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Samurai Manga/Anime

This page will contain information on various mangas or animas that deal with Samurai's or are about Samurai's. If one is missing feel free to add some information about it.

-Ruroni Kenshin


-Samurai Legend

-Real 'Bout Highschool

-Peace Maker

-Blade of the Immortal

-Samurai Champloo

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This page is under construction and will be updated when there is time.

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2005-03-22 [Lily~]: Yay!! Thanks to who ever put the pic. up!!!

2005-04-16 [Mastermind2302]: your welcome, but um, i think we should have more than just these 4 so um.... we should get more.... it would help if the other members would give suggestions, and i thought of another, peace keepers

2005-04-18 [SeishinOkami]: hmmmm wonder if Shaman King counts even a little cuz of Amidamaru.....

2005-04-18 [Rayuko]: ummm... Blade Of The Immortal... thats a good manga...

2005-04-22 [SeishinOkami]: the image for peace maker that had been put up i removed since the link did not work and all you saw was the img:then url found one that worked though. added one for blade of the immortal seeing as that is one that [Rayuko] suggested

2005-04-22 [Rain Man]: loi,.this is informing me on cartoons,.more than half the ones up there i havent seen..i only seen the Kenshin Saga completely,..including all OVA's and movies,..and epiisodes,...and seen a few episodes and heard a bit from Bleach,..other than that,..never seen any of the

2005-07-13 [Kyo-kun]: O.O cool

2010-09-13 [July 47]: would bamboo blade fit in this catigory?

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