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Saint Valentine's Image Competition2


Saint Valentine's Image Competition Winners!

St Valentine's Competition Winners

             "Eau De Lurve"
    Drawn by [pixish]
                                   "The Gift"
                              Drawn by [Zinus]

All submissions:
This page: Saint Valentine's Image Competition2
And Saint Valentine's Image Competition</center>


Thank you to all that contributed!


It's a well-known fact that Elftown is about the people who make it such a nice place to hang-around. However, it's a less known fact that it was originally about art. This Saint Valentine's Day, we have decided to create a special contest and return to our origins.

All in all, dear Elftowners, we'll be asking for a lot of originality this time!

On February, the 14th, we'll be celebrating our very own Saint Valentine and two special poems and two special images will be posted on Mainstreet.

Yes! You have a Saint Valentine's Image Competition and Saint Valentine's Poem Competition to compete in! ^_^

Since this is a contest, images have to be added here in order to participate, even though winners will indeed be featured on Mainstreet. What we mean is, if you have your images nominated by a friend on Daily Art, they won't automatically take part on this contest since it's a different project. In that case, you'll have to paste them again here yourself... no nominations for this contest.


Images must be created by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular image on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the artist's permission.

Submissions for Mainstreet will not be accepted if they feature violence or disturbing actions.

What will we be expecting? Creativity and love of course! We all know the typical romantic images... but this is Elftown... and we want something different!

We will be picking two images. One that features a sci-fi kind of love and another one that should feature fantasy love. We will especially be looking for orc/troll themed ones.

How to post it here:
Add the image link after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and then your Elftown username between brackets (Drawn by...).

Since the chosen images will be featured on Mainstreet and might be included in the poems, we wouldn't like them to be too big... Be creative but please keep that in mind! ^_^

Closing date:
On February, the 11th, we will consider that there has been enough time given and will accept no more entries.

The Saint Valentine images will be picked out by the Daily Poem Team among all those presented and a surprise awaits for the winners. For any problems contact [Cristina] or [Calico Tiger].

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53. Robot kind of love - Drawn by [idomuchris]

54. Will You Be My Valentine? - Drawn by [Dil*]

55. mukaiawase(face to face) - Drawn by [Masayume_soto]

56. Bonds of Love - Drawn by [xXx_xander_xXx]

57. St Valentine's Day - Drawn by [Aya Avallon]

58. one more sci-fi love coming right up.

59. alien love? - Drawn by [Demon*Archer]

60. "Lovers" - Drawn by [iaenni]

61. 'Could THIS be love?' - Drawn by [Fina]

62. "I luv u oh yes i do!" - Drawn by [Xandorra]

63. "Beware the too sharp arrow of love" - Drawn by [delfish]

64. "Aww, ain't he precious?" - Drawn by [Kith]

See Saint Valentine's Image Competition for more entries!

Username (or number or email):


2004-02-12 [toycar]: yeah i guess i will be putting mine up in my house when i get home. cant be bothered to colour it. its the typical 'little girl kissing little boy' (however they are both elf children...or something like that)....

2004-02-13 [Cristina]: I'm sorry guys, but it was stated that it would close the 11th :(

2004-02-13 [toycar]: nah its alright... im not angry or anything.. i just have a stupid memory which only remembers unusual things like... why our heart makes that thumping noise.Blood pumps through the right atrium(which makes a thump sound) through the superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava, then its fixed up when its pumped to the lungs via the right ventricle…through the pulmonary artery it gains oxygen from the lungs and flows through the pulmonary viens to left atrium(which makes a thump sound)….then left ventricle……then blood goes to aorta……where it then goes to all the body 

2004-02-13 [toycar]: oh god... why..did i write that.... why? and tell me... how did i fail biology last year when i learnt that topic...

2004-02-13 [Cristina]: *laughs* don't ask me :-P

2004-02-13 [Cristina]: Congrats to [pixish] and [Zinus] the contest winners! And thanks to all of you who took part in this contest! Glad you liked it ^_^

2004-02-13 [pixish]: yayy!!! I'm so happy :-) I feel very honoured...I dont think I have ever won an art contest before...except in grade 1 :-) This is so cool!

2004-02-13 [pixish]: Oh and I wanna thank all of my fans... hehe just kidding :-) To be honest I thought it wouldn't be me... *blush*

2004-02-13 [Calico Tiger]: ^_^

2004-02-14 [ix_chel_2]: Congradulations to both of the winners. Well done.

2004-02-14 [Malnu]: thanks for the badge.... Yea!! I have two now. will you looky there.

2004-02-14 [Dil*]: congrats to winners ^^, yay i got 2 badges too

2004-02-14 [Paul Doyle]: let's do this again, and thanks for the badges [Calico Tiger] and [Cristina]! :-)

2004-02-14 [cobi]: now i can put in my house "Ientered the valentine image contest and all i got were these lousy badges" just joking they're great, thanks and congrats to the winners. great job y'all

2004-02-15 [toycar]: baked beans and melted cheese is SOOOOO nice

2004-02-15 [toycar]: oh now i remember why i came here... ignore the comment before... like... who cares what baked beans and cheese taste like (it tastes nice if your wondering...and it tastes even better if you add sauce)

2004-02-15 [toycar]: arg..i did it again..what i was intending to write in either of the two posts above was: congratulations to both winners and everyone here...everything looks beeautiful *dramatic siiiiigh* will be gone...cya

2004-02-16 [Fina]: omg I didn't know there was a page one to this thing! I feel like a loser pic looks like the one that won, almost...I swear I just today saw the good one...that's so weird...I feel so bad...

2004-02-16 [toycar]: theres a page one??? *knocks self in the head*

2004-02-16 [pixish]: no feeling bad here! when one is surrounded by such candyfloss goodness (such as many pictures of love and affection and general gooiness) one is not allowed to feel bad! It is simply in the rules...

2009-01-11 [Artsieladie]: Exported the page, added keywords, titled the images, and placed the winners on the page and corrected some typos. :)

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