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[Sairafaen]'s Characters!


   Civalya De of Vxa
   She is my longest running character. In some ways we are alike, and in some ways, completely opposite polarities. Civalya's current home is the land of Vxa, a beautiful island where her family rules the underwater regions of Jashnia and the Aquaeans.
   Check out the Aquan Language and Script! My pride and joy ;P...
   Additionally, there is also Atreya, and Atreyu the fish, along with the creature page Ku-Kraelaya Fish.
   Civalya De Sairafaen is a novel I began, and will most likely never finish, for I am the Queen of Procrastination. Since it is loosely based on the character above, I figured that I should list it here. The first three chapters, in serious need of editing, are posted as is.

   Ati the Fallen Angel
   and her pets Dripa and Zuel
   I have a new character, yay! I have been playing a goody two shoes for almost 7 years now, and I wanted something a little evil. A crazy little psycho is what I got, but I love her just the same, and I love playing her even more. Check it out, ya'll!
   I made it to [xido]'s quotes list!! WootWoot! The insane and most loveable Ati, tickled his funny bone when she told a very scared, little dead girl that her soul was MINE! Funfun.
Will's Fave Quotes
(if Will can have one, then so can i...pfft. Sai's Fave Quotes)

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2007-02-04 [xido]: Daepthos_the_Lich-Titan

and also, Amina "Mia" Fleshrender for Nikki.

Btw, your house is not exported, so you can't see it from the web without being logged on to ET... You should export it, so you can show it to people who are not on Elftown. ;) At least, I think so anyways. :P

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