangers materials and a brush.

From the waist down she has the body of a massive lion, making her total height near to seven feet (6'10") when standing and around a normal-small woman's height when sitting (sphinx posistion). Her lion part is covered in well looked after fur of a light tan, she loves looking after it and will often brush/stroke it if bored or nervous, the same goes with her hair.

History: She was born and raised in a tribe of her kind where she learned in effect how to look after herself. Her childhood was happy and problems were few as clan wars were relatively normal, though Sara disliked fighting when not angry. Around mating age her beauty started creating problems, when the son of another clan's chief professed an intrest in her. The said liontaur had been married several times before and his partners were abused and neglected dreadfully, though no-one could accuse him of anything due to the females either running away or being killed, leaving no evidence, and the fact that his powerful father sees nothing to fault in his son. Sara however had realised what would happen and, after consulting her tribe's chief, decided that playing least in sight would be the safest idea.

Since then Sara has learnt more arts of the ranger and discovered a skill for running when she worked as a messenger during a war. Partway through this war her side was betrayed and the army would have been completely slaughtered had Sara not opened the message she was carrying and warned the army at the deciding battle. When they heard her call out the plans to the army the enemy charged, leaving most unable to run and outnumbered. Sara was one of the ones who escaped alive, having been at the edge of the battle and a good runner.

Now she wanders, preferring the calm of nature to the bustle of any civilisation and the complications it brings to life, preferring the simple one she has found. But she may yet be dragged into the affairs of others as she has the cat's curiousity.

Talents: Sara knows the arts of the ranger and can easily hold her own in a fight with her knives and natural weapons and keen senses. She is also an extremely competent runner and can manage large distances in a short amount of time. She also possesses those things called intelligence and common sense.

Personality: A curious creature who prefers not to be bothered, but when she knows people a little better is lively and good-natured, though can often trust too easily. She will always protect what she is charged with, be it a friend she makes, a letter she must deliver or the forest itself.

When she gets very angry she often loses control completely and attacks, sometimes making large mistakes in her wildness, though these are mostly countered by her sheer fierceness.

Other: She likes to calm people down and often does this by letting them stroke her soft sand-coloured fur, which also helps it to lie flat and makes her feel better, usually making her purr slightly. Used to falling asleep in extremely odd/uncomfortable posistions.


Estantia's Stories
Enter the liontaur

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